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  1. Michelangelo trying really hard to be relevant with fluff updates.
  2. Watch them release a brand new airliner for MSFS2030, a unique experience with unmatched systems depth. An a320.
  3. [13JUN23] What impact does Microsoft's announced MSFS 2024 version have on PMDG? Captains, I want to focus this update specifically on Microsoft's weekend announcement regarding MSFS 2024, and what it means with regard to PMDG's development agenda and schedule. To put the meat of my point right up front: None of the information we have been able to derive from publicly available sources lends us to believe that any change in our development agenda, product plans, pricing strategy or product release schedule is necessary. I want to put a very, sharp asterisk on the following point however: We are not a Microsoft partner. We do not get advanced information from Microsoft. We are currently evaluating this weekend news drop by looking at the same information that is currently being provided to the public. That information is high-level and lacks the sort of technical and specific detail that we need to make authoritative, specific promises to you, our customers, so our guidance at this time is based upon the overall message Microsoft appears to be communicating- and that message looks like "business as usual" to PMDG. At this moment in time, our current guidance is that we see no reason for concern about the forward compatibility of your PMDG products. It is PMDG's position that ensuring forward compatibility is a smart decision both for Microsoft and for PMDG, as it protects the customer investment in the hobby. In our early conversations with Microsoft after the unveiling of MSFS back in 2019, we came away with the impression that Microsoft's business plan was pro-simmer, and that is why we announced our support of the platform in August of that year. While the messaging on this new version of MSFS has been a bit non-specific, we suspect that Microsoft's strong support for growth of the developer community and the customer value equation remains in place. As Microsoft publishes more detailed information, we will continue to evaluate and keep you informed. To keep any uninformed conjecture to a minimum, here is a summary of things that have changed in our agenda based upon this announcement from Microsoft: PMDG 737 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced. PMDG 777 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced. PMDG DC-6 for MSFS: No changes in development plans already announced. PMDG's development agenda after 777 release: No changes in development plans. PMDG's continued improvements to existing products (including our pending tablet update): No changes in development plans. Invariably there will be questions directed to minute details, such as "how will you manage to install on two platforms" and other technical conversations. Please understand that we are not in a position to answer those questions at this time, as we do not have sufficient knowledge or understanding of how Microsoft intends to manage this "two parallel tracks" methodology they have announced. Once we can get our hands on it- we can work out the details. In the mean time, enjoy the energy in the community- and please refrain from arguing with each other of things that nobody has answers to. Robert S. Randazzo PMDG Simulations http://www.pmdg.com Link: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/253979-13jun23-what-impact-does-microsoft-s-announced-msfs-2024-version-have-on-pmdg
  4. Be right back. Gotta change my pants after hearing those sweet sweet flaps deployment sounds.
  5. We’d love to see it! We’re more than happy to get any video previews of this big bird from you talented folks.
  6. We’d love to see it! We’re more than happy to get any video previews of this big bird from you talented folks.
  7. I find it funny how many of you are creating excuses and are showing extreme partiality to the developers of GSX, but the same people are crying foul for even the slightest errors in the Fenix a320. The developer of GSX willingly released a broken product, that’s fundamentally flawed and is causing CTD’s, and has also already taken your money. But you folks are willing to let it slide because of the reputation of the developers. Maybe I’m whining, or maybe I simply am not willing to accept substandard paid products anymore. Aamir and the devs at Fenix released arguably one of the best addons in flight sim history as their very first product, and their next updates indicate a complete overhaul of areas which have bugs, instead of band-aid updates. The way Aamir communicates with the community indicates passion, commitment to product success, very good project management skills, and a serious eye for detail. I have more faith in the Fenix team than any other. Maybe they make announcements less often than we’d like, but if that time is spent on development, I’m completely fine with that trade.
  8. I’m guessing they’re probably waiting for SU10 to drop before they can release any update.
  9. Probably waiting for the next sim update to release first.
  10. Seriously disappointed with their decision to do USA again for a world update. The USA is already well represented in the flight sim arena. The world has a very diverse set of landscapes, so this was a missed opportunity to showcase another region and it’s beauty. I was really hoping for something in South America, Asia, or Middle East.
  11. I’m really looking forward to your A380 for MSFS. I feel it’s an underrated aircraft that’s not been given a lot of interest in flight sims, so your A380 announcement made, and many of us, very happy.
  12. You can just set ‘save as pdf’ option as your printer from the printer drop down in the print screen and save the files as pdf.
  13. Your first update looks very good. Great targeting of key issues and resolving them. You guys have extremely good project management.
  14. Did you make sure to disable ‘headphones’ mode in settings?
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