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  1. https://secure.simmarket.com/fs2crew-fsxp3d-all-access-pack.phtml This pack include all P3DV5 planes in one pack.
  2. Not because they want to update a P3D products it means they are not looking at MSFS2020.. in fact they they are working on the 787 for MSFS 2020.
  3. Would you suggest I should wait for an update before I buy it ?
  4. It is compatible with 5.1 you need to download the open public beta from their website. Same setup and works very well.
  5. thanks for the heads up ! Just bought it for that reason.
  6. here is a video that explain step by step how to make it work with PMDG. Honeycomb Configurator - PMDG Support - YouTube To answer your question you click on Actions and then on Activate current profile. You can launch P3D after that.
  7. I purshased MSFS 2020 last night and got refund thru steam today.. I will stick with P3DV5 for at least another year before giving FS 20 another shot.
  8. Hi, I currently have a 35 inch 1440p and Im planning to move to a 43 inch 4k (Asus XG438Q) as Im also playing other video games. My question is, is it gonna be a big performance hit going from 1440p to 4k on P3DV4 and P3DV5. i9900k, 2080ti, 32 gb ram. thank you!
  9. True and I read on a Facebook group that if you use a developertools for a browser we can see the price of the 767 which is 99.76 before tax.
  10. I agree...but why even 25$ when others developers already stated it only require a updated installer only..
  11. @regis9 Where did you find that livery ? can't find it on FSLAB forum ! Thanks
  12. All those people using Facebook and Google on a daily basis and we all know there are using our personal data.... I can't wait to see the new FSL A321.
  13. Same here and wow! I recently upgraded for a i9 900KF, 32gb 4000Mhz CL17, a 2080ti and 2 M2 with a 1440p monitor and coming from a 1080p monitor and i7 7000 non K there is a big difference! No regrets my sim never been so smooth.
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