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  1. I just checked to see whether MSFS would correctly show the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. I chose the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, at 2:06PM Central time (3:06PM Eastern Time). Indianapolis will be directly in the path of totality. The amazing news is that MSFS correctly shows the Moon beginning to obscure the sun at that time. The bad news is that despite the Moon's blocking out the sun's light, there was no darkening whatever of the earth's surface along the path of totality. In other words, it still looked like mid-day outside.
  2. What I'm about to say makes no sense at all to me. But I can reproduce this bizarre circumstance with 100% consistency. I own and enjoy the Bredok3D 747 Livery Cargo Pack, purchased directly from the in-sim Marketplace. The liveries are excellent, and continue to look gorgeous under the SU15 beta. But since the SU15 beta was released, it is no longer possible to throttle up the engines in the 747 when using these liveries. If you attempt to throttle up the already-running engines with a controller or with the mouse, the engines do not respond with an increase in power. Visually, the throttle in the 747 moves forward as normal (both using a controller and using a mouse). But the engines do not increase in power, and there is no way to begin your takeoff roll down the runway. Why a change in livery should affect engine thrust is a mystery to me. Has anyone else with this livery pack experienced this issue? When I use the default 747 liveries, or use other purchased liveries besides the Bredok3D offering, everything works perfectly.
  3. Although I didn't measure my GPU and CPU temps as methodically as @History, I did casually notice a 2-3 degree average reduction in temps after downloading the latest beta. So, yes, I too noticed.
  4. Hopefully he was talking about Meteorological Spring. I'll definitely ask him next time he stops by the house -- probably later this evening. 🙂
  5. @Noel Could you possibly post a video of your current issues and point them out? I think that would help clarify things a lot. I hate it that you spent all that money and aren't enjoying good results.
  6. @Noel. Are you trying to use your excellent frame-time-stability tweak with your new 4090 and FG? We're not talking about flickering in VR, are we? The vast majority of 4090 users don't seem to suffer the issues you describe with FG. It's definitely a stretch to accuse those happy with FG of a cabal to hush up FG artifacting. My system -- which is built with completely-off-the-shelf parts by Jetline Systems -- handles FG perfectly. There is no artifacting whatever. (There used to be, however, before recent sim updates.) You know that in-sim VSYNC doesn't work with DX12 and FG enabled. You know that GSYNC only works properly with FG using a DP connector. What brand of 4090 do you own? There is something, somewhere, hardware or software, causing these problems for you. Other simmers, as you've shown, suffer these problems as well. What is the commonality of those experiencing these issues? But most users don't suffer these problems. Instead of throwing in the towel, you need to continue teching this out -- as you've done so impressively in the past -- to isolate the problem. FG is not fundamentally and inherently flawed as you appear to imply. Something else is causing your issues.
  7. Jorg said they'd be releasing more info about MSFS2024 in Spring. Spring is now less than four weeks away!
  8. The current advancement of flight simulators reminds me of the advancement of physics in the early twentieth century. Back then, a solitary individual (e.g., Einstein) -- or a small group working together (e.g., the Copenhagen School) -- could make revolutionary discoveries through pure genius and a pencil and paper. Billions of dollars were not required. Likewise, early flight simulators were the work of a relatively small, brilliant group of coders working on limited resources (e.g., Sublogic, LR). Considering these limited resources and technology of the time, their flight simulators were impressive. Today, however, new discoveries in physics require equipment costing tens of billions of dollars (e.g., the CERN particle accelerator, the Webb Space Telescope). Likewise with flight simulation: Further advancement in flight simulation can only be achieved by companies with ten of billions of background assets for support and development (i.e., Microsoft).
