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  1. Over and out is proper and required radio terminology at my Railroad. I usually don't say it out of laziness, but they can write me up for not saying both at the end of my radio calls any day they want.
  2. I often felt this to be a debate of semantics. Gamer and simmer have always, to me, felt as interchangeable as the term speedbrake or spoiler; tail or empennage.
  3. What I want to know is how it handles aircraft type and livery. They say I can take over AI aircraft; what if that aircraft is a B1900D or a 777? Emirates air or Qantas? Will that AI traffic just be the A320 Neo?
  4. Now I know why 2020 is such a terrible year. It's because MFS2020 is taking all of its good news for itself. 🤣 Congrats to FlightAware and Asobo. Can't wait to see this in action!
  5. If an unladen swallow doesn't carry coconuts to tropical Mercia, I don't want anything to do with this game!
  6. As long as people don't get upset about the lack of realism. (Incorrect rolling stock. Incorrect speeds. Incorrect consist sizes. incorrect signals, etc) then it would be a great immersion factor. I operate freight and commuter trains in the US and even in my rail roads dedicated train sim world addon a lot is modeled incorrectly or not at all. The key to immersion with train traffic is suspension of disbelief.
  7. I used to hate the sim. I remember back when I went to ERAU-Prescott we had C172SP sims and the A320 family Level-D (From Air France I believe). Have to check my logbook but I have to at least have 10 hours in that 172 Sim and ~4 in the '320. In both the taxi physics were garbage. In the 172 sim the stalls ALWAYS developed into a spin. The motion and peripheral vision was really convincing, though. I don't remember the graphics being bad on either. With my most recent job at at airline I got a lot of sim time. Posted some videos to youtube. Here's one of us flying through Vegas. (I'm the person with the really annoying voice)
  8. The opening shot of the 748i; is that a visual glitch on the slats or is it damage modelling? (Yeah, I'm 99% sure it's just a glitch the user reported to ASOBO, but there is 1% of me that is hoping it isn't.)
  9. Todays leaked confirmed 2 things: 1.) As of now, there are no crash physics. In fact, it just fades to black and says "You crashed". 2.) No amount of accurate physics and realism will ever make flying with mouse and keyboard not look silly and game-ish.
  10. I'm referring to this: Visually, ASN, P3DV5 and XP11 can look better with their photorealistic textures (at least in screenshots), but MS2020 has stuff behind the scenes that these applications do not; Moreover, with MS2020 you're not going to climb out of a fog layer and suddenly see the ground like you do with ASN, or have a 5 second update that throws brand new depictions at you like in XP11. I disagree that MS2020's feature set for weather isn't both superior and a selling point. But that's just like my opinion, man.
  11. As far as the appearance of clouds: Remember they're working far better than "the other sim". You have actual fluid motion of air and humidity with light scattering to boot. Even if at certain times it looks worse than the photoreal we currently have, it's what's behind the scenes that is what is really important to simulating flight. And FS2020 does that part far better than the other sim.
  12. ATC: "World Travel 456GL, turn right heading 090, descend and maintain 500 feet until established on the localizer." World travel 456GL:
  13. Comments like this are why developers are always so reluctant to show us content. Do you want to know why you're not playing the game right now? Because it's not finished.
  14. Maybe ATC will be the first DLC come 2021. I'd love to have ATC with proper nomenclature that doesn't vector me into rising terrain, or send me on a waypoint goose-chase because I didn't get close enough to the VOR. That said, FS2020 is far ahead of FSX ATC, and that's all that matters right now.
  15. Can we talk about those wingflex physics? I think I drooled.
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