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  1. bobrbend

    Congratulations to Bob Scott!

    Would love to know, as a long time member nd donor, who is on the Board.
  2. For the last week P3D3 and 4 have been unusable with the yoke. When I start either one of them up, the cockpit view starts spinning to the right and I can't stop it. If I unplug the yoke it stops. Plug it back in and it starts spinning. If I look at the properties page under game controllers, I can see the hat switch (pov switch) is stuck on the right (east) arrow. If I try to center it, it snaps right back to the east arrow. If I try to move it to the left, it won't go. The range is east (default) and northeast and southeast. It won't go anywhere else. Seems like I have a hardware issue, but not sure. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Running Windows 10/64.
  3. bobrbend

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Freeware VC texture update? Where?
  4. They also updated the security update, which for me, fixed V3.4. All is working great right now-3.4 and 4.1.
  5. Yup just happened to me, too with AS for P3D V4. Also never happened before.
  6. Me too. I had just deleted FSX from my system and reinstalled P3D4 on my old FSX SSD. I did get the MSCOMCTL.OCX error though, but just downloaded and registered it and all was fine.
  7. bobrbend

    Well FTX Open LC South America is out

    Hills? 24000 foot hills?
  8. bobrbend

    Where Simmers hail from

    Relocated from KEWR area to KFHB area 10 years ago. Much better!
  9. bobrbend

    P3D v4 CTD with LFPG

    Which LFPG are you referring to? Aerosoft?
  10. bobrbend

    -600-700 Update?

    Flavio, In case you're unaware, it is considered an egregious act on this forum to ask about PMDG timelines. You'll be hearing from the forum enforcers shortly, I'm sure. Remember: When its ready its ready and when its not ready its not ready (or something like that).
  11. bobrbend

    So, is P3D3 dead?

    Not as long as Aersoft Airbus, LevedD 767, FS Passengers, GEX and most of my airport sceneries are not compatible, at least according to Randazzo's advice. Am on a trek around South America where none of my sceneries are defined as compatible:from SBGL (Rio) Tropical Sim, to SBGR (Sao Paolo) LatinVFR, to SAEZ (BA) BluePrint, to SCEL (Santiago) LatinVFR, to SKBO (Bogota) BluePrint. I'm only using V4 on long hauls where VAS is an issue, Its my understanding that's the primary advantage over v3 anyway.
  12. bobrbend

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released

    Believe I read that a P3D v4 hotfix was required for the 773-not the NGX.
  13. Right after a 767, a 787, a 737 MAX, a ERJ, an E-Jet, maybe an A350 and a 797 (whatever that's going to be.
  14. bobrbend

    AFCADs in V4

    I use a lot of AFCADS (particularly those by Ray Smith) in both FSX and P3D v3. For P3D v3 I use ADE to recompile them so I can see taxiways, etc. Will AFCADs work in P3D v4 using the same methods, i.e., placing the .bgl file in an Addon Scenery/Scenery folder and the obj.bgl file (if necessary) in the Scenery/Global/Scenery folder. I'm just wondering if this will screw up V4. Thanks. Dan Cole