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  1. I love this plane at last. Took me a while. While I've got lot's of aircraft with auto throttles, I gravitate a lot to this one and the Majestic Q400, which also does not have one. Just seems like more involvement to me.
  2. So I'm not completely clear. I need to change Lima Peru's ICAO code from SPIM to the new one: SPJC. Its the same airport, just a new ICAO code. Don't even care about changing the frequencies, just the names. I've located both f4.csv files and the RC m4.csv and wonder if I can just change the code or if there's more to it. Thanks. Ps. Not an Excel expert by any means.
  3. Yup. Couldn't agree more. Been doing this a long time as well.
  4. So my first memories were on a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. The 1950's and early 60's double-decker. My father was stationed in Rio and it took something like 20 hours to get there from Idlewild in NY with stops in Miami, Trinidad and Recife, Brazil for refueling. Downstairs with a cocktail lounge, a piano, etc. Upstairs like 50 seats and some with sleeping berths. Good memories.
  5. Thanks. Yeah we love it down here. Didn't even pack my snow shovel.
  6. Am currently running 6700K @4.5, on a Asus Maximus VIII Ranger MB with a 1070ti EVGA card on a Samsung 27" 1920x1280 monitor. If I have to choose between upgrading the CPU and MB or upgrading the GPU and monitor, what would you do?
  7. Does this work on any platform other than Apple?
  8. Would love to know, as a long time member nd donor, who is on the Board.
  9. For the last week P3D3 and 4 have been unusable with the yoke. When I start either one of them up, the cockpit view starts spinning to the right and I can't stop it. If I unplug the yoke it stops. Plug it back in and it starts spinning. If I look at the properties page under game controllers, I can see the hat switch (pov switch) is stuck on the right (east) arrow. If I try to center it, it snaps right back to the east arrow. If I try to move it to the left, it won't go. The range is east (default) and northeast and southeast. It won't go anywhere else. Seems like I have a hardware issue, but not sure. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Running Windows 10/64.
  10. Freeware VC texture update? Where?
  11. They also updated the security update, which for me, fixed V3.4. All is working great right now-3.4 and 4.1.
  12. Yup just happened to me, too with AS for P3D V4. Also never happened before.
  13. Me too. I had just deleted FSX from my system and reinstalled P3D4 on my old FSX SSD. I did get the MSCOMCTL.OCX error though, but just downloaded and registered it and all was fine.
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