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  1. Same. I tried my best to make 1440P look "sharp" on my 4K monitor, but I think I'd have to change monitors to do it. It sucks because in overcast conditions I can reach the mid to low 20's in frames. In another year I would have dropped $500 on a top of the line GPU like the 3080 Ti, but...
  2. Let's be real here: PilotWings64 was the best simulator ever made.
  3. From the 2 videos I just watched on it, it's really well done. I might check it out; thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I don't. I have a nephew who has Train Sim World 2 with my railroad and he loves it to death, but it's such a poor simulation I just can't justify giving it a whirl.
  5. Reminds me meeting a Captain for the first time and they say "I fly by the book" and then you tell them about a new policy or something and they say "Oh don't worry about that." I left the airlines to drive trains and even here, with rule books as thick as phone books, everyone has their own way and asking how to do something is a great way to liven up a crew room.
  6. Thank you! I do have a degree in aeronautical science, but like everything else from my younger days, I've long forgotten it; $120,000 worth of forgotten studies. I will say that from what I do know, what the devs are working on looks absolutely fantastic.
  7. 3 questions on the topic: 1.) Does anyone know, or has Asobo said, if there are flight model focused patches in the works? 2.) Do we know if the dev tools / SDK is explicit enough for a flight model that performs within 5% of the tables in all stages of flight, including edge of the envelope, shadowing, deep stalls, etc? 3.) Is it possible for 3PD's to make the atmosphere destructive? (Lenticular clouds, anvils with uncontrollable updrafts, wake turbulence, cyclones, microbursts, etc)?
  8. Slightly on topic, but one of the nightmares I had when I flew GA was (and maybe it was just me. I taxii'd pretty darn fast because either I was paying, or later, a student was paying) that at speed I could never take turns with full rudder / nosewheel deflection. I needed to ride the differential brakes to make turns at any speed more than a brisk walk. IIRC the cirrus was the glaring exception. In comparison with MSFS, I find about a 1 degree deflection of the rudder is all I need to spin the thing in circles. It gets really bad right before I rotate where I can sometimes lose directional control and I don't get it back until I'm in the air. So that's one pilots opinion of one aspect of MSFS's physics. I swapped my rudder pedals out from CH to Thrustmaster and messed with the curves all day long and in my opinion, as far as the 172 is concerned, the nosewheel is cartoonishly too effective. Take with salt.
  9. Straight from the FlyByWire A320NX discord: "There are currently major issues with outside temperatures when using MSFS Live Weather, which are affecting the climb performance of users flying the A32NX using this option. We recommend switching to a weather preset for the time being while MS sorts out the issues." I imagine the same bug would affect all aircraft, so try again with a weather preset and see how that turns out.
  10. None of us said we wanted it fixed the most, only that we wanted it fixed. We can multi-task, Claude.
  11. I'm told if you bind a key to Avionics Master, and make sure to press said binded key sometime before shutting down, the pop-up will not occur. It's absolutely an annoying feature because if you're performing a fuel stop or a multiple leg journey, it also erases your flight plan.
  12. I bought a vintage McDonnell Douglas MD-11 specifically so that I could toy with the CoG mid flight. Suck it Microsoft. 🤣
  13. Does this fix the "feature"? This thread is awesome.
  14. It's not logical at all. Pausing my sim and forcing me into a logbook menu on what very well could be a turnaround is a terrible mechanic. Even if I'm ending my flight, the end comes after the jet-bridge has attached, the checklists completed, the baggage unloaded, and after a few replays of my landing and a final admiring the gorgeous view of the plane at the gate. Thank you so much! Wish I found this 6 months ago.
  15. To add to the list: The white _^_ showing up whenever I move the mouse. It should really just appear when I move the mouse to the top of the screen. Staircase only staying attached for 89 seconds, then disconnecting and closing the main door automatically. Sensitivity of rudder on ground, even with huge S curves etc. I'm sorry real planes that aren't RC's just don't yaw 20 degrees / second from 1 degree of rudder deflections...
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