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  1. Its their content and of course they would prefer traffic and any discussion over on their own website. Demanding it be linked would of course look bad so this is simply trying to be subtle about how they would like to control output. Bloke in suit tells bloke in chinos to do something he tells the guy in shorts and tee at the public facing front etc...usual corporate stuff
  2. So you are asking a bunch of strangers on the internet how much storage you should buy, without even saying what you expect to store (presumably not just MSFS and presumably something you yourself know) This is like primary school level maths..I despair
  3. Really?, Ive been to many many farm strips with a windsock but nobody monitoring the Radio, but the other way round?. Very odd here in the UK I can't remember ever visiting a strip with no windsock but someone on the ground monitoring a radio (A few with neither)
  4. You know, that happens IRL too Some long strips with 2 socks in less than flat surroundings or with trees/buildings close in almost always point in different directions The SINGLE windsock at my home strip likes to do a 180 in the time it takes me to go from overhead to turning Final, common on low wind thermic days ETA...btw, I'm just musing and not in any way excusing the often ridiculous windsock behaviour in the game
  5. Gordon Bennett!!!...Its just a game. If someone came on an established Pilot's Forum and behaved like the prima donnas and know it alls in here they would just be ignored, but here in 'serious flight-sim' world ..well you get this
  6. Like how you conflated my mention of gatekeepers (a very specific stereotype) to cover anyone who's opinion differs to mine, you are of course mistaken, there are plenty of other stereotypes I don't agree with😉
  7. From what I've read so far this is basically the same game updated but they've had to give it a new Title so they can charge for it. (before the gatekeepers jump on me I'm not criticising im just a realist)
  8. I've never understood that one, I mean if you actually needed to take that amount of time to have a dump then you probably need to seek medical attention. Has anyone in real life ever kept reading material in the lavatory?
  9. Of course not, its a game ...let me put some meat on that.: The majority of users here who profess the need for high fidelity this and that are Tubeliner types or into complex private aircraft and there are lots and lots of that type of user...so how many of you are using MSFS as part of your ATPL Training or even an IFR rating on your PPL?. I'll bet I get a number for the former that's not much above zero, the latter?, go on surprise me.
  10. You make like you are speaking for all MSFS users, let me tell you...you aint and I bet far more are focussed on playing the game than stressing over the latest update or whether the flight model is believable to some internet random who never got their word not allowed together to fly a real aircraft but thinks he can fly because-MSFS
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