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  1. Hi Manuel, Thanks for the update to version 2.0. Just wanted to inform you that, so far, the new option to reposition the marshaller works fine for me. Kind regards, Hans
  2. Yet another way to accomplish what I want, is to uninstall and re-install UGCX 🙂 (But I prefer the dll.xml way to go) Hans
  3. Thanks Luc, I most certainly will have a look at it. Hans
  4. No, thanks,Manuell. It is alright, it is not all that much of a hassle to have Notepad++ make some modifications to DLL.xml, moreover I probably will only use it once todisablee/enable UGCX.
  5. Hi Mark, Thanks for the suggestion, I will use Lorby's AddonManager then instead of an internal (desktop) UGCX menu option. Later: Unfortunately UGCX doesn't show up in Lorby's AddonManager. Brushing off Notepad++ as we speak.
  6. Hi Mauel, And that's exactly how I intended it t be. Before I start P3d enable/disable UGCX thru it's menu that sits on the desktop :). (Just like the FS2Crew menu option). But no problem, I'll just modify the DLL.xml accordingly, on/off by a menu option would be less work for me though :). Thanks for listening anyhow.
  7. The point is, that when/if I don't want to use UGCX I don't need the TSR to load at P3D's startup, saving a few mbytes of memory. Look at at this way, why do you have an option to enable/disable FS2Crew in its menu? Just for the same reason I'd like such an option for UGCX. Having such an option would prevent juggling about with the DLL.xml.
  8. One needs to trigger the actions in FS2Crew, too :). By disabling UGCX I mean to disable it from loading at P3D startup. That's what you missed 🙂
  9. Hi Manuel, Would it be possible to include an option in (one of) the next version to (temporarily) disable UGCX? Best, Hans
  10. No, I didn't. I oversaw the dropdownlist with all possible FSDT products to activate :). It would have been nice if the activation sequence would have for the one, GSX in this case, only. Thanks a lot for pointing me into the right direction.
  11. Ben, Same is happening here. Activating these products is a Royal PITA. I have contacted the developer and I ope that I will get a response soon. For a product costing over 40 Euros one would expect a bit more user-friendly way of activation. Hans
  12. Thanks very much, I will rush over to their site and purchase these products. Thanks, Hans
  13. Ben, can you tell me if GSX and GSX level 2 are compatible with both P3Dv4.5 and P3dv5? Thanks, Hans
  14. Yes. I need a different login for 4.5 than the one I use for 5.0.
  15. Do you still have the email that confirmed your purchase for 4.5? In there you will find the correct login ID and password.
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