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  1. Alexandre6463

    Aerosoft CRJ

    I love it and works really well!
  2. Alexandre6463


    You better post this on their forum!
  3. Alexandre6463

    ground problem at Toronto

    You might need to reinstall ORBX, I got the same issue and I had to reinstall all ORBX products
  4. Alexandre6463

    Small Black Squares on Terrain

    I had to reinstall all ORBX products, delete shaders I would suggest you try the same. That fixed it for me.
  5. Alexandre6463

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I did a test flight CYYZ/KBOS (Fly Tampa). First attempt CDT during SID Second attempt no major issues . VNAV and LNAV works fine but didn't capture the ILS properly on 33R. Micro slutters during the entire flight which I never experienced before during cruise phase with others aircrafts.
  6. Alexandre6463

    FSX or Prepar3D?

    For me, moving from FSX to P3D V4.2 was the best move ever !
  7. Alexandre6463

    Night texture during day

    Hi, I only reinstalled ORBX Global and Open LC NA,since I'm flying in NA most of the time and I deleted my shader folder as well. That fixed the problem for me ! If you have ORBX vector try with out it! Hope it's help !
  8. Alexandre6463

    Choosing a Delta hub scenery

  9. Alexandre6463

    Night texture during day

    Worked for me as well! Thank you!
  10. Alexandre6463

    Belfast City Airport Released

    How is EGLL from UK2000 ? Is it better than EGLL from aerosoft? I need a destination in Europe! I'm looking EGLL or maybe Gatwick V4. Thanks
  11. Alexandre6463

    Aerosoft CRJ is out

    I did a full flight last night CYYZ-KBOS with no issue at all. Only on final ILS 33L approx 10 nm from rw I had to fly it manually cause he was not able to follow the path... but I didn't switch the Nav source ... my mistake!
  12. Alexandre6463

    very low FPS in CYYZ, EHAM and YSSY

    I use 100% traffic with UTLive and still get 20 FPS with PMDG 737
  13. Alexandre6463

    Trouble with navigraph and paypal

    Worked for me but I had to log off from my account and sign in again.
  14. Alexandre6463

    very low FPS in CYYZ, EHAM and YSSY

    I got the exact same issue I had to move the scenery complexity at Dense and I'm getting 20fps My specs I7 7700, 16gb DDR4 Gtx1080
  15. Alexandre6463

    Must have add-ons?

    MQ400, NGX, Flightbeam scenery, Envshade, Active sky