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  1. Dubai! They’ve only showed a snippet of Palm Jumeirah islands in the E3 trailer. I hope they hand crafted the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest tower, like they did with other important monuments and buildings across the world.
  2. Yeah... I’d like to have some source for that.
  3. I’m guessing Microsoft released the Tech Alpha build to the chosen ones, causing them to be tight-lipped due to the NDA’s. The rest might have temporarily left due to lack of any material in last week’s update.
  4. Dubai checking in. Though I suppose Flight simming here isn’t as popular as a hobby compared to western counterparts.
  5. I’m confident that at this stage, that statement only applies to end users like us, not developers. Microsoft clearly mentioned that they already began communication with developers a while back. Developers chosen by Microsoft might already have all the information they need regarding the SDK. Besides, Microsoft themselves stated that the SDK will be released with the tech alpha, which has already begun.
  6. The night lighting of the cities was much better than I expected from a default sim with satellite data.
  7. Well I certainly hope it's something better than this
  8. Mid-November sounds like an exciting time. We're getting episode 3: Aerodynamics, a DR update, but more importantly, a partnership announcement series kickoff and the feedback snapshot.
  9. I’m confused. They said that the partnership series kicks-off on mid November in the home page, but the DR chart shows that it’s starting today.
  10. My guess is that PMDG will be making their announcement on October 25, when MS said that they’ll kickoff the Partner feature announcement series.
  11. You must be new to the Software industry.
  12. So redo their entire sim basically. If they manage to fix all that then they might as well release it as Xplane 12, the same sim but with lots of bug fixes lol. I still think that even after all that they won’t be able to compete with MSFS because the sheer manpower and talent behind MSFS is far superior compared to what LR is employing.
  13. Their community developer job posting is honestly what I’m more excited about. If you read the job responsibilities you can understand that Microsoft is really serious about community engagement and collaboration. It really is a revolution in the flight sim industry.
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