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  1. Hi Jim - generally I fly the crosswind and downwind @ ~200 kts w/ F1 - just before turning base I slow to 180 and go to F5 and continue from there. Richard Bansa
  2. morning all, can i use the 64bit gauge with Hifi's ASp4 weather engine, or is it limited to Active Sky Next? Thnx!!! - also looking for code to add the gauge to the CeraSim AS365 Dauphin Chopper Thnx!!! Richard
  3. Thanks for the answers gents!! Simon you are correct I have to go back through the flight and take note of the annunciations so I can know exactly which modes were active. I'll report back after i do another run around the pattern. Unfortunately I won't be able to do it till the weekend. But I shall return. :) thnx Richard
  4. Hi Marc, I agree that from a physics standpoint the behavior is expected. I should have added - I thought (and I could be wrong) that the T7 with it's fly by wire systems had a way to compensate for the loss of altitude in a turn. Richard
  5. good morning all - looking for some expert help or opinions on my T7. I just moved from FSX to P3Dv4 and everything is working like it did in FSX except during sharper turns. I was flying the pattern and doing touch and goes a few days ago. during each of the 90 degree turns around the pattern, the aircraft would transition from +/- 50FPM vertical speed to dropping to +/- 1000FPM. I was hand flying with the autothrottle armed and VNAV mode active, so in anticipation of the altitude loss in the turn, I would pull back on the yoke and trim nose up as I started the turn, this helped but then resulted in the aircraft starting to climb as soon as the turn was completed. I don't recall this being an issue for me in FSX, but then, I also was not doing a lot of pattern flying, I was doing line flying. Another thing I tried was to fly the pattern with the AT disconnected, then as I approached the turns, I would manually add thrust, this alleviates the loss of altitude in the turn, i noticed when flying with the A/T, there was no increase of thrust during turns. Anything stand out to the experts here? Am i missing something? thnx for any help. Richard
  6. thanks a lot - i will check out your suggestions!!
  7. Hi all - quick question for anyone who is familiar with Ezdok how Ezdok works. When it comes to the default aircraft, Is there a limit on where you can move the camera view points in the VC? With my add-ons i can hit the Num 2 key and then position the camera wherever I want in the VC, with the default aircraft there seems to be a limit to where I can move the camera in the VC. Anyone else experience this? Thnx!! Richard
  8. happy new year all!!! - i just made the move over from FSX to P3Dv4 and so far I'm lovin' it. In FSX i didn't bother with the default aircraft, but i'm intrigued by some of the default aircraft in P3Dv4. My question is - does anyone know where i can find some instructions or information on them. I know I have the CTRL + E option to start them, but I'd like to use whatever start process they have if there are instructions available. I was able to get the F-22 started, the F-16 though, was a no go. Thnx Richard
  9. Hi Xander - The FMA did switch to VNAV ALT, but the climb was so fast, I was mashing the nose down trim and trying to kill the VS and boom I was through 7000 and still climbing. I'll give your V/S method a shot. If i was in the real plane I would definitely not use autothrottle because after the blast off that I had, I'd be scared to death of altitude restriction violations. I guess I'd have better training too though. Richard Bansa
  10. Hi Kyle - I wouldn't be surprised if I had screwed something else up. But then I thought maybe VNAV wasn't designed for an empty 777 that was being flown manually on auto throttle. I guess that's another option, just turn off the autothrottle until I'm clear of restrictions. Richard Bansa
  11. hi all - what mode would you recommend if you were flying a manual departure (planning on flying manually to FL180) in a very lightly loaded T7 on a SID with NOT ABOVE, and NOT BELOW, and speed restrictions? I used D-TO2 derate with VNAV coming out of KLAS on the PRFUM.4 departure from 25R with an empty 300ER, I busted the 7000B restriction @ ROPPR becuase she took off like the space shuttle. I was expecting the engines to roll back as I got closer to the the altitude restriction but it didn't happen and by the time I forced the nose down, I was through 7000 FT. One thing i did not do was enter the hard restriction on the MCP, I assumed that because the restrictions were present and accounted for on the LEGS page that VNAV would observe those restrictions and adjust the auto throttle accordingly, but we all know what happens with assumptions. I've flown this same departure with a heavily loaded 200LR in VNAV mode in autopilot and all restrictions were obeyed, so I'm wondering if it's better to use FLCH mode for manual flight when the aircraft is light and there are NOT ABOVE restrictions to deal with. thnx for any ideas Richard Bansa
  12. Vic

    Fr. Bill - whether i read the sticky or not shouldn't dictate whether the reply is polite or not. doesn't take too much to be polite.
  13. Vic

    thanks for the clarification, obviously i didn't know the restriction on EULA and licensing discussions, but wanted to point out there was no need for your uncourteous reply. A simple, we don't allow EULA and licensing discussions here would have sufficed.
  14. Hard core long time FSX user here. I'm considering taking a look at P3D for a possible future move. Does it really cost $199.00? I'm looking at the licensing options and the only one that seems to fit me is the Professional license, is that what most users here have? Thnx!! Richard
  15. Just wanted to drop in and say THANKS for the hard work and this amazing contribution Henrik!!!!! Much appreciated!! I love the navy vessels in the sim!!!!