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  1. +1 Hans van Wijhe
  2. No difference at all here, either. Hans
  3. No, there isn't one Hans
  4. Lately I noticed that when I want to load a saved flight plan I have to click outside the flight planner window to have the available flight plans being displayed after I hit the "Load" button. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the client and content modules, alas, that didn't resolve the problem. This mouse problem only occurs when attempting to load flight plans, in all other situations the mouse works as expected. Any ideas what could cause this and how to repair this phenomenon? Thanks, Hans
  5. Is there a way to change the sequence of the View Categories in P3Dv4.x? And if so, how can I accomplish that? Thanks, Merry Christmas all. Hans
  6. Well, I am running version 9.7 without any problem. I don't know what he's yakking about :) Hans
  7. FSCommander works fine for me in combination with P3Dv4.1. No problems whatsoever. Hans
  8. Just curious, what settings do you use in PL for P3D, Vic? Hans
  9. Found the solution to this problem. After I deleted the Prepar3D_default.fxml.*.* files in the Panelstate folder, all went well again Hans
  10. Thanks, Bill. How did you correct this? Hans
  11. Every time, since this morning, when I start P3D, go to the airport of my choice and change the default aircraft for the PMDG 737-900, the 737 starts up with full throttle. I have tried several panel states to start up with, all resulting in a full throttle status after initialization. I never experienced this phenomenon before and no matter what I tried (fresh fsuipc.cfg, prepar3d.cfg, another panelstate), the result remains the same. Full throttle startup. Any idea how I can get the 737s to startup correctly again, i.e.with throttle idle? Thanks, Hans van Wijhe
  12. Both the KB update as well as NVidia's driver update installed flawlessly here. All programs that had the "run as administrator" attribute still have them. Hans
  13. Thanks a lot, Nick, found all files and will comply. Hans van Wijhe
  14. Nick, Can you post a link to ThrottleManager.Lua, please, as this lua is not included in the Example Lua plugins file and no matter where I searched, I just can't find this lua. Thanks, Hans