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  1. WestAir

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    After a 3 or so year hiatus from simming, I went and bought P3D and an assortment of mods. I decided to run with Pro ATC X for my ATC package, having previously used RC4 years ago. I was in love with the program for my first few flights. Last night, however, I mis-operated my Maddog X by not using fuel heat and letting ice accumulate in the inlet filters, or something. Long story short an engine quit on me and since I couldn't restart, I declared an emergency with Pro ATC X. It arbitrarily (without asking my intentions) picked a random airport for me and gave me vectors to the ILS. Realizing the field it chose didn't have a runway long enough to accommodate my Maddog, I tried to change my destination to KHOT instead, only to find that there's no option to change destinations. I closed the program because it kept giving me a thousand vectors to an airport I couldn't even land at. So far that's my only gripe: If wx is bad or if I have a problem, why can't I choose what airport I intend to land at?
  2. WestAir

    Germanwings 4U9525 dissapears over the Alps

    A pilot is supposed to be a hero to his crew and passengers, not a murderer.
  3. WestAir

    PMDG secret project

    Boeing is protective of it's MD's? Is that why the movie Flight didn't just use an MD-80 or 717 (Like it obviously wanted)? I've always found Boeing to be receptive of entertainment brand uses. I can name a million films and games that have Boeing aircraft up close and center, but nothing with an MD.
  4. WestAir

    PMDG secret project

    The first FSX RC airplane?
  5. WestAir

    Would You Fly On a Windowless Plane?

    Yes. Smoother ride. No more "debris" on the window smudging my view, and I can see what I want to see (the city I'm flying over) without fuselage getting in my way. The negative is that it'll be a lot harder for me to rest against a window that isn't there. LCD's aren't exactly comfortable.
  6. WestAir

    RW crew resource management

    Air Kevin? Oh snap. I remember you from the old FS2002.COM forums back in 2002'. I think my username was AirForceOne back then. Good times.
  7. WestAir

    RW crew resource management

    I work with a major airline. For us, our captains can make up to 160/hr and get paid for flight time (Block in and out). We sometimes have two captains up front. We never use an augmented crew for 3 pilots, but if we do it would be 2 captains and 1 FO. Pilots now fly under FAR 117. What that means is the maximum flight time you'll see a pilot fly is 9 hours with 2 crew. They can take an extension but only if it's the result of unforseen incidents. That kind of caps the money that they can make. Additionally we pay them even when they don't fly. They get paid if they sit standby and if we cancel their trip for training or an aircraft type swap, we still pay them the flight hour value of that trip. We do screw them over a lot though, so it's not all roses and sunshine.
  8. Manual? Precision Manuals Development Group makes planes, not manuals. Duh, Kyle.
  9. WestAir

    which sim is best ?

    DCS A-10 easily has the best "flight physics" of any simulator, Level-D or otherwise. Paper Planes 2.3 is pretty solid. FSX/P3DV2 is somewhere behind the two.
  10. WestAir

    which sim is best ?

    World of Subways Berlin
  11. WestAir

    which sim is best ?

    Butter that popcorn because it's time to break the ice. FSX hands down for the addons available. P3DV2.4 is amazing, but without PMDG, FS2Crew, and some other key addons running with it, it's not at the same margin. As for X-Plane, just pull up youtube and watch some videos of the Saab 340 or other high end addons. You'll see those flight dynamics in action and go "ugh." - at least I do. Anytime someone hand flies in X-plane, they OSCILATE up and down up and down. The pitch is never, EVER fluid in that game. It seems like people can't "not" porpoise the nose in that game under any circumstance. It just looks like a gimmick. But I've never played it, so you might want to take my opinion with a grain of salt. Here's a great video with a solid example of what I mean. Just watch the PFD during departure and climbout. Ugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ_QAkHF_e0?t-19m24s There. I've loaded the cannons and fired the warning shots. Let's see where this thread goes!
  12. How do you save a "powered off" panel state with no GPU, no APU, everything off and shut down for the night? As far as I know, you can't save a panel state when the FMC is turned off. How could you go about it?
  13. WestAir

    777F VAS - Hopeless

    Another thing to save VAS. I was told once to delete my fsx.cfg, then when whenever I reload the sim and it asks me what modules I want loaded [Would you like to load PMDG Module?] click 'YES' only to what I'm going to use for that flight, then click "NO" to save my decision. Everything you click no on won't be loaded into VAS at all, for instance, sceneries and aircraft modules you won't use for that flight. I'm not sure if this is rumor or not, but in my experience with FSX I was getting OOM errors with the NGX before I tried this, and I don't get them in the NGX or 777 anymore. Though I've also limited the amount of products I install at all. (I've got about 3 payware aircraft now, as opposed to 10 before). Everything seems to help.
  14. WestAir

    Hard turn after landing

    Does it happen with any other aircraft right now?
  15. WestAir

    Violent Pull Up in A/P

    I had a thread on it here: forum.avsim.net/topic/452035-uncontrolled-pitch/ where I encountered the same bug. The consensus was a one time "glitch". To be fair, I haven't encountered it again, but it's comforting to know that someone else has encountered violent aft-deflection while flying under A/P. As a complete aside, I encounter the exact opposite with the 777. Pulling on my yoke won't raise the nose at all.