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  1. I have a faint feeling that the only reason there was a Jan 17 update from Randazzo is to take away some attention off his previous comment which mentioned Asobo in bad light. I think it’s the only reason he eluded to pricing even though they’re so far away from release, to give people something to talk about other than his negative comment. Either way, it’s all conjecture and we can only guess. On the other hand, I like the new pricing model. Lesser per variant price with options means cheaper for consumer and more profits for PMDG, a win-win for all. I think Randazzo is banking on the idea that their 737 will sell extremely well on MSFS whenever they plan to release it, hence he’s taking all the time in the world with no reason to rush development.
  2. Doesn’t really mean that the SDK is incomplete either. Asobo has said from the beginning that the SDK supports Y format because it’s better suited to run in the modern sim. But if PMDG insists on X format because it saves them money, then they themselves are to blame for sitting around and having the solution handed to them. True, but they would’ve been 1.5 years ahead into their development pipeline at this point. I’m not supporting either parties, but Jorg has said from the very beginning that the introduction of the Y format would although require some new development pipelines, the end product as a result of using Y format would be much superior. He also offered 3PD’s direct access to the SDK team to ease their transition to Y format. Even after all this, if PMDG expected Asobo to cave in, it’s entirely on them. I am very certain that the only reason Randazzo is making those comments is to stir up the community to put collective pressure on Asobo to give in to PMDG’s supposed demands for legacy code compatibility. I’m also inclined to believe FBW’s Iceman’s comments that the SDK is missing only some functionality such as WX and Terrain data, and that building a fairly complex aircraft as demonstrated by FBW, WT, Fenix, among others, is fairly achievable.
  3. Because they are not working on XBOX and P3D, they don’t have to maintain a single code base for legacy platforms and are able fully utilize MSFS.
  4. New Delhi has been witnessing record levels of smog and toxic air pollution, prompting schools and offices to close for multiple days. So when you’re seeing reduced visibility in this city in the sim, it’s realistic, but the issue is that the sim doesn’t differentiate between smog, haze, sandstorms etc and instead implements haze as a one-size-fits-all solution. This rendition needs to be improved.
  5. I seriously doubt this is going to release before end of year seeing how he mentions the plethora of issues and the difficult debugging process, whilst subtly and conveniently blaming the SDK for resorting to their dinosaur era coding tools. I’d love to be proven wrong though.
  6. I’d like to see the performance numbers of the not so talked about 17-12700k and DDR4 combo. The i7 looks like it should theoretically perform better than the i5-12600k but without the quirks such as high heat of the i9-12900k.
  7. This is absolutely genius and I’ve been wanting to build something like this for a long time. I can only imagine how good it must feel to fly using this and VR. I wish there was a company that sells home-use 2/3DOF motion platform rigs like these that are super modular for incredible immersion and ease of use, at a low enough price point for it to gain popularity in the wider flight simming community. Until then, I believe going the DIY route is the best way.
  8. I’m going to build my first build in a long time. Would you guys recommend waiting for the 12th gen? Or go for intel’s 11th gen? Considering the prices of components of both gen parts. Also, my general observation is that Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU combo tend to provide the most stable performance in MSFS vs Ryzen CPU’s and Nvidia GPU’s. Is this true? Or would you guys recommend Ryzen CPU’s as well?
  9. I’m planning to build a new PC as well. I’m holding off for some time until Nov 4 when they’re actually releasing, so we can see lots of independent reviewers verifying intel’s claims. I’m more concerned about the pricing of the new parts though, namely the DDR5 ram, the new Z690 chipsets, and the new CPU’s. If they’re too out of reach I’ll probably stick to the current gen as hopefully they’ll see some reduction in prices.
  10. From what I gather MSFS brought a significant change to the tech stack used for addon development, which means developers will need time to learn the new tech stacks and make new project pipelines that's efficient enough for long term development for MSFS. Some of them also took longer to realize that MSFS is growing rapidly to be the sim platform of choice for the majority of simmers, for them to be able to justify leaving their old ways and innovate again. Not to mention the less-than-favorable Sim Updates in the past which threw heavy wrenches at the progress of the addon developers.
