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  1. I keep seeing threads like this as well as threads about people's many complaints about sim shortcomings and it always makes me think of No Mans Sky. If you've never heard of this game go read up about it. Complete turn around in regards to initial expectations being crushed and current enjoyment among the player base now after a few years of work (all free updates). I see MSFS going the same way
  2. @BijanStudio so is my issue a problem on your side or a problem on the airport developer's side? Because if it is the latter I would like to notify him of the compatibility issue with your scenery mod so he can consider a fix
  3. this is correct. However the point I was trying to make here is that only the trees immediately surrounding the airport are conifers, which is not correct. Something is causing the trees placed by the custom scenery to show up improperly as conifers. I did a flight down through NJ yesterday and didn't notice any general issues while up in the air or at my destination in Cape May, so this remains the only problem I've found, nice work! Definitely a lot more "drab" out there to at least give the scenery a different look
  4. better! still an issue tho - this custom scenery I have for 3N6 from flightsim.to still sports conifers around its edges when this winter foliage mod is installed
  5. flying out of 3N6 in NJ I also see the deciduous being replaced by conifers. Normal scenery: Winter scenery:
  6. the WV errors extend all the way up into PA as well. @SceneryFX here's a Google Map I made over the past few months since release that covers all the errors in the NE US (some are water/ground texture issues and improper buildings but the majority are elevation issues). I visited each airport to make note of improvements needed (I did 100+ freeware scenery airports in FSX to match MegaScenery Earth textures a few years ago & plan to eventually get into MSFS dev) and in the process canvassed the area for other problems as well
  7. Agreed. So much more complexity is involved with rotor-wing flight modeling, and it's all going to be based off the same systems that affect fixed-wing flight, many of which the community as a whole does not find very impressive - at this time. The desire for choppers is no surprise, that anyone would want some now is a bit perplexing when they would perform more realistically and be better enjoyed after the sim matures in 1-2 years. I think 2022 is their "soonest, we hope" goal, TBH
  8. I haven't seen anyone mention that this is a recent issue? I just started noticing this on my flight back on10/20, which was the first I did after 9/2 so somewhere in between there things went awry because from 9/2 and previous I did not have this problem on landing ever at all. Just flew again yesterday and still had the issue in my 152 wanting to veer to the right off the runway. Has this been an issue for anyone from near initial release?
  9. No problem to do today either if MSFS was only about flying in Switzerland 😉 they've compromised on a lot of things to bring us the entirety of planet Earth that goes well beyond just the scenery and mesh, so this needs to always be kept in mind and is also why they've planned for years of post-launch development to improve things like this which they have now laid the basis for with the initial release
  10. I'm surveying MD right now and there are several with missing buildings. I've surveyed all of NJ/NY/PA/DE and found it's fairly common, sometimes even only just 2-3 missing while the rest are there. Even some major airports are building-less. Nothing's perfect at these general airports but they are close enough 95% of the time
  11. those are winter textures made to look like summer textures. Check the shadows of the trees being so long due to the low sun angle that time of year. I see the same in areas around NE US. It's just a plain fact that there are not optimal ground imagery for every part of the globe, yet. It'll continue to get better with time and MSFS will continue to update with better sources
  12. all the large land spikes are generally water elevation errors. It's yet to be determined AFAIK whether they are all due to a bug or are all due to individual errors in the elevation data. Hopefully it's the former cause yea I've seen a LOT around PA
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