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  1. Very well done, Chuck. Thanks a lot. Hans
  2. hvw

    P3d v4.3

    >>Remind yourself how many crashes you had when you first got v4 assuming you were an early adopter. Compare that to the relative calm of v3. << None, Ray. None at all. Hans
  3. hvw

    TomatoShade Excessive Reflection

    True, but my entire simming life I have been adjusting and tweaking a lot for others, so I thought the time has come that others can do sumpin for me Hans
  4. hvw

    TomatoShade Excessive Reflection

    Drawback for me with Tomato is, that there are only 2 or 3 presets available. Or am I wrong? Hans
  5. hvw

    P3d v4.3

    +1 Hans
  6. hvw


    Perhaps you should drop your configuration questions in Pro-ATC/x's forum, they can help you getting back on track in no time. Hans
  7. hvw

    PRO-ATC after recent patches

    Thanks a lot, Bob Hans
  8. hvw

    PRO-ATC after recent patches

    Unfortunately for new users, like me, that started off with version, version 1.8 or 1.9 can not be obtained as far as I know. I am one of the users that ran into problems with clearance. It is under investigation, wisest thing for me to do is to revert to I am sure the problems will be resolved, though. Kind regards, Hans van Wijhe
  9. hvw

    best atc for p3d v4

    No, keyboard commands only is fine with me. Thanks, Dirk Hans
  10. hvw

    best atc for p3d v4

    Thanks, Richard, will try them. Hans
  11. hvw

    best atc for p3d v4

    Just wondering what might be the best replacement for RC4 "user friendly" like? As I understand from the messages in this thread, this would be ProATC X. Both in features, functionalities and user-friendliness. Am I right, or in other words, should I opt for Pro ATC X to replace RC4 that I have been using for years? Thanks, Hans
  12. Thanks a lot, Steve. Best, Hans
  13. Hi Steve, Now I am pretty confused as well :). Can you please tell me if my current settings are alright? I have a 60Hz monitor, in NVidia Inspector I have set the framerate limiter to ~29.5, vertical sync in NVI is set to 1/2 refresh rate and triple buffering in NVI is set to on. In P3D vsync is set to off as is triple buffering. The target framerate in P3D is set to unlimited. Would this be the best way to go or should I use a different setting? Thanks, Hans
  14. hvw

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    Thank you very much Hans