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  1. Assuming you've entered the correct ILS frequency, you need to press the APPR (approach) button on the autopilot (as well as the Nav1 and AP buttons).
  2. There was no difference between the last beta and the final release. Why, in heaven's name, would it be necessary to delete the entire 100+GB of files in an obviously premeditated and calculated way? Even my MSFS icon in the taskbar disappeared! I totally love MSFS. I enjoy it every day. To me it is vastly superior to any other sim. But I must admit that the installation/update/re-installation process is even worse than the P3D nightmare of replacing only the Client. This forum represents the very best and brightest of the flight sim community. So if we're being unexpectedly hammered with program deletions, I can only imagine what less experienced users are thinking right now. As I said elsewhere, I'm wondering whether these widespread MSFS deletions are perhaps the result of a copy protection scheme that went horribly awry when Asobo realized that the beta suffered copy protection vulnerabilities. I'm just guessing.
  3. Absolutely identical horror happened to me two days ago. Even my MSFS icon on the task bar was deleted. I wonder whether this is perhaps some form of copy protection gone berserk?
  4. Thank you, @Greazer. I appreciate your response.
  5. And the few files remaining in the default folder are all dated today (January 14, 2022) rather than my original installation date. What's going on? I did just update my Nvidia driver, but I can't imagine that this deleted MSFS. Did it?
  6. I just started up MSFS and was presented with an "update" screen. It said my "update" would be about 120GB. I looked in the MSFS folder and virtually all of the program files were missing! What happened? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  7. Yes. The theory that Asobo is allegedly keeping a close eye on LR is contained in the very title of this thread: "Asobo is hopefully already looking at this: clouds/weather."
  8. The reason this thread is in the MSFS forum is because the OP posted a presumed screenshot from X-Plane 12 in the MSFS forum and solicited comments.
  9. The on-the-ground palm tree pic and the on-the-ground cemetery pic and the on-the-ground waterfront video prove my point -- there are no previews from altitude (i.e., what your sim actually looks like while you're flying). Also, these are tiny, handcrafted, special-treatment, city-block-size, cherry-picked spots, rather than worldwide scenery such as MSFS beautifully showcases.
  10. Snow cover worked beautifully this past week here in West Virginia, the "Mountain State."
  11. It is instructive to note that in none of the previews we've seen thus far of X-Plane 12 is the ground shown clearly from altitude. In other words, no actual X-Plane 12 scenery is displayed in the previews. I wonder why? Re-watch the X-Plane 12 videos and screen captures. These previews are calculated and well done in the sense that, from altitude, ground scenery is either deliberately shadowed out or blurred with a depth-of-field filter that would never be used during standard operation of the sim. Don't let your mind construct confabulated memories of these previews. Go back and look. The cloud picture looks fine, if your interest is solely in the clouds. Moreover, the idea that Asobo is nervously watching LR and taking meticulous notes about X-Plane 12 is truly a joke. You don't use a cannon to shoot a sparrow. Also, the idea that LR, rather than Asobo, is "pushing sim technology forward" is 180 degrees backward. Asobo is quite obviously the company pushing sim technology forward.
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