  9. FEBRUARY 22ND, 2024 – DEVELOPMENT UPDATE Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team This week’s Screenshot Challenge winner is Twitter user @vp_sim! If you’re interested in participating in our weekly Screenshot Challenges, check out the details in the Community section below! Earlier today, we released a new beta build for those players enrolled in the optional Sim Update 15 (SU_15) public test. You can see the release notes on our forums here. Please note that this build contains a few known issues that will be resolved prior to the full release of SU_15, so please read the notes carefully. Also, we released an unrelated small update to players on both the regular release build and the SU_15 beta build today. This patch contains updated navdata for AIRAC cycle 2402 and the first round of improved airports from community-sourced fixes using the World Hub tool! Simmers can expect to see regular updates to airports from the World Hub in the coming weeks and months. Last but certainly not least, at the recent red carpet premiere of Dune: Part Two in London, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team was there to showcase the Dune Expansion. Stars of the upcoming film including Timothée Chalamet and Souheila Yacoub plus composer Hans Zimmer had a chance to fly the Royal Atreides Ornithopter in a life-size replica cockpit! Check out our video footage of the premiere below, and watch Dune: Part Two from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures only in cinemas on March 1! https://www.instagram.com/p/C3qPjJDPssB/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again – MSFS Team FEEDBACK SNAPSHOT Click here for the web-friendly version of the Feedback Snapshot. No update this week. MARKETPLACE UPDATE Click here for the web-friendly version of the Marketplace Update. There are 65 new and 33 updated products in today’s Marketplace Update. MARKETPLACE BACKLOG Current Backlog: 366 Total BACKLOG: NEW PRODUCTS Testing Status Content Type In MS Processing In MS Testing In 3P Testing Total Aircraft 10 4 11 25 Mission 24 2 44 70 Scenery 10 9 4 23 Livery 36 12 20 68 Airport 14 11 22 47 Other 8 2 9 19 Total 102 40 110 252 BACKLOG: UPDATED PRODUCTS Testing Status Content Type In MS Processing In MS Testing In 3P Testing Total Aircraft 20 7 12 39 Mission 20 0 0 20 Scenery 6 4 2 12 Livery 0 4 4 8 Airport 10 8 9 27 Other 2 0 6 8 Total 58 23 33 114 SDK UPDATE ASOBO No update this week. WORKING TITLE / MSFS AVIONICS FRAMEWORK No update this week. THIRD PARTY UPDATE No update this week. COMMUNITY FLY-IN FRIDAY The Community Fly-In Friday World Tour continues! This week, we depart from London, take a quick tour of Southend-on-Sea in Essex, fly up the coast to Norwich, then cross the North Sea to the Netherlands. Our full-stop landing will be at the next of the world capital cities we’ll visit, Amsterdam. Event details are available here. All are welcome to participate! TUBELINER TUESDAY Tubeliner Tuesday returns next week as we visit South America for the first time! Operating the Boeing 747-8, Community Manager Matt “Chewwy” will once again set a new challenge as we attempt to operate the Queen of the Skies into Quito, Ecuador. Quito is one of the most iconic destinations in the world due to the elevation of the airport (7910ft above sea level to be exact), and the surrounding mountainous terrain. We will be flying on the VATSIM Multiplayer Network for those who wish to join! Event details are available here. COMMUNITY VIDEO It’s already been over one week since the free Dune Expansion released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we’ve seen a plethora of great content made by the community as they try to complete all of the tutorials and challenges. We thought we would showcase a slightly different kind of video in this week’s Dev Update. In this fascinating interview, Dr. Jane Wang of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University describes the physics behind the Dune Ornithopter and its inspiration from nature. We hope this insightful discussion helps you to appreciate the complexity behind such an aircraft next time you take a flight around Arrakis in Microsoft Flight Simulator! SCREENSHOT CHALLENGE This week’s screenshot challenge: Cloud Chaser This past week’s Screenshot Challenge was: Sandy Dunes Weekly Screenshot Challenge Winner: @vp_sim (Twitter) Screenshot by @pommes_l (Twitter) Screenshot by AllenCat2333 (Forums) Screenshot by ScenicAtol37419 (Forums) Screenshot by JohnStarp (Forums) Screenshot by @ukaka5656 (Twitter) Screenshot by @nintaroww (Twitter) Screenshot by Mifaman701 (Forums) Screenshot by ZILLNIAZI17 (Forums) Screenshot by @CpuGeta486 (Twitter) Screenshot by RedheronDET (Forums) NEXT DEVELOPMENT BLOG UPDATE – February 29th, 2024 Sincerely, Microsoft Flight Simulator Team
  10. Thanks to @Beagle12 for asking the question and @hansb57 for providing the answer. I've long wondered myself about getting rid of that yellow label. Thank you both!
  11. There are many brilliant flight simmers on this board who are not native English speakers. In fact, some of the most beautifully written posts I've ever read here were posted by users whose native language was something other than English. I greatly admire people who can communicate in more than one language, since that is a skill I unfortunately don't possess. If placing "MSFS" in the logo was indeed to provide a shorthand visual cue to non-English speakers, then that's a good thing, not a bad thing.
  12. I'm wondering too whether the slight change to the logo might have something to do with the future release of MSFS 2024. I remember that it took a long time for the community to standardize its reference to the sim as "MSFS." Jorg said they deliberately resisted that acronym for a while (for reasons I can't recall). Currently, we have no standardized way to refer to the forthcoming sim: FS24, MSFS24, MSFS2024, MSFS 2024, etc. Maybe they're preparing a standardized, shorthand way for us to differentiate what will soon be two versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Again, I'm just wildly speculating.
  13. Then he needs to update his publicly-visible system specs, which list his current GPU as an RTX 3080 Ti FE.
  14. You guys need to make clear that you're not talking about built-in Frame Generation for Nvidia 4000 series cards. You're talking about a software patch that attempts to reproduce such frame generation without owning the necessary hardware. Far from FG being a "colossal fail," FG on the Nvidia 4000 series cards is the most glorious invention since the Big Bang dawn of the cosmos. It produces none of the graphics aberrations you mention when properly tuned and used with TAA anti-aliasing.
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