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  1. RNAV approaches

    Christopher, you may want to watch this video: Hans van Wijhe
  2. Problem solved. It all was caused by a corrupted add-on.xml file. Hans
  3. After installing the update to Prepar3D v4.2 (uninstalling/installing client, content and scenery modules) MyTraffic 6 seems not to be working anymore. MyTraffic was installed in a previous version using Poppet's manual method and worked fine through all versions it was installed in to, except now for P3D v4.2. I checked if all settings were still OK and in accordance with what Poppet wrote in her "manual" and they are. Anybody else ran into this problem and found a workaround for it? Thanks, Hans
  4. Downgrading Fsuipc to version 5.122a did the trick. All's running fine now. Hans
  5. Haven't tried to disable the alleged compatible version of fsuipc, yet. Will do so tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions, I am sure I will get P3Dv4.2 working for me, too Hans
  6. I will give it another try later today with a complete/full uninstall and reinstall uting setup.exe. Thanks Hans
  7. Did it all by the book :) I uninstalled scenery, then content and then client. After that I installed client, then content and finally scenery. I downloaded the entire new version 4.2, unzipped it into a folder of its own, and from inside that folder I did the installs. I used to do my updates like this ever since I have P3D, as of version 2.0, and this used to work flawlessly. Up To now :)
  8. Did that, Vic. The only addon I am using is FSUIPC, latest version, and according to Pete this version should be compatible with P3Dv4.2. Going back to P3dV4.1 for the time being, Later tonight I will try a complete uninstall (not only client, content, scenery) and give it a go again. Thanks, Hans
  9. After having uninstalled v4.1's client, content and scenery I installed the equivalents for P3D version 4.2. The install was successfully, but after I fired up P3Dv4.2 the simulator kept looping in loading terrain data and could not be interrupted. Any hints to what might be causing this and/or how to resolve this issue? Thanks Hans
  10. Last option in the Clouds section. (Even in your screen capture it shows :) ) Hans
  11. NDM Approach

    You may very well be right, Normand. Thank you very much. Hans
  12. NDM Approach

    When programming a route in the FMS I often see NDM approaches being listed under Approaches in the Arrivals for an airport. Sometimes also VDM is being listed. I couldn't find an explanation for NDM and VDM on the Internet. Can any of you shed some light on these kind of approaches for me, please? Thanks, Hans van Wijhe
  13. How Do You Assign Cores?

    You can do so with Process Lasso. Hans