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  1. Thanks, Bryan. Looking forward to the new version.
  2. Hi Bryan, That's good news on the FC2FBW A32NX. Just a question. In previous messages on this product you mentioned the possibility of mixing crews, rather than having the same crewmembers, cockpit and cabin, within one crew. Will this option be included in the release version of Flight Crew for FBW A32NX? Best, Hans
  3. Yes, that's the one I was looking for. I must have been overlooking this option gazillion times. Thanks much for pointing me into the right direction. Hans
  4. You are absolutely right, but I just like my misconceptions, being the lazy feller I am 🙂
  5. No, that's what I meant, however, this doesn't work, at least not for me, in the FBW A320. What might I have done wrong? Any idea? (By the way, I don't see an option in the key assignments to select this feature). Thanks, Hans
  6. Yes, I know, it has been asked before, sometime back in fact. I just am wondering whether in the meantime one smart person (or more persons) has/have find a way to bind the "B" key to the barometric pressure button in FBW's A32NG? (Or any other plane for that matter). Thanks, Hans
  7. All this can be circumnavigated when you bring back the "Press to connect to flight simulator" option in version 1.5, that was present in all previous versions. The advantage of this option, too, is that one can connect to FSFS at any desired moment, whether at the gate or after a startup fully configurated at the runway. In the latter case FS2Crew used (previous versions) startup at the right moment, i.e. "Ready!" when one selected a direct FSFS startup at a rwy. Why was this option removed, I wonder? I, for one, loved it. Just my $0.02. Hans
  8. FS2Crew was completely uninstalled and now the correct panel shows up when I start directly off of a runway. Also when I start at a gate the correct panel, of course, starts up. But still the panel position is not saved and returns at its default position when I close and open the panel. Also when i exit from Fs2Crew and start it up again, the panel is back at it's default position rather than the one I located it at. Beats me. For your information, the only stuff in my community subdirectory is the FBW A320. The only aircraft I use in FSFS. Later: After completely uninstalling and reinstalling FS2Crew again (and restarting my machine) panel states are now again saved at their new chosen position. I now also determined that, unlike in previous versions, fsuipc cannot be used at all to launch FS2Crew correctly. What a shame. Can I please get a copy of version 1.4 again?
  9. Bryan, we are talking two different matters here. Forget the one we were discussing via email about connecting with fsuipc when MSFS is starting up. This is a new one. OK, I try to be as clear as possible. In previous versions the initial screen I saw after I started up FSFS and then FS2Crew (without fsuipc) was the "Hit here to connect" (or something alike). It was a FS2Crew owned screen. Unfortunately I don't have an older version, if I had it, I could send you a screenshot of this initial screen. When I now startup FSFS (withous fsuipc) and I select to start from EHAM's rwy 18R, FSFS is putting me of course at rwy 18R at EHAM with running engines, all configured for take off. Previous versions indeed then showed the "Take Off Action Ready" screen in FS2Crew, but now in version 1.5 of FS2Crew (and again, fsuipc was not being used) it pops up with the "Before Start Check List". The saved panel position is not working here anymore with the new 1.5 version. What do you say? Uninstall the entire shebang and start from scratch to see if that solves what I reported?
  10. No, you are not get getting that. The above remarks are a separate issue as the one we discussed via email. In previous versions it used to be, whether I started up MSFS and FS2Crew via fsuipc or not, that the first FS2Crew screen was a screen inviting me to hit it" to connect to FS2Crew" screen. This option has disappeared in 1.5. Also when I now start at a runway directly via MSFS's menu, I again am not being presented with this FS2Crew "Hit to connect" screen, but with running engines fully configured for take off, FS2Crew present me with the "Before Start Checklist", In previous versions this "Before Start Checklist" was NOT the initial FS2Crew screen, at least it was not here. Also you didn't read my remark about the position of opened and then closed FS2Crew windows. Please. do read my message carefully again and bear in mind that the mentioned issues are different than the one we discussed via email. Or please, do give me the possibility to revert to an earlier version, 1.4 or 1.3, those worked perfectly for me. Thanks, Hans
  11. Hi Bryan, Thanks for this update. I have, though, some remarks. No longer do I see the "Connect to FS2Crew" screen after FS2Crew has fully launched. The initial screen now is the "Before Start Check List" one, no matter whether if I had my FBW A32NX setup at a gate/parking or at a runway (where the plane is fully configured already for take off). In previous versions this worked as described here. For example, when I started the A320 at, say RWY 14L at EDDK, after hitting the "Connect to FS2Crew" button Fs2Crew would present me with the "Ready" window. In this version, 1.5, The "Before Start Check List" is being displayed. When I would like to startup at gate C5 at EDDK after hitting the "Connect to FS2Crew" button I then would indeed get the correct "Before Start Check List" screen. This version, 1.5, is not "remembering" the position of previously opened FS2Crew windows. When I open the Setup window and drag it to a new position, in my case on a secondary display, the next time that I open the setup window this window again is being displayed at its apparently default position rather than the position into which I dragged it. This also worked correctly in previous versions of FS2Crew. Can you please be so kind as to bring back the above mentioned features, please? Kind regards, Hans
  12. Found the culprit. Contrary to previous versions, version 1.5 first needs to be launched when MSFS has been fully started and not during MSFS's startup sequence. All's fine now again.
  13. Hi Bryan, After I installed the mandatory new update of this app (version 1.5), I get an error message "Exception received 3" after I updated some of the settings. What might have gone wrong and what can I do to get things working again? Thanks, Hans
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