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  1. Yes, I did but couldn't find anything relevant but the deleting entries in the Hosts file. Which indeed resolved the too low bandwidth issue. So far I didn't find a solution to the Google Maps/Earth block other than this might be a 48-hours blocking. Not any of my PC's can get the satellite views on Maps/Earth even not my cellphone. Seems that my IP-address is blocked without giving me a reason what caused this. Oh well, at least I am now flying around in New Bing aerial views. Isn't it weird that i< so far, am the only one who ran into this problem? Edit: All is working again, out of the blue. Tomorrow I will do the same flight as yesterday when matters went wrong and see what happens. I still have no clue what happened and why it happened. Also no word on why I was blocked and why I was unblocked. I would like to know.
  2. Bob, After deleting the Hosts file the bandwidth problem was solved. I reinstalled the Enhancement tool and when I now select Google Server in this tool, I get this here message: Unable to access remote image server If you are using Google Maps, please ensure that you can open https://www.google.com/maps in your browser. You may be blocked by Google due to a large number of requests. If you are using a proxy to connect to the remote server, please ensure that the proxy is working. Please also visit FAQ page for more information. I will search the web for a solution to this hiccup. Or do you have any ideas how I will get the enhancement tool and Google to work again? By the way, New Bing option doesn't give an error message when I hit "Start". Thanks
  3. I deleted the entries Enhacement Tool entered in my Hosts file, as per their faq page.
  4. Hi Bob, Yes, I deleted those lines, but no success so far. I will dive deeper into this matter tomorrow and will keep you posted. Thanks.
  5. As I saw these enthusiastic notes on MSFS2020 Map Enhancement tool here in the forum, I decided to give this tool a try, too. I did one flight using the "Google Server" option in this tool and I was pleasantly surprised about the results. However, a few hours later after finishing the flight in FS2020 I opened Google Maps and to my unpleasant surprise I discovered that I no longer got satellite views in Google Maps in either Chrome nor Edge. I uninstalled the Enhancement tool again, deleted the entries in my Hosts file, restarted the PC but still no success. I fired up FS2020 and ran into the infamous "Bandwidth too low" error message. Since the enhancement tool is a 3rd party app I cannot ask MS/Asobo for support. Perhaps someone here can give me advise on how to resolve this problem? Thanks beforehand,
  6. Yes, I copied the data given in RALF9636's note. Mind you, I only did one flight with these settings but the experience was great and they seem to work perfectly for me.
  7. This goes for my Thrustmaster TCA Captain's pack for Fenix A320, too.
  8. Thanks. Both times it happened near PELEN coming from the North, FL330 UXUT1Q STAR to rwy 08. Bit clearer now? 🙂 Next time I head for Catania I will use default scenery and see if that prevents the CTDs. Couple of days ago I enabled Photogrammetry, perhaps this in combination with the 3rd party LICC scenery could have caused his issue?
  9. The last two days, while nearing Sicily, on a flight to LICC (Catania I experienced a CTD on each flight some 40 NM North-East out of LICC. I used Beautiful Model of the World's scenery for Catania, and never had any problems with this scenery before. The latest NVidia drivers (528.49) were in use as well. Am I the only one who ran into this anomaly?
  10. Yes, I did. Strange, isn't it? Let's forget it, I'll just continue with Fenix A320CEO
  11. Yes, sounds like But I also tried with tiller axis disabled and still no success. I also tried different other settings without any luck. (I followed as well all suggestions/directions given in FBW's documentation).
  12. Same here. As I mentioned before, this is the main reason that I won't use FBW A320 anymore. I tried everything possible, still I need a lot of space to make any turn, thus missing a lot of taxiways. FYI. I am using Thrustmaster's Airbus A320 TCA Captain Pack.
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