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  1. No wilco means I understand and will comply and roger just means I understand. A key tennet in Radio comms is brevity, you dont use both terms together Take a look at https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/aim_html/chap4_section_2.html (Im guessing you are American, but the terminology is international) Notice Using Roger - wilco together is just another hollywood thing
  2. Oh good grief, I'm beginning to wonder if ChatGPT has an account here and is starting its own threads
  3. Ive heard Roger-Wilco a few times too.......its like fingernails on a blackboard 😬
  4. Whatever makes you think that?
  5. No..anyone can pretend they did a full scale research and pretend they are as capable as someone w/ a PHD in that field...which is a completly different thing Submitting a paper that a machine wrote for you isnt research or capability My fear is that the people with a piece of paper saying they have a PHD may in the future be people who don't know word not allowed from shinola
  6. The mod makes a very noticeable difference, (Been asked before but how on earth does Asobo miss stuff like this?) Thanks for posting @regis9
  7. Have you compared both Standard and Garmin equipped versions?, I get the feeling some are commenting without actually testing both
  8. Can those who are NOT experiencing a ridiculous lack of drag confirm they are using the GNS530/430 Version? Apparently that version performs more realistically, I'm about to try as only flown the normal version so far
  9. Landings are very short once you're down but man you have to really plan the approach, as others have said there is something amiss with the Drag model
  10. Just found a slightly comical mistake ...the rear view mirror...the view is upside down😁
  11. What's the point?, If your not hand flying the thing there really isnt anything else to do in the Colt, why even bother loading it up?
  12. Big difference, there is actual evidence of societal decline in the first world....worsening standards of living for the majority, declining Literacy, huge and increasing gap between classes, rights of free speech being eroded by increasingly authoritarian governments, Toxic influencers becoming normal intake for our children.... to be frank anyone who can't see it hasn't been paying attention
  13. A look at the behavioural problems and almost complete lack of critical thinking in the generation that has never know a time without Google and Pornhub tells me this whole online direction is a road to hell. The brave new world is f@cked
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