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  1. AIG can be a little intimidating when you first look at it. But if you sit back and maybe dedicate a weekend to getting it up and running, from there it'll be EASY sailing and well worth it.
  2. I use UT live along with AIGOCM and I love both of them.
  3. Morning all - i am just getting on board with this amazing tool. Does the latest version fix the "U turn on the runway" issue? ALso wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you Federico for your time and effort here. Much appreciated. Richard
  4. Thanks for the idea Gaab, i'll use the Ship Locater to find some of the rig support vessels. Richard
  5. Hi all, I remember back when Henrik released his final batch of ships there were a few oil derrick support ships and some mobile ship derriks included with them. Does anyone know where these vessels ply their trade? I want to get out with a chopper and take a look at them, but i'd like to narrow the search area down first. Thnx for any ideas... Richard
  6. My sincere condolences to Sean and his family during this difficult time. I went through the cancer fight with my wife a couple years ago, my wife was lucky, but it definitely took it's toll on us - take whatever time you need to heal Sean!!
  7. I come back with head bowed in shame - the AS365 works as it should (outside of the night instrument lighting). I had the SAS system on and that was what was fighting me for yaw control. If we could just get someone to fix the lighting this bird would be spectacular in p3dV5. I also went ahead and purchased the Gazelle from simmarket. I'll be spending this week getting up to speed in her once i get EZdok all set. Richard
  8. I've been using the AS655 for a while now so I don't think it's systems issue. But if others are not having issues, then I must be doing something wrong, so I'll take another look at her and see. Thnx for the input Sean
  9. THnx much Mark - i am purchasing it as I type. I'll take her out for a quick spin and be back. Assuming I can get that done before the wife gets home. Richard
  10. Thanks for all the responses. Rogen - i have the A2A Cub so that will be my first choice. But i will definitely take a look at the Cabri G2. Mark will also look at the Gazelle, i think i've seen screenshots of that bird in P3Dv4 Will let you all know what i decide. Richard
  11. HI Tony, I think you are correct on this. I wanted to use the chopper to do some low level exploring over ORBX's Honolulu, but i gues I'll use the Cub to go low and slow. Thnx though Richard
  12. Ok - Thnx for the heads up Manuel - i will give that a shot and see. I watched a video with a Norwegian 737-800 landing at JFK, they had to be pulled into the gate because it was a tight spot, the FS2Crew ground to flightdeck comms are spot on - you guys nailed it!!
  13. Can someone kindly recommend a good chopper (payware or freeware) that works properly in P3Dv5? I have the Cerasim Dauphin and i was able to install it, but rudder control is almost non-existant, and the cockpit lighting at night leaves a lot to be desired. Thnx (I apologize if this posts twice) Richard
  14. sorry for omitting such important info - it's P3Dv5
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