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  1. How should I perform the LOWS Salzburg runway 15 - INRO1X departure in the FSLabs A320 without busting 165knot speed constraint and altitude. When I try it goes to auto thrust and even resetting to 165K after takeoff it busts the speed in the manual section of this departure. Would be great to show how in a video segment...
  2. well tell us so we can do it too.....
  3. This is much more exciting... 🤣😂 .... perhaps they could employ this method to English cricket or American Football too....
  4. I'm guessing airliner flying ain't really much of a spectator sport.... 😕
  5. . please remember to send an email info@stryder-it.de ....... thanks
  6. .... You probably missed the Best part then... 😂😂😂
  7. EGLC London City has brand new Parallel Taxiway and 8 new airliner stands. WEB LINK :- London City Airport Ups Capacity With New Stands And Taxiway - Simple Flying Wonder when it will show up in MSFS2020... and will UK2000 or ORBX update their versions any time soon ?
  8. Use your Tablet or Phone as 'Button Box' or 'Cockpit Instrument Panel' for MSFS2020 and FSX-Steam... can make your own layout etc.. If anyone visits this site please can you send an email ( info@stryder-it.de ) to them asking for - - Lockheed Martin P3Dv5 (v4) -- to be included, he said he will look at making for what game people ask for... thanks. http://www.stryder-it.de/simdashboard/ Email - info@stryder-it.de ... please remember to send an email info@stryder-it.de ....... thanks
  9. I agree it was a joy to install this Hotfix... deleted the whole sim, cleaned the registry, restarted and installed the complete new sim , did the Active Sky update and was back flying as if nothing had happened in less than an hour after download. All sceneries and aircraft apparently intact. Way To Go LM ! (except FSLabs A320 and Aerosoft A320 hiccup)
  10. If you get the type of CAP with the flat straight out peak then the TrackIR gets much better range...... (and matt black is better) I also cut the top off to make it more like a sun visor..... Also, if you want a better reflection from the reflectors on the hat clip then cut out some new reflectors from the silver part of a HiVis vest.... you can even make them a bit oversize... and stick these over the existing.
  11. Thanks ark for the file and the quick reply... ian
  12. Thanks ark Where can I download this LUA file ?
  13. Ohh , I see , I was thinking they were the other way round... (old then new), cool
  14. .... thing I noticed though is the loss of fine detail in the foreground, the whispy grass has disappeared.
  15. Thanks for this thread... and the heads up from 'Micstatic' I did not know about the HD Textures update mentioned above. It was annoying for me having the original graphics which did not look very good.... but now I have just downloaded the ones mentioned above and the cockpit looks GREAT now ! I have the Aerosoft A320 as well and these new graphics bring the FSLabs up to the same appearance. https://www.rdpresets.com/hb-texture-liveries.html#/
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