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  1. Did they mention the Spruce Goose at all when they talked about the increased engine count?
  2. Folders in your addons directory can be named whatever you want and are loaded alphabetically. Anything loaded after something else can override a previous folder. So in this case change the name so that the airport folder comes after the mesh folder. Whatever mesh the airport uses will load after the statewide mesh and override it
  3. While adding these things to the base sim would guarantee they remain updated as long as the core sim is updated you are also locking any improvements into the months-long dev cycle currently required by the core devs to also deal with various complex bugs and issues. Mamu and other freeware/payware devs can push new updates whenever they have new data ready within days. No point asking for these things to be integrated into the core game as long as there is an external dev who can provide better support for them
  4. since they're here now might as well ask - does the DC Designs F-14 need a mod like the one for the Hornet?
  5. If you think this is bad go look at Taburet, which is waaaaay more prolific in their various 7-12$ offerings
  6. well that was my first ever bizarre update issue since launch. restarted as suggested and downloaded a whopping 8MB to complete the installation. OK 😆
  7. Only for people who are using a single control profile for all planes. Tho with the clunky profile manager in the sim I wouldn't blame you... personally tho I have a profile for each plane so I can adjust my control sensitivities to deal with issues like over-pitchy response
  8. If they addressed more forum questions then people would just whine that they didn't get in-depth-enough answers
  9. what pedals? Look into getting them recalibrated perhaps. How do the axis behave in the sim settings screen?
  10. Spent about 30min searching and the closest I could find was this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/134039307167?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Which isn't really that bad (I can turn them to face opposite each other rather than be both offset the same direction) and bonus is I'll prob use them for a DC-3 or DC-6 at some point. But still, the purist in me wants levers that look like the ones with handles you can find in a Twin Otter or Goose Anyone have any that can tell me where they got them or know of any being sold? Or does anyone with modeling chops want to design some? I have a friend with a 3D printer but would also be willing to pay additional to the modeler to print them if you have a printer as well
  11. SBJ choices heating up! Cirrus and HJet, now this - mmmm decisions decisions
  12. @tup61 and @Car147 you need to post flight hardware information if you're asking about control issues
  13. Someone has already forked the mod project and will be attempting to get it patched up and take it further. We'll see how that goes but fingers crossed!
  14. freeware waaat? Looks gorgeous. Will def donate if it turns out gud
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