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  1. Reading the messages in this thread I am getting more and more confused. It was my understanding that the DLSS file, my version right now is, also is working in combination with TAA. I did read this some time ago on NVidia's site. I now am doubting if indeed this is the case. Can any of you confirm (by experience) that this DLSS file also has its influences in TAA?
  2. It could be, if not for Bruce Artwick who is the founder of Flight Simulator. Way back in the '80s.
  3. As I don't use Nvidia Inspector I haven't got a clue as to what profile F is doing for DLSS. Can you please elaborate a bit? Thanks, Hans
  4. I couldn't agree more, Andreas. It is such a shame that people are wasting money on 3rd party add-ons of the "quality" of EDDS. Like you I am back at the default MSFS EDDS. I did see the fix in the link you sent, but somewhere in the reviews it was said that also this fix wasn't good enough. Following your advise, I will go and get it and use it as well. Thanks a lot for your response. Hans
  5. EDDS (Stuttgart Manfred Rommel Airport) got, ever since it was released. a misplaced ILS for runway 25. When flying an approach to this runway and following the glideslope to it, will get one into terra firma some 500 ft before the runway's threshold. (PAPI's are placed in such a way that you only can see them right before you meet the soil. Great, too. Not 🙂 ) A few days ago I got so fed up with this, let's call it, undocumented feature that I decided to buy a payware version of Stuttgart airport. I got myself RDPresets' version only to find out that this scenery didn't correct the ILS. Do any of you know if there is a patch for this phenomenon around and if so where I can find it or is there a payware or freeware version of EDDS with correct placed ILSes and if there is, where I can find it. Thanks, Hans
  6. The Aerosoft one has correct rwy designations, e,g, 13L rather than 14L
  7. Yes, it was. Just check it out at your Aerosoft account, using your AerosoftOne application, and you'll be guided to the download link for the update.
  8. Thank you, this method will make it lots quicker. Great !
  9. Just wondering what the fastest way is to reinstall FS2020. I saw some posts here in the forum recently that some folks talked about reinstalling FS2020 in such a way as if it took only very little time rather than the time it took me when FS2020 was first released. It took me about half a day. (Store version}. Just curious.
  10. Disappointing to see that we still aren't back (or better) to performance pre-SU14. Curious to find out tomorrow if overflying Western Europe and Alps is still a royal pita performance wise.
  11. You ain't seen nothing, yet, says a 77 year old 🙂 To me, too, simming is the one and only hobby, ever since 1986. As to the OP's question, I would calculate TOD and start my decent a few miles ahead of it. Or as others said, use a 3rd part payware ATC program. Happy flying!
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