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  1. In looking at photographs of airplanes -- or anything else -- there is almost invariably some degree of unavoidable distortion in the original, un-retouched photograph due to the intrinsic nature of both telephoto and wide-angle lenses.
  2. This past weekend, I thought I'd visit x-plane.org and prepar3d.com to read their forum posts about MSFS2020. To my surprise, many of the forum members are in complete denial, expressing grave skepticism that Microsoft is actually going to release a new sim. (These were not six-month-old posts. These were posts new this past weekend.) Apparently, all the wonderful videos and in-person demonstrations that Asobo graciously provided to the community are a giant scam of some sort. The term "vaporware" was used over and over. One guy on x-plane.org stated that neither Microsoft nor Asobo employed any competent programmers (like him), so the promised sim next year would never actually materialize. Microsoft would probably drop funding for the project and close shop. Others argued that FS2020 was for XBOX only and that Microsoft was just punking us PC users into testing it for them. There would never be a marketed PC version. And of course some actually opined that the Feature Discovery Series videos released thus far by Asobo aren't impressive at all, no -- X-Plane or P3D is far better. One guy said that "except for the graphics, X-Plane is superior to MSFS2020 in every way." Yeah, "except for the graphics." 🙂 To me, these cynics remind me of someone who has just been given a diagnosis of terminal cancer. The first stage of grief is denial. This can't be happening. They foresee the death of their existing sims, and they are in denial. The announcement of MSFS2020 and the subsequent videos have brought tremendous excitement into my life. This will be my best Christmas ever, and we won't even have the sim until next year! It's just a shame that not everyone can share in the excitement. It's their own loss.
  3. Truer words were never spoken. I had a very positive view of ORBX until ORBX Central 4.0 was released. It completely destroyed the proper layering of scenery for me in P3D, and so trees and buildings were growing out of runways and rivers. It took me a full, frustrating week to fix everything. Now, I'm totally afraid to even touch ORBX Central again. So I'll be making no more purchases through it.
  4. I think a lot of the hostility to 3PDs after FS2020 was announced was due to Froogle's initial angry bombast against the new sim. He posted an absolutely furious video bitterly criticizing Microsoft for creating the new sim. He pouted for weeks that he "wasn't excited at all." He almost immediately deleted his initial video. And he has since recanted his evil ways. But that hostility got everything off to a very bad start between those of us excited about the sim and the holy and untouchable third-party sainthood.
  5. With the thoughts and prayers of everyone on this forum, you may someday qualify.
  6. Very entertaining video about giving fractional shares of stock for Christmas gifts.
  7. Jim Cramer on CNBC talking about buying fractional shares.
  8. n4gix is exactly right. A brokerage house named "Stockpile" (http://www.stockpile.com) sells fractional shares. Half a share only returns half the dividend of course. But you do own the stock. The Stockpile app is one of the highest rated in the entire app store.
  9. According to this article on CNBC, a man named Ronald Wayne was an original co-founder of Apple. He owned a 10 percent share of the tiny company. In 1976, he sold his shares for $800. Today, this $800 worth of stock is worth over 95 billion dollars. Talk about regrets! https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/02/why-ronald-wayne-sold-his-10-percent-stake-in-apple-for-800-dollars.html
  10. Like most, I'm thrilled about the new sim in 2020. I think the future is bright, both for flight simulation and for Microsoft as a corporation. A few weeks ago, I posted a half-joking question here as to whether those of us who receive the "Insiders Newsletter" would be guilty of "insider trading" if we bought Microsoft stock based on our "insider knowledge" of the sim. Some of you who know more about these things than I do assured me there was no legal peril. Because I'm a person of very modest economic means, I never really and truly considered buying stock in Microsoft because I didn't have much money and because I knew nothing whatever about buying stock. I also assumed you'd waste money on stockbroker fees and stuff. I learned during the last two weeks, however, that I was mistaken. I bought $25 worth of Microsoft stock. The brokerage fee for purchasing the stock was 99 cents. So I spent a grand total of $25.99. No, this is not a full share. Microsoft stock sells for $151.38 a share as of Black Friday. So I just own about 1/6 of one share. That's all I could afford. But I am a genuine, legal stockholder now in Microsoft. So anyone here experiencing technical issues with the new sim can report your problem directly to me; and at the next Microsoft stockholders' meeting, I'll personally take up your issue directly with Bill. 🙂 Seriously, you can do a Google search for "stocks by the dollar" rather than stocks by the share (or "Stockpile"). The brokerage house I used even has gift cards in Microsoft stock (and practically every other stock in the universe) in denominations of $25, $50, and $100 for Christmas gifts. This is really not a bad gift idea. At this tiny level, buying stock is more an educational experience than a get-rich-quick opportunity. But I'm now excitedly following the daily ups and downs of the market like it's a thrilling sporting event. It's a lot of fun. And I'm personally up $3 this week! Now, if you'll excuse me, my phone is ringing. It's probably Warren Buffett.
  11. I once heard flying described as "long hours of boredom sandwiched between two moments of absolute terror."
  12. Since global warming is supposedly going to cook the entire planet, FS2020 summer-only scenery may be the most realistic part of the sim.
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