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  1. Ah. Yes I have the 10 with my premium deluxe package. Are you saying the other 2 are someplace on the FlightSum.com website? Thanks.
  2. Not their biggest fan, but their 767 is the best product they've made, IMO.
  3. And given what I understand of the rollout schedule all the variations will be introduced consecutively with the normal development and testing times for each. If you want them all, it'll be a while. Does anybody understand their pricing model for this? I know he said they'll give us the option to cherry pick the ones we want, but if you buy 2 or 3, any savings?
  4. Impossible, at least for me, to find that. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  5. I was lucky enough to work for the agency that did this campaign. Put National on the map for very completive NY to FLA routes.
  6. Just curious if anybody's heard anything about one or the other of these happening?
  7. I too am in Florida. Yulee, where its 45 degrees F, 7 C.
  8. The colors seems very white and bright. Not crisp and sharp. Am using EA. Any thoughts on settings? Thanks.
  9. Don't misunderstand Mr. Kok's motives. Aerosoft has got the exclusive European rights to MSFS, apparently due to Kok's efforts. Its been a goldmine for them and he deserves credit for that. On the other hand he's constantly bashing P3d. He would love it if P3D disappeared, obviously., so he wants everyone to believe it is. Its a fine business strategy, but don't look for honest answers from him. He's just trying to push his cash cow. I used to respect him. Not anymore.
  10. Any rumors, scuttlebutt, gossip or even facts about what's happening?
  11. In the past, Rob Ainscough and maybe others, have posted some recommended settings, for different levels of computers. Has anyone done this yet for P3D 5? Love to know which sliders are the most critical for preventing vram ctd's. I'm running a 9900K @5.0, 32 gb ram and a GTX 2070 Super with 8GB's. Thanks.
  12. Isn't the NG3 also coming to P3D. I thought it was.
  13. Mark, deal for the nu had to be done by 12/31/2019
  14. I just did this. You probably can install it right into your P3d 5 Addon Scenery folder, but to be on the safe side, I installed it into a folder call P3D v5 Addon folder in the same drive as the P3D v55 installation. Then I added it via the scenery library. There are 2 folders that need to be added: One called Suvarnabhumi FSX_2013 and another called Suvarnabhumi _landclass. Add them both to the scenery library, making sure the FSX 2013 entry in on top, and you should be good to go.
  15. Yup. This is the most significant thing he said: "And after a lot of discussions we got the deal. ……. This is a big deal for us. Believe me." He's a business man. He'll promote the heck out of his new cash cow and if he has to denigrate the competition--so be it.
  16. Still having trouble. I tried the registry fix to get the installer to install to a different location (H:\P3D Addon Folder) and it insisted on reinstalling into my P3d V4 installation SSD anyway. With Windows 2004, I didn't have a "SetupPath" value in the registry, so I tried it without the value and then I created the value and tried it again. Still no luck. Since it is installed in V4, would it be possible to port that installation somehow? Thanks for your patience.
  17. Unfortunately the Simmarket installer finds my P3D 4.5 installation and automatically wants to install to it. No option for changing installation paths. Any thoughts?
  18. Thanks, Rob, but not operating full screen.
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