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  1. Hi Lars thanks for the info, lets see what they come up with cheers
  2. Okay, good to hear (i quess) that its not just me... Would be good of u can let me know fi u get it solved... Thomas
  3. Dear Community im seeking for some help as of yesterday when i updated to the latest version of PMDG 777 my virtual cdu is not working anymore. I have the latest version of the interface on my computer. It gives me the error that connection cant be made try again in few minutes and of its not working check the FAQ. i have the Windows firewall disabled and Norton firewall access permitted. The IP addressi is correct on both my computer and in my iPad.. Also the ports are correct. The thing is, it worked correctly before the update so something went wrong... The 737 works okay even after the update. I have win7 and fsx sp2. Any help would be highly appreciated cheers Thomas Schmiedeke
  4. Seme

    Anyone using Navigraph Charts/Cloud?

    Hi Joe, I´m a Navigraph subscriber as well, using their cloud and fms data. It is brilliant, tooks couple of mins to update your fms data etc. Less time for searching charts around the web... Small cost for a great service. I do have one comment though, I have some issues when accessing the cloud from my desktop, the chart loading times are bit slow, which might be my internetconnection/old desktop problem, rather than their service. However, that is why I use the desktop client, thats faster for me. I have also used Ipad application, which is brilliant, but cannot use it anymore as im using my ipad for the FMC:) anyway, cant go wrong with Navigraph charts! Cheers
  5. Seme

    Amazing experience

    Dear Community, Almost 6 months of not flying, I had the time to do a flight with the mighty T7 freighter from PANC-EFHK (addon airports). I was wise enough to update all the bells and whistles the day before, so it would not take the time from the flying. Anyway, fired up the sim, used real time weather and planned the route using PFPX... Entered the cockpit and I was amazed that even though I had a 6 months break, my memory was not totally formatted itself .... The plane was ready to takeoff after a rough 30mins... Taxied to rw33 and made a beautyfull takeoff... wow.. everything works, I did not make mistakes (at least not many...) and few moments later, happily cruising in FL320 (she was quite heavy). At this point I was really happy that everything run smoothly, no stutters, no problems whatsoever... Enabled the time compression and did some other thigns in the meanwhile and after couple of hours, disable it and started to plan my decent and landing. I was almost 100% sure that something will go wrong during the landing... meaning that either I get OOM, or at least I will .... up the landing myself... Planned the landing in full flaps configuration in rwy 15 from where I have a short taxi to the cargo apron... and voila! At the time of capturing glide slope I was full configured and hand flying the mighty beast... Nice touchdown and taxi to a stop. This made me really happy and Im all excited again for FSX! After the long pause in my simming, it was still very very easy to put yourself in the shoes of a captain. I just want to say the plane is a best addon I have ever encountered for FSX and PMDG´s touch for detail is amazing. Thank you PMDG for providing this bird and I sure hope the 744v2 will be as good as this - cause im not sure is there anyway to make better aircraft than the T7? I will sure fly today again! (and for this I have to thank my wife and kids, who are away from home couple of days) :Big Grin: Cheers Seme
  6. Seme

    Emirates PERF INIT and SOP update

    Hi Leo, While im only flying with my own virtual airline and own liveries, I have to say the this forum continues to surprise me. There are always people like you who want to share their knowledge to others in order to gain as real as it gets environment. Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing! Always interesting to read such topics! Cheers
  7. Seme

    Lovin' the TSeven...

    Hi Richard, Great story! Im in the same boat as you. I dont have much time to be spent for flying, and on top of the time issue, I have also started a "general home cockpit project", which means that most of the time I have, goes into fiddling with the cockpit project. However, now the project is in a state that I could actually do some flying after 3 months or so and im planning to do that tonight. Sometimes I wonder how the fellow simmers has the time to sit behind the cockpit for 8hrs (or even more) flight? If I would be doing that few times a week, my wife and kids would probably have something to say... so, I will try to fly when it does not interfere too much my family, ie when the kids are sleeping:) well, still have an unhappy wife, but we can manage:) Anyway, reading posts like this makes me want to go flying with the T7 right, away as in my opinion, the T7 is as real as it gets! Happy flying everyone! Cheers
  8. Seme

    Upgrading to P3D

    Hi all, Interesting topic... While im still using FSX at the moment and probably will stuck with it as long as it is possible, I do understand the point here, asking bundle deals (again) etc. That would obviously lower the bar for many simmers to move from FSX to P3D. However, I do understand PMDG point as well. They are running a business here and not a charity. Like myself, im sure many simmers has spent many thousand dollars/euros for their high end PC´s, the sim and all the bell´s and whistles in it, so in that perspective, is it that big deal investing couple of hundred dollars for a "totally new" sim experience that you choose yourself to move to? I dont want to sound harsh or rude, so I hope no one takes this as any kind of insult - just saying... Cheers
  9. Seme


    Hi there, You should sign your post as per the forum rules. Anyway, that aside I have the combo as well (not the boeing style though) and it works like charm with Linda. However, I did had some issues with it in the first place, but found some help from the Linda support forum. First I would make sure that you have the latest version of Linda. Then you can try to use the Serialfp2 to check what com port is assigned and make sure you have the correct settings in Linda. I would refer to their support forum Cheers Thomas Schmiedeke
  10. Dear fellow simmers, At the moment im using 1 x old 22" monitor (1280x1024) for my FSX and obviously, when flying (VC), you can barely read the PFD/MFD from there unless you click to pop it open. My question is, if I will buy a new 27" monitor, does it actually make it more readable? Should I go to 1920x1080? Then im not sure how my rig would handle that, as with todays setup i can make 18-26 fps on add-on airport with the T7. I know my current rig lack´s the perfomance, but so far im still quite happy how it performs - given that ofcourse I need to sacrify some of the graphic settings... Anyway, I quess my question is: 1. If I buy new 27" monitor, will i get more view with the same resolution (mainly to be able to read the pfd/mfd) or do i need to go for higher resolution? 2. if going to higher resolution, how much would that affect on the fps? 3. or should I just park here, get the new monitor and use the old monitor as a second one for the pfd/mfd etc? what is the affect on that for fps? My current rig: i6, 3,2ghz, 8gb, 480gtx, 2 separate HDD´s.... (this was fairly high end machine back in 2010 ) Cheers Thomas
  11. Seme

    WXR-ASN-FSX Interface Questions

    Hi Austin, Im by no means an expert, but if the weather is cleared even you are not commanding it, i quess something is wrong with the setup. Maybe something in FSUIPC (if you are using it?). ASN needs to be running to make the WX radar to work, so it needs to be open. You can run it also networked, if you have 2nd PC. That would help to ease up the load from the FSX machine. Ans as the other said already, you can create custom WX scenarios in ASN and experiment different conditions. Cheers Thomas Schmiedeke
  12. Seme

    Thank you

    Add me to the list of happy customers! :Big Grin:
  13. Seme

    Hats off to the T7

    Indeed, I fully agree with all your points! :Applause: Its bloody cold out here (EFHK) as well, -14 degrees, so better not take my hat off actually... :Big Grin: Happy flying!