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  1. It's a nice airport Will 🙂
  2. Just three images at the newly released YSCB 🙂
  3. Excellent Jack. I think your Honda is smiling in the last shot! 🙂
  4. Hi Dave, Like you I currently have a 3090. I don't look at frame rate, just for a fluid visual experience. Most of my settings are at Ultra. I don't experience any issues when panning. I can notice a graphics lag if I zoom around very quickly using the drone camera. Also, sometimes over detailed complex scenery I can see a bit of a slowdown. But that's it really. With normal flying everything is good. I have an i9 11900K and 64 Gb ram. My monitor is a 38" UWS running at its native resolution of 3840 x 1600. Perhaps the monitor makes the difference? I bought this setup just over a year ago. I plan to wait another year or two before changing anything. In particular, I will be hoping to see a 6GHz processor by then!
  5. As commented above, you will get the best result or image quality when the display device is showing images or videos of its native resolution. Also, typically a gaming monitor will have a higher refresh rate which will usually benefit any 'game'. Having said that, I have been using different Dell monitors for flight simming for the past twenty years. They are 60Hz and I run at 30 fps. I have always been happy with the results. I always choose a Dell ultrasharp monitor. I purchased a Dell 27" P2723QE 4K Ultra HD IPS Monitor USB-C monitor for my son earlier this year. He is delighted with the image quality.
  6. Great set! Dramatic clouds 🙂
  7. That looks better. Now if only Asobo would do an update....................
  8. Many thanks Darryl 🙂
  9. I always flew there in P3D. Nice shots 🙂
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