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  1. Ohh , I see , I was thinking they were the other way round... (old then new), cool
  2. .... thing I noticed though is the loss of fine detail in the foreground, the whispy grass has disappeared.
  3. Thanks for this thread... and the heads up from 'Micstatic' I did not know about the HD Textures update mentioned above. It was annoying for me having the original graphics which did not look very good.... but now I have just downloaded the ones mentioned above and the cockpit looks GREAT now ! I have the Aerosoft A320 as well and these new graphics bring the FSLabs up to the same appearance. https://www.rdpresets.com/hb-texture-liveries.html#/
  4. Been wondering how these add on touchscreen bezels would perform and how useful they would be as a touchscreen cockpit touch/click interface. Anyone got any INFO , ideas or suggestions ... ? Amazon Link ;--- https://www.amazon.co.uk/GreenTouch-points-overlay-without-interactive-black/dp/B07DBN6RWX/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=touch%2Bscreen%2Bframe&qid=1581036034&sr=8-16&th=1
  5. +1 JanekBin did a great job with the Citation S550 using ISG gauges... Carenado have made alternative MODEL files for some of their jets now to enable users to install the GTN750... can we persuade them to adjust things also that we can easily integrate the ISG Gauges (FMC) into the VC and have the flightplan show on the displays etc...
  6. Enroute to Geneva LSGG from Vienna LOWW..... I entered flightplan and then SID/STAR as per video then looked at legs which seemed ok. I then wanted to check that I had entered the correct DEParture and when I looked at DEP page it cleared the existing DEP and I had to re-enter the DEP. Now I'm enroute as per pic and it can be seen that the active LEG is actually 3 legs in front of the leg that I am on. Maybe re-entering the DEP has upset the sequence....
  7. This happened to me also..... it happened after I had added and flown to a waypoint enroute and then let the plane continue back onto the Flightplan's next waypoint.... that's when I noticed it wasn't changing the active waypoint to green.
  8. How hard would it be for Carenado to make their FMS6000 (which is used in a lot of their aircraft) able to import a FlightPlan and be able to save an entered FlightPlan ?
  9. Made a flightplan in the FMS6000 with more than 6 waypoints... then tried to fly DIRECT TO the 5th waypoint by pressing the DIR button but it then disappears as if there are not enough lines in the FMC . In the LEGS page there are 5 lines of waypoints but when you press DIR and enter that page there are only 4 lines and the 5th waypoint is not there or on the next page... its vanished and not selectable !
  10. ok, I found the front panel clickspot for the AP panel.. but why have 2 seperate clickspots in the centre console at the AP and not have at least one of them pop the AP panel from there ... both pop the same controller window.. doh!
  11. ... even after v1.1 the lights rotaries are round the wrong way... turning clockwise dims them. The centre console Autopilot panel does not pop up , surely that is a must ... certainly would help me.
  12. ... even after v1.1 the lights rotaries are round the wrong way... turning clockwise dims them.
  13. Me too.... and yes same NAV system. I could CRY !!!! . Right. I am going to TRY to fit Ernie Alston's ( http://www.isgsim.com/ ) 'Primus 1000 ' Gauge pack. Remember what 'JanekBin' did for the Citation S550 , that plane flew a treat after that MOD.. Now, if I remember he made a 'blanking plate' that fitted over the existing FMS and laid the new one on top and it worked. ...possibly do this with the Control panels on the dashboard too... Anyone have any input to help get this done ?
  14. ... if you download the latest Garmin Trainer software then you will get Airac 1909 ...
  15. Thanks for taking the time to review this one Ryan, Anyone got any info on how good the the Eaglesoft Citation XL+ is (32bit) ? and any idea when the 64bit version will release ? What do you think the Pro's and con's are between them and this ..... ?
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