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  1. I completely agree with @Zimmerbz. I think the clouds look terrible even on Ultra settings. What's even worse -- and what hasn't been discussed anywhere -- is that Ultra Cloud Settings give you a huge FPS hit even in clear skies. You can test this out for yourself. First, set the Cloud Settings to Low and then take an FPS reading when you're parked on the runway with CLEAR skies. Then, set the Cloud Settings to Ultra and take another FPS reading also with CLEAR skies. There is a 20-25% FPS hit even though there's not a cloud in the sky. Sound impossible? Try it and see. A few years ago, I purchased a package from ORBX -- perhaps it was Global or maybe a Land Class Region -- that installed a few cloud graphics as an ancillary part of the package. Those clouds looked razor sharp and fantastic and had little or no FPS hit at all. I would love to get those ORBX clouds working in the new sim.
  2. I want to add my voice to the growing legion who are using and enjoying your Fall season in MSFS. To me, your add-on makes a huge difference in the visual realism of the sim. I never liked the all-green, too-green trees even when I was flying in Summer. I live in Huntington, West Virginia, and the foliage outside my home and the foliage in the sim now look identical. I want to say a heartfelt Thank You, especially since we can now drop the Fall files directly into the Community folder. That made installation a lot easier for me, though the original release worked fine on my machine as well. You mentioned there was no effect on FPS. I disagree. I actually think there's an FPS improvement due to your reduction in the number of over-placed trees. I'm really looking forward to your future projects (even if I have to pay for them next time). David Mills Huntington, West Virginia
  3. What I find particularly difficult to understand about these over-sensitivities with the XBOX controller is that these controllers are designed and built by Microsoft itself, the same company that produces the sim. It's not like "Fred's Controller" won't work well with the sim. It's Microsoft's own controller -- the same controller that's going to be the predominant controller used throughout the world once the XBOX version of the sim is released. And, again, it's not like some new technology has to be discovered to make the XBOX controllers work well. I used this same controller for years with P3D (and many other games) with no issues at all. I just don't understand.
  4. I use an XBOX controller. So my comments here may or may not apply to you as well. But I just discovered that I get far more realistic control over my aircraft's aerosurfaces when I use the Legacy Flight Model than with the Modern Model. It shouldn't be this way of course, but currently, it is this way. For example, when I'm rolling down the runway, steering is almost impossible with the Modern Model. The slightest movement of your rudder will send the plane lurching uncontrollably to one side or the other. With the Legacy Model, however, things behave more realistically. You can steer down the runway without chaotically spinning out of control. Likewise in flight: The plane behaves more smoothly and predictably using the Legacy Model than the Modern Model. So if you've been suffering controller problems like I have, you might switch for the moment to the Legacy Model. Now, if the Modern Model worked perfectly well and truly represented the behavior of an aircraft, then I would say that regressing to the Legacy Model would be cheating. But for me, at present, the Legacy Model is more realistic and true to life than the Modern Model. Let's hope this problem is addressed in future patches from Asobo, especially since the XBOX controller will be the controller predominantly used with the XBOX release of the sim.
  5. This is a fantastic product. I purchased it about two years ago for P3D. It's probably the most detailed scenery available for any flight sim at any time. It's super easy on FPS too. Even if you forget about flying, you can enjoyably walk through the scenery at ground level. You can even walk directly into the Oval Office. And men and women you hear about on the news are sitting there looking at you. (I could tell Melania wanted me.) However, I too have a question: In the package I bought for P3D, the local airports were part of the purchase, Reagan Nation, Joint Base Andrews, etc. From reading the promotional material on the MSFS marketplace, it was unclear to me whether these airports were also included in the purchase price. The MSFS promo said that the airports were optional. I don't know whether this means that they're included and you can optionally install them, or they're optional for additional money. Does anyone know?
  6. You used the word "ortho," so you're definitely an X-Plane guy.
  7. https://a.msn.com/r/2/BB19jbx1?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare
  8. Do any of the aircraft currently support Waypoint Altitude assignments or Waypoint Speed assignments?
  9. Since the sim downloads data from Microsoft/Asobo servers to perform its various tasks, CPU and GPU bottlenecks are not the only considerations limiting performance. But, still, you've posed a very good and interesting question.
  10. I too confirm that the History folder -- the one at the top of the Flight Planner -- no longer updates. None of my flights since the Patch have been listed in the History folder.
  11. Has anyone mentioned that, after the update, the Flight Planner no longer keeps track of the last three flights you've flown and no longer places them in the History folder? For example, I took off about ten times this evening from Amsterdam. But each time I started a new flight plan, I had to scroll through the list of handcrafted airports and select Amsterdam all over again, since it was no longer conveniently stored at the top of the Flight Planner in my History. That folder no longer updates -- period.
  12. I've been experimenting all afternoon with cloud settings (Low, Medium, High, and Ultra) and how they relate to FPS. Obviously the higher the settings, the greater hit you take on FPS. Duh. But what I discovered quite by accident is that your cloud settings greatly affect FPS even when you have completely clear skies. In my tests, I left from LAX in the Cessna 172. My pre-set weather condition was "Clear Skies" for each flight. With no clouds in the sky, I changed the cloud setting from Ultra to High to Medium to Low. Comparing Low to Ultra, there was an 8 FPS improvement in the performance of the sim even though no clouds were rendered! So if you're like me -- and you fly mostly with clear skies or few clouds -- you might consider setting the cloud detail to "Low" because, for some reason, it does make a big difference in FPS, even if there's not a cloud in sight.
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