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  1. @Matthew James de Bohun, could it be that the option 'Send to tray' is ticked inside the options menu of Active Sky? Had me fooled a couple of times... Have a look there if the AS icon is present.
  2. @Dude101, I had exactly the same issue: no fonts on any display. A complete wipe of the installation and then running the installer as Administrator solved the problem. As to your second question: the installer can be stuck for a pretty long period. According to the QW forums you should wait and things eventually should work out just fine. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Jose ! I already found out that Jon had passed away, but I did not know that his wonderful scenery was also no longer with us... I do own both addons, but I felt that Vancouver+ made the city look even better. At least the Victoria freeware is still available so heading over to Vancouver Island now! Thanks again for the info.
  4. Hello everybody, Long time lurker here but finally my first post in this terrific community! Having spent my holiday in Canada during the last four weeks, I was struck by the beauty of BC, and in particular Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Back home, I decided to relive the memories in FSX and went for a search for appropriate add-ons and quickly found the terrific Vancouver+. Unfortunately, the links for purchase are no longer valid and Simmarket seems to have dropped the item from their catalogue. Does anyone have an idea how to obtain this scenery? Thanks in advance ? Ard Leemhuis
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