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  1. Hello, I have reinstalled my Sim, and are trying to install PTA. Before i started i backed up my ShadersHLSL folder. Now i am getting the following errors: ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\PTA\SHADERS_BACKUP\General.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\PTA\SHADERS_BACKUP\GPUTerrain.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\PTA\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl not found At first i thought that i had a preset for an older version of PTA, so i downloaded a preset for version 2.66, but still the same errors. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks. Still keeps crashing, even after disabling FSUIPC.
  3. Yes, i have FSUIPC installed. How do i disable FSUIPC outside of the sim?
  4. Trying to set it to private, but as soon as i close windows defender, it goes straight back to Public. I've got the Academic version. I'll try that hot fix. Well, the crashes started happening right after i installed Active Sky, and it worked just fine before without it. I already sent a ticket to HiFi.
  5. Hello, i checked windows defender, and Active Sky for P3Dv4 is listed twice, and checked off in ''Public'' and not ''Private''. Also, i tried both renaming the dll.xml, and removing it entirely from the folder, and it still didn't work.
  6. Hello, I have been having this issue for a while, and i've been flying without Active sky since i uninstalled it because of crashes. I re-installed both Active sky and cloud art tonight to see if it works, but it doesn't. P3D loads up, but as soon as i hit ''fly now'' it crashes without any warning, and i can't find anything in the event viewer. And yes, i have Active Sky for P3Dv4. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am looking for a talented Carenado Painter to help me out with a repaint for the Cheyenne III. I will compensate you for your time. Please PM me if you are interested :)
  8. Alright thanks for the info. I turned to avsim mainly to see if anyone else had encountered a similar problem and knew how to fix it. I'll try what you mentioned, and will get back to you on email if it doesn't work. Kim.
  9. Yes i know, but i had to register and they haven't accepted my registration yet.
  10. Hello! I just purchased GSX yesterday, but i can't get it working. I've googled, and tried basically every fix i could find, but nothing works. I've tried re-installing gsx, re-installing Couatl, downloaded the standalone addon manager etc. I have registered over on fsdreamteam's forums, but not been activated yet. See the pictures that shows the errors i'm getting. First Error Second Error Thanks a lot for the help!
  11. Works for me. Installed it using the Estonia Migration Tool, and removed ''enzv_apx_ALT.bgl'' from Prepar3d/Scenery/World/Scenery. Hope this helps :)
  12. +1 Already own both the 757 and 767 from CS, but haven't flown them since i purchased them like 3-4 years ago. But my sim desperately needs a 757.
  13. Did i miss something? Is Level-D developing a 757?
  14. Well, guess i'll just wait for that to happen. As it is the best quality 757 out there. Seriously hope we'll get a pmdg quality 757 some day :)
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