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  1. ...well I'm glad I'm not the only one... ...and he is a real pilot, wonder if he is classed as making idiotic suggestions... ....cut to the chase from - 16 mins ....
  2. as far as I believe this is just a camera shake adjuster.
  3. .... we are discussing how the plane handles and reacts in gusty windy stormy weather, not calm weather . I do not think this and I dont think many pilots think this... this is being disrespectful to the subject, I think.
  4. ...if I didn't have to set this every flight and get it to mix well with Live Weather then yes... I would. Perhaps there is a scalar for turbulence in the Sim code now, that can be adjusted to suit.... anyone ?
  5. Yes that's fine but when adjusting for the small aircraft negatively affects the large aircraft then something seems amiss...
  6. Perhaps to take the subjectiveness or ambiguity out of this Asobo/MS could maybe get real life forces by wiring sensors to measure the relevant parameters on various categories of aircraft and transcompute the results into the sim..... or maybe those figures already exist ?
  7. ..... maybe we now need a - 'Turbulence - Realistic + Boost' - setting...
  8. ...of course not, how can you ? It's as I notice with my own flying comparison from then and now. It's not hard to notice the difference...
  9. Yes in fair calm weather.... but not all the time in windy, gusty, stormy etc weather.... you know... just like real life !
  10. ...Yes the first thing I did was set the setting to Realistic. Which is LESS realistic than what was before !
  11. With the voices of the smaller GA aircraft fliers managing to win the day and pressure Asobo/MS to cut down on the amount of turbulence experienced in the cockpit, I find that airliners turbulence effects and realism have been neutered. I was getting much better more realistic turbulence before in my A320/737 than now. It is frustrating to be taken a step back in realistic realism development. It is so unreal looking/feeling when in turbulent weather and the plane hardly - drifts, weathercocks, wiggles, bobs, dips, balloons, rocks, rolls and doesn't get windshear... anymore. Back to boring approaches that make it harder to maintain interest..... Can all those who notice this please join and generate a voice directed at Asobo/MS in order to remedy this.... and counter the fair weather (like to have the plane on rails brigade) who don't really know what turbulence is like for real. ( or those who actually DON'T want any turbulence !) PS - I added this part to let viewers know that yes, I did set the option to 'Realistic'
  12. Hi Ed, do you mean the auto-rudder option ? ....
  13. The CJ4 by Working Title is the best Bizjet yet made for either FSX, P3D or FS2020 flight sims, I have been waiting a loong time for someone to bring out a bizjet with the avionics working as good as they have managed... I haven't stopped flying it since I installed it. The only gripe I have got though is the 'Rudder Authority', It has almost none. Sure, it yaws immediately when you put in full rudder but if you hold in Full Rudder and keep the wings level then it flies on almost the same track with very little rotational moment. It seems to me that MSFS2020 is not giving the true effect of rudder input as a whole... with some aircraft a bit better than others of course with differing (size, weight, surface areas etc etc) but the WT CJ4 is terrible in this respect. If I have to make large directional changes as I'm about land (result of gusts etc) to slide over to the centreline of the runway and I can't bank the wings as I'm close to the ground then the rudder should be able to help... it doesn't. Anyone else have a view experience of this ? Also, is there a database of real aircrafts - turning moment - at full rudder deflection (wings level)... for instance DEG /SEC or MIN or something , in order for that aspect to be modelled more accurately ? thanks aero
  14. Thanks for clearing that up , Mallard. It was puzzling... aero
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