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  1. Hello, I am looking for a talented Carenado Painter to help me out with a repaint for the Cheyenne III. I will compensate you for your time. Please PM me if you are interested :)
  2. Norwegian

    GSX not working!

    Alright thanks for the info. I turned to avsim mainly to see if anyone else had encountered a similar problem and knew how to fix it. I'll try what you mentioned, and will get back to you on email if it doesn't work. Kim.
  3. Norwegian

    GSX not working!

    Yes i know, but i had to register and they haven't accepted my registration yet.
  4. Norwegian

    GSX not working!

    Yes, error still occurs.
  5. Norwegian

    GSX not working!

    Hello! I just purchased GSX yesterday, but i can't get it working. I've googled, and tried basically every fix i could find, but nothing works. I've tried re-installing gsx, re-installing Couatl, downloaded the standalone addon manager etc. I have registered over on fsdreamteam's forums, but not been activated yet. See the pictures that shows the errors i'm getting. First Error Second Error Thanks a lot for the help!
  6. Norwegian

    Aerosoft Stavanger X in V4

    Works for me. Installed it using the Estonia Migration Tool, and removed ''enzv_apx_ALT.bgl'' from Prepar3d/Scenery/World/Scenery. Hope this helps :)
  7. Norwegian

    QW 757 for v4?

    +1 Already own both the 757 and 767 from CS, but haven't flown them since i purchased them like 3-4 years ago. But my sim desperately needs a 757.
  8. Norwegian

    QW 757 for v4?

    Did i miss something? Is Level-D developing a 757?
  9. Norwegian

    QW 757 for v4?

    Well, guess i'll just wait for that to happen. As it is the best quality 757 out there. Seriously hope we'll get a pmdg quality 757 some day :)
  10. Norwegian

    QW 757 for v4?

    Hello, Does anyone know if QW has said anything about making their 757 compatible with v4? Just tried installing it in v4, but i only get the exterior, VC is missing completely. Cheers.
  11. Norwegian

    PTA Error | Help please

    Hello, I just purchased and installed PTA. First thing i did was to restore original shaders, then i applied the preset that came with it. Getting these errors: Applying preset C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\MattDavies1.3.ini... ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\Cloud.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\General.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\GPUTerrain.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\FuncLibrary.fxh not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.180\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\FXAAResolve.hlsl not found Applying [Waves speed] to D:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\GPUTerrain.fxh Applying [Tweak main config (prepar3D.cfg)] to Main config file Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Shaders cache cleared Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. Norwegian

    Cloud/sky texture problems

    Evening guys, I was hoping i could get some help with my clouds and sky textures, i think maybe i've installed too much, and i kind off need to klnow what of the following i need to uninstall to get a good PTA result. This is what i currently have installed: - ENVTEX - REX Soft Clouds - PTA 2.0 (With Pedrag's preset, wich is how i would like for it to look) - Freeware cloud textures - Active Sky This is everything i have that can affect clouds and sky. What do i need to uninstall here to get a better result? As you can see in the screenshots below, my clouds just seems flat, and scattered, compared to the shot by Pedrag. And the ground shadows looks very edgy and ugly compared to the last shot. Thanks for the help! Pedrags screenshot.
  13. Norwegian

    Black clouds! No luck in fixing!

    Thanks! Problem solved! On a side note, deleting the ShadersHLSL folder completely made P3D not start. Had to put in the original again, but anyways, problem solved! Thanks again!
  14. Good evening, I have a problem with black clouds that i hope you guys can help me with. As you can see i have big black clouds. I am using PTA 2.0 with Pedrag's preset, ENVTEX, AS16 and REX Soft Clouds. I have searched around, and i've tried to delete the content in /AppData/LockheedMartin/Local/Prepar3d/Shaders, and i have also replaced the ShadersHLSL with the original folder wthout luck. Any suggestions? Anyone know the solution for this? Greatly appreciated!