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  1. Thanks a lot, Guenseli. I won't be using the 737s all that much anyway as I grew accustomed to FBW's A320Neo. Their throttle calibration feature is great, adding a lot to the immersion.
  2. Can you assign the throttle axis of a joystick to handle forward, idle and reverse thrust in AOO for the 737? In FSUIPC this isn't possible for the PMDG 737s.
  3. No, it is not. I am using the -fastlaunch option and the splash screen shows up at every startup.
  4. True again. Now if they could blow it up a bit to a full windowed size, I would be 100% happy 🙂
  5. True, but the total loading time is just as long as it used to be. At least for me, that is.
  6. 1000% agreed and although I did buy PMDG's 737 I will stick to FBW's A320Neo
  7. I was a bit surprised that this screen wasn't mentioned anywhere in the release notes of the latest patch. Or did Microsoft "sneak" it in just like that? No matter what, as long it works, it works 🙂 Thanks for responding all.
  8. Once of a sudden, starting just an hour ago, I am being presented with a startup splash screen for FS2020 again. I am running on the latest patch, 1.25.9, and after installing this patch a few days ago all was "normal". Till a little earlier today when this splash screen showed up, telling me that I am signing in and that FS2020 is launching. Am I the only one running into this undocumented feature I wonder?
  9. There is a Simbrief option in the setup/preferences of the control panel. I haven't had time, yet, to see how or if Simbrief integration works.
  10. As of today I cannot get FBW A320Neo to run anymore. After selecting an airport and parking place the aircraft sits at the selected spot alright but it is not possible to click the yellow "FLY" button to get into action. I haven't got a clue what might have caused this mishap. I did a clean install of FBW A320 and reinstalled from scratch, I uninstalled and reinstalled my NVidia drivers, I started up with an empty (except for the FBW A320) community folder and still no luck. The weird thing is, if I select the stock (Asobo's) A320Neo and select an airport and parking spot all goes well. (Mind you, between every described attempt I had to restart FSFS2020 as FS2020 was hanging completely in the selected airport screen). (I was using the experimental version of the FWB A320, didn't give it a go with other versions, yet) Do any of you have an idea what else I can do to get the FBW A320Neo flying gain? Later (for those interested @Watsi ?). Fortunately I had kept an FBW A320Neo experimental version of May 4, 2022 and copied that over the current latest experimental version (May 7th) in my Community folder and lo and behold, this seemed to have solved my problem).
  11. Our posts crossed, my apologies about having probably caused any confusion.
  12. AIG doesn't seem to have any influence on FPS or stutters here, so I guess that one of your mods (or all?) might be the cause of your drop in performance (apart from the numbers 1 and 2 in your above mentioned list). Will you do a test run with only your number 1,2 and 3 disabled in your list and see what happens?
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