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  1. Ya know, there's an argument to be made that flying planes in MSFS is harder than real life, meaning MSFS pilots are more skilled than us real pilots. 🤣
  2. JYW, guy above you says it works now. Care to try and report back?
  3. We need volumetric water like in P3D. I'm not saying I want submarines, but it would be nice for scenery devs to be able to control the exact 3d space that water consumes.
  4. This is one of the few things I actually have faith in them fixing this year. The Q&A devs detailed everything wrong with ground physics, from winds zeroing out at 0mph to the wheels being modeled as points instead of having 3d surface area, to the terribad crosswind physics affecting ground performance, etc. They seemed really passionate about this one, so I'm actually convinced they'll get this right long before we get the big weather update or an ATC overhaul or the AI overhaul. I really hope I'm right. I'm sick of willfully suspending my disbelief for the entire taxi, take-off and landing rolls.
  5. All I want is to be able to move the external camera closer to the airframe without changing the zoom, like you could in FSX.
  6. Yeah. I think my point was that we're going to be held back as tech and progress advances, since there's a set in stone threshold we can't move beyond. 16GB VRAM I thin? Whatever the game looks like in 2030, 2040, etc will have to work with what was standard in 2020. A problem for tomorrow's devs, I guess.
  7. I don't have a horse in this race, but I think it's unfair to suggest a person's legitimacy has a correlation with the age of their account. There are airline pilots and seasoned ASOBO devs who were born after some of us made our first post here, many of whom now know more than us on certain topics. Back on topic, I personally don't think new cloud types will have any affect on XBOX, but I do think in 8 years time having to keep a 10 year old console running at 30fps will be a deciding factor on the fidelity of the final version of weather. If XBOX compatibility had anything to do with cloud resolution changes in SU5 is not my expertise. It might have had more to do with overall fps improvements. I certainly don't have insight and the people who do know are employees that can't share their insight.
  8. I think his high altitudes are closer to textbook cirro-stratus though. The ones in your link and bottom picture look more cirro-cumulus to me. Remember, the only cloud type we have in the sim is really just cumulus. Sometimes it's hamfisted to look like other types of cumulus clouds, which is really what I see in your examples. I should note that at my Aeronautical University I passed my Aviation Weather class with a C. Take with salt.
  9. Seer that looks amazing! Just proves how once we get 2 more cloud types on the base live weather this game will look breathtaking!
  10. This got me thinking, imagine if Xbox Cloud Gaming makes it so that PC gamers are the bottleneck, and ASOBO must taper their ambitions to make sure things run with the MSFS PC Minimum Specs. 😂 "Oh how the tables have turned."
  11. Suggesting MSFS doesn't have performance related compromises due to its use on XBOX is a weird hill to die on. There's no World where we get a high fidelity weather simulation that's PC only, and you can't say that concessions and compromises haven't already been made. Moreover, whatever the future holds for weather, it will have to work on the XBOX. That's a big statement, because this is a project that will still be seeing new updates in 2028, so while PC's will be in the 5th or 6th generation of Nvidia GPU's, whatever the last version of weather for MSFS looks like will have to run on the current version of XBOX. And I don't think that concern is bashing XBOX, more than it's observing where we're at. Whatever the future holds for this platform, the tech must be married to a 2020 console.
  12. While there was a large vocal voice fighting for METARS, you'll find many others were also opposed. ASOBO chose which voice to listen to, rather than the third option of a METAR toggle. As an aside, I think venting frustrations that we collectively shot ourselves in the foot is fine. Not like we can do literally anything else about the situation.
  13. No. This would only be possible using the dynamic weather system they first implemented along with a lot of guesswork in deciphering available data on clouds and satellite imagery to get the initial picture. A next gen weather engine, with lenticular clouds and microbursts and anvils where the rain hits you from below, will only happen when ASOBO relies on internal dynamic physics. Personally I don't see that happening by this products end of life due to the initial complaints levied against the launch version of the dynamic weather engine. The most likely scenario is we'll first see some of these features either in MSFS 2 / MSFS 2030, or in an addon using its own hand built weather engine, using its own data, entirely decoupled from meteoblue/ASOBO. This is one of those times where I would be thrilled to be proven wrong. Please, ASOBO, make a liar out of me.
  14. Cheers to you! Glad that helped compare! Also check out the update. Jarmstro said it made improvements to the visual illusion, so you might not even need to psyche yourself into a suspension of disbelief. 😀
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