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  1. What makes the ever-loathed autopilot issues all the more worse is that Asobo said that they have dedicated teams only to fix AP issues. That leads me to believe that team has no idea what they’re doing, or just that coding aircraft autopilot systems isn’t exactly their strong suit. Either way, there’s a clear mismanagement or lack of talent and it shows. They’ve picked the perfect people for scenery updates (Gaya sims) and the scenery creations are absolutely breathtaking. If only they could find a similarly skilled team for autopilot. Or, you know, open the autopilot to community modding and let the renowned members of the community do their thing.
  2. I’m seeing an issue where the arrow keys no longer move you around the cockpit and the Translate/position doesn’t show up in the bindings section. Workaround: Set keyboard profile to “Default Profile” and alter the rest of your keyboard bindings after that. Testing is aware of the issue and is looking into it. Source: Community Manager
  3. Developers like these have been the sole reason why this genre has been alive for so long. I wish them the best.
  4. Avsim is a very large forum. The MSFS forum in Avsim is only a small subset. I guess the reputation of Avsim as toxic arises from other sub forums. I too find this place generally pleasant, except some notable figures can make certain threads very difficult to follow. Not to mention even this place can fall into the occasional rabbit hole of ‘begone Asobo’.
  5. Those shots look absolutely awesome! Like a cinematic ending scene of a high budget movie.
  6. There is a post in the forum where a user was complaining that the depiction of rain in the sim wasn't as advertised. One of the replies mentioned that some people found a workaround where swapping their graphics cable from a Display Port cable to an HDMI cable appeared to solve the issue. This shouldn't technically be possible and could easily be attributed to damaged connecters in the DP cable, but worth giving a shot if you'd like to try.
  7. They release a patch with bugs, you complain. They delay a patch to fix some more bugs, you complain. And yet Asobo is the problem?..
  8. The next Dev Q&A is on Oct 28 at 1730Z (10:30am PDT) My guess is it's Jorg and Sebastian as usual. Vote for the topics and questions you'd like the devs to answer and explain or even ask your own questions here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/community/dev-q-a-post-questions-here/ I believe the questions asked are in descending order of Vote counts. Guidelines here
  9. Apparently the folks in the PMDG forums also share your sentiments of reduced preference towards P3D as their sim platform. But Robert replies that the there's not much they can do unless the SDK is fully functional in MSFS. Here's his reply to a member who commented on his update post. Link to Robert's reply
  10. This is really disappointing. I'm trying to stay under the impression that MS/Asobo is hard at work building a sim for simmers and that they're very cooperative with 3rd part devs, but so far, the major focus on everything non-simulation and lack of honest comms say otherwise.
  11. Robert gave a small one-liner update on the MSFS version of the 737 from in his latest Oct 18 update about their BBJ product line for P3D. "PMDG 737NG3 for MSFS: We still expect this product to be 12+ months away based upon the condition and trajectory of MSFS." So maybe a 2022 release at best. Link to update post
  12. Sebastian did address the issue of LOD being reduced in recent patches and said that they didn't mess with the LOD sliders from their end (whether you want to believe that is up to you) and that the blurriness could be some LOD streaming bug which they might've missed. He said he'd look in to it, as well as look into expanding the draw distance significantly.
  13. A PMDG 789 would be awesome. But I don't we'll be seeing one until 2025.
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