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  1. I will be honest I meant a 'patch' in my OP. With that said, if Aamir above post would have come as news on their announcement section on Discord, this whole post of mine here probably wouldn't exist.
  2. I don't really need it TBH. However, I don't mind it if its not taking more than 10 FPS for the interiors. Funny enough, yesterday I watched this streamer guy called Chewwy94. He was on some 3rd party addon of Belfast city on Northern Ireland, which seemed to have all these interiors stuff. He said the performance are not great. And he got some beefy PC... maybe others addons are different...
  3. Aamir, thank you very much for taking the time addressing it as you just did ! I honestly say now, with this post you reassured me we in good hands for the next update ! Keep it up !
  4. My apologize Ray. I honestly didn't knew this post will set such fire and hate. Believe it or not, I found this website on Google just yesterday. I did try to make it a discussion on not some random collection of rants. Feel free to lock it if you think is necessary.
  5. Hi Matt, So you are good with up to 2 years ? It doesn't bother you that its almost the same amount of time took to develop the plane itself ?
  6. So after I decided to simply leave the discussion yesterday, and let some of the less welcoming people to relax, I would like to ask them something. Some of you guys replied "I don't mind waiting..." "It will take as much as it takes..." etc... You really don't think there should be some reasonable time between updates ? For example, I will come back in another 3 months or even 6 months, and ask again "what is going on with the Fenix update ?", will you still reply in the same manner ? Since Fenix themselves did not vouch or gave any clue how long its going to take it could really be true. And please guys, if you really itching to reply with some cynical comment, or with some poor attempt to be funny, or to call me troll, please breath for 10 sec and reply like a normal human being or simply don't reply at all. Very much apricate your thoughts and feedbacks !
  7. This actually makes me think, what happened during the initial beta testing before release ? How come a new released product needs an overhaul of the whole system ? I mean i can understand small bugs went overlooked thats normal, but replacing a whole system cause the current one is not good ?
  8. Thank you ! I really like the product. Its just that some issues are really annoying me. The incorrect VNAV is one of the top ones.
  9. Why would you insult me and call me a troll ? Did I do something bad to you ? did I insulted you in anyway ? If you don't like the topic you don't have to comment. wow...
  10. Great, so I see that in here people think its perfectly fine. Now, if I would to come back in another 3 months and post its now 6 months since last update will it still be ok with you ?
  11. Still, you cant use SU10 as an excuse... It doesn't bother PMDG releasing updates AND a new variant. But let try not to turn it into a PMDG discussion.
  12. There is really a long list of things. Other then low performance, I would say the VNAV which they admitted they getting it replaced as its not good.
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