  11. https://fenixsim.com/ Read a couple of their dev updates and you’ll see that their a320 is shaping up to be even better than PMDG in terms of nuanced details and system fidelity.
  12. My 3 cents about the Q&A. 1. The Reno air race presentation should’ve been a feature highlight video and the Q&A should’ve been dedicated to answering questions and concerns from the community. 2. David was a welcome replacement to Martial, who, with all due respect, barely knew answers to questions he was supposed to answer, or simply indicated that the items he’s responsible for have seen little progress. A gentleman though, sometimes I feel language is a huge barrier for us to really see his true talents. 3. Generally speaking, love the dedication of the team and the direction they’re heading towards.
  13. I agree. Jorg should think about giving him some Working Title treatment, and give the resources and freedom to do what he does best, full time.
  14. I’m just happy Microsoft didn’t choose whoever made Cyberpunk 2077. The list of bugs in that game is longer than a CVS receipt, and their infrequent updates aren’t helping either. I really believe we’re more than fortunate to have Asobo.
  15. Quotes from the developer "we are anticipating a release at the end of the year. Price unknown. Will be available on Marketplace, for both XBox and PC." "We realize the phrase 'study level' has become a bit of a cliche, but that is the goal." "you will get as close to a study level aircraft with the full G3000 suite. Livery still up in the air....." "..unencrypted paint kits ... Its on the roadmap." "We are in close contact with Working Title and will be creating custom G2 specific pages for the G3000. So no, it is not the MSFS default. That said, Im the dev that heads up the 3d side of things (modeling, animation, shaders etc) and not directly responsible for the avionics so my knowledge of that is incomplete. Do check the Working Title discord for their release notes, they have some interesting developments in the pipe." "And hey, if you want to support the team making this... Go and buy Chicago Executive Airport! links to Contrail, Flightsim.com and Orbyx are on our flightFX.com site. Its a fantastic, meticulously crafted airport." Original Announcement post or r/MicrosoftFlightSim
  16. It’s only for raising awareness, and that’s what they told from day one. Its’s a cool PR strategy that works both ways.
  17. I honestly fail to understand why the LOD popping seems to be such a big issue for people. It's literally 0.5 - 1 second of scenery loading. Seems to me as extreme nitpicking. Would you rather have absolute perfect visuals at 19fps? Or sacrifice some micro-LOD popping for 40+ fps? For most people, the choice is very easy.
  18. True. Though I don’t want to jump on the gate-keeping bandwagon, if the Fenix A320 delivers, we can pretty much bid farewell to any more A320’s for MSFS. Hoping that pushes things towards the 340’s, 350’s, and the 380’s. But hey, competition can only be good for us simmers.
  19. This is exactly why I think having dual pilot operated flights would be perfect for this aircraft. Shared cockpits is a must for this aircraft. We (supposedly) finally have an aircraft that’s in-depth enough to warrant to multi-pilot ops in a home simming environment. This is an aircraft I think will definitely be overwhelming enough if we want to have a complete experience, just like real life 😄
  20. Mind = blown The only way to get more immersive simulation than this is to have a home 3-axis motion platform for us all to sit and sim in.
  21. These guys are definitely making a serious first impression. I can’t wait to see what these guys accomplish in the long term.
  22. I'm not a real world pilot, but based on what I've seen on YouTube videos it's very realistic. Aircraft's at slow speeds during final can be sensitive to even the slightest wind variations. All the bobbing and shaking is exactly what can be seen on cockpit videos as there is an element of struggle and the control inputs become larger as the aircraft approaches from short final to touchdown, but we're lead to believe that this is not realistic because we've been flying on rails for years.
  23. Now I know which GPU’s to stay away from.
  24. I do remember seeing a 'trailer' mentioned in last week's Dev update. It could be the XBOX trailer, but we'll have to wait and see.
  25. The mods at MSFS forum have no sim development expertise to intentionally sabotage topics for 'sandbagging issues'. Try submitting only one question at once. If a single topic has multiple question or discussion points, it won't be accepted. Also, try including any pictures from the issue inside the sim vs how it's supposed to look correctly from any IRL pics.
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