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  1. aerostar

    Home-made aircraft transponder receiver

    These are a large part of the system. If you set one up in your location you can contact them and they may consider using your received data. I set one up using only a Dongle from Ebay for my own use, and it worked great. I followed an online tutorial to make a suitable antenna. It all cost peanuts. There are apps available to enable you to use it on a map on your mobile smartphone and free software for your PC..
  2. aerostar

    TFDI 717 Version 1.1 Released.

    Wholeheartedly agree... a real top notch aircraft, shout outs to TFDI...
  3. Would using these chips give better clock speeds on CPU... For instance , if I was getting 5.2ghz on 8700k, would using these Ram chips give me 5.3ghz or more.....
  4. aerostar

    New build for P3D

    Hey Westman can you tell what settings you're using to get that 5.3 speed... and can you run a PASSMARK test to see the figures.... thanks aero
  5. aerostar

    New build for P3D

    Edit to my 3DMark 11 result posted earlier... the figures were a bit low looking so I re-ran the test and this is a more realistic result... Thanks to FunknNasty for pointing this out. aero
  6. aerostar

    New build for P3D

    I'll just chip in with my recent experience with the 8700k... I managed to get a Benchmark score on the free version of 'PASSMARK' of The 8700k is running stable (so far) at 5.2 Ghz in P3Dv4 on all cores (6 cores / 12 HyperThreads, Group Tuning), (CPU 5.0 x BCLK 104)... looking at the global benchmark comparisons the 8700k seems to match the 8086k when overclocked. I have a 280mm water cooling system to help keep the temps in check... Here's the - 3DMark 11 - test result PS - Jim, bet you did have to reactivate WIN10 or you will... check your licence status.
  7. no need to reinstall... I've just completed a CPU / MB install and went like clockwork. Had to re authenticate WIN10 of course... Hope it all goes well for you, aero
  8. aerostar

    Change CPU do I ned to reinstall?

    you need to be real quick to get the 8086k ... I heard that theyre only making 8086 of them... maybe will become a collectors piece in the future.
  9. aerostar

    Change CPU do I ned to reinstall?

    I just completed installing a new MB and CPU , it went without a hitch and I did not have to reinstall WIN10 or P3Dv4.... I did have to re authenticate my WIN10. Hope it all goes well for you, aero
  10. aerostar

    True Earth...The Netherlands...

    ...was released late in the day and for most it's a 5 Hour download.... give it time. I've got another 2 hours of downloading to go...
  11. Hi Fr. Bill, thanks for replying... I have tried this and many many other ideas over the past few days but can't seem to get it to work.. could it be that the script is inside a M:Event and only mouse will trigger it? Thinking... if I delete the mouse part of it and somehow make the script inside a Keyboard or Button Event would that work (if it's possible to make those as events) P.S. Was my first post , before the edited one above, not shown because it had possible references in the LVARS to the aircraft maker ... or something else, just wondering
  12. Hi Bert have appreciated the work you do for the community for a while and use a few of your MODs... great that you can write XML code as well, in that vein, would it be possible to rewrite that script to be used by a Joystk Button rather than a mouse. If it can be done then I thought that I could adapt it for the Car Phenom 100 - VS and FLC - buttons to use then on my buttonbox. I have spent days trying to configure them via the LVARS but too many of them. So I saw this and thought if I can assign the -Button- as an event to the -Script- instead of the -Mouse Event- ... possible? aero
  13. Hi, I'm trying to configure a ButtonBox button for the VS and FLC buttons on this aircraft. It has about six functions triggered by the MouseClick on each of the VS, FLC buttons. I've tried but can't get them to work using LVARs. Therefore I am trying to get the ButtonBox button to trigger as the Mouse Event does and execute the script as if the mouse button was clicked. I've added in the Shaded Section in the script below, not having any real idea of what I'm doing... can anyone advise if there is a way to do this properly or am I wasting my time. Thanks The Joystick name is what SPADnext lists it as...
  14. aerostar

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    +1 ... and actually , I think this is so important that there should be a Dedicated thread to this subject,,,