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  1. Slick9

    PAJN Float plane AI traffic...

    Thanks for the reply Stew, I thought that was the case but didn't want to miss out if the float planes actually did work. Richard
  2. I asked this question in the ORBX forums but havn't gotten an answer so i figured i would ask other users about their experiences. On the list of product features for PAJN, one of the line items is "AI Float Plane operations" Does anyone with ORBX PAJN actually have working AI float planes? On my set-up I have the float planes parked or anchored in the harbor by the water runway, but i've never seen them move. Just trying to figure out if my set up is crazy or if the feature doesn't exist. Richard
  3. Slick9

    P3Dv4 Navaid / ILS update program...

    Thanks Bob - the feedback is much appreciated!! Richard
  4. Good morning all - has anyone used this product before? It's an updater for P3Dv4/FSX navaids/ ILS frequncies. I want to try it, but wanted to tread carefully lest i have to do a complete reinstall of P3Dv4 😁 anyway, if anyone has used this, please let me know what your experiences were. thnx!! Richard
  5. Slick9

    Track IR & EZDOK

    hi joaquim - when i first started using the Track IR/EzDok combo, i did feel a tinge of motion sickness, but after about a hour or so of flying the motion problem went away. Now i can't fly without the combo. Richard
  6. Slick9

    P3Dv4 Southwest's new livery (737-800)???

    Thanks for the heads up David - i shall proceed with the FSX repaints in that case. Richard Bansa
  7. morning ladies and gents, anyone know where i can find a P3Dv4 repaint for the 737-800 or 737-900 in Southwest's new livery? since i've been searching the only ones i've been finding are for FSX and for the 737-700. thnx for any tips if you have 'em richard bansa
  8. Slick9

    Plane climbs/descends on its own whil on AP

    Not that this will give you a solution, but I am using FSUIPC to calibrate and for control assignments with the T7 and I have no issues whatsoever. I'm using the pay version, so there's that little difference, but hope this at least gives you some ideas. Richard Bansa
  9. Slick9

    ATC Disabled no electric

    I believe you have to make sure the Alternator switch is on along with the battery switch being on. In other words, turn on the battery switch and then make sure to turn the alternator switch on too.
  10. Boeing or Not Going, I took up your challenge this weekend and flew from Cali (SKCL) to Quito (SEQM). The winds were from the north, so I flew the RNAV X approach for RWY 36. Having learned my lesson from SKCL, I made sure to be fully cofigured and at Vref +5 by the time I started turning base. I was flying manually and everything was going perfectly till I lined up on final. I couldn't see the runway because of the clouds, so i settled in and started down the glide slope, no problem, I got this. Finally at 1000 ft agl i caught a glimpse of the runway, about 2 seconds later when I was about to call runway in sight, the clouds moved right into the way and blocked the runway again. i stayed on the glide slope till i hit the minimums at 8540 feet, at that point I still couldn't see the runway, so i aborted and flew the missed approach. For the 2nd attempt, I decided that I'd rather fly an ILS approach since i would need a lower minimums. I flew the RWY 36 ILS and at 300 feet, just 100 feet above the minimums i spotted the runway. It felt really good to hand fly the ILS and popup out of the clouds positioned right where i was supposed to be for the landing. After a 40 minute stopover I took off for KATL. I was kind of surprised by the calculation of the weight limit and the takeoff thrust. I used TopCat and I think I was limited to a ZFW of about 440,000lbs plus 90,000 lbs of fuel for a PTOW of 530,000lbs (my numbers could be slightly off), what surprised me was that when TopCat suggested takeoff Flaps of 15, and derate of T02. If there was that much extra power available, as in no derate, or a derate of T01, why not let me use a higher PTOW since I have extra power in hand. I think I just answered my own question as i think about this, the weight limit is calculated with the possibility of an engine failure in mind. Anyway can't wait till we have the ability to use the in-cockpit flight calculator w/ the 777. Richard Bansa
  11. boeing or not going - i like this challenge, i have my charts and I'll be trying it this weekend. should be interesting. Both RNAVs, 18 & 36 look challenging, but 36 looks a bit scarier. So I'll have both programmed in the FMC and we'll see what the weather presents. Richard Bansa
  12. Slick9

    Traffic 3d Sounds

    Thnx Chris, I'll try your suggestions and see what happens. Jay - i think the "Engine" slider only applies to the users aircraft, the "Environment" slider is what controls AI engine sounds. I did some testing at KMIA last night, turned Engine slider to 0 and still had AI sound, when I turned the Environment sounds down, the AI went silent. At least that's how my system is right now, it's possible my setup is a little messed up. Richard
  13. Slick9

    Traffic 3d Sounds

    Hi Chris, What level do you have your other sound sliders set to in P3dv4*? I'll try to match yours and see if that helps me. Thnx! Richard Bansa
  14. Went back and flew my KMIA - SKCL route this weekend, and using Bluestar's blue print, I was able to nail the landing on 02. The biggest adjustment I made was to ensure that I was close to Vref/146kts (i was @ 165kts), with gear down, by the time i arrived @ the final approach fix. I had intended to be @ flaps 30 also but FS2crew must not have heard my command, so I was @ flaps 15 as I crossed the final fix KOGLO. Once I started the descent I was only descending @ around 600 FPM so I took a quick peak @ my flaps and realized my flaps 30 command had not been carried out. So i didn't get to flaps 30 till I was around 4000 feet. Once in full landing config she slowed to Vref + 5 very quickly. At this point I was at 3 white 1 red on the PAPI and it was just a matter of applying a little rudder to counter the slight crosswind. From there on the landing was uneventful. So even though the parameters are pretty tight given the relatively low altitude of the final fix, there is a small margin for corrections to the approach. A couple of final questions that i have, is that on this approach and quite a few others I don't get a distance to the runway readout on the PFD. Does that readout only showup on ILS approaches? Also what PFD display would you fly an RNAV approach with? I used the MAP display, should I have switched to the Approach display? (maybe that's why I didn't get the DME display. Anyway, thanks Bluestar for the tips!! If you do put an RNAV tutorial together, I would be very interested. Richard Bansa
  15. Slick9

    Traffic 3d Sounds

    Hi all, anyone out there using Alan Constable's Traffic 3d Sounds? I'm using them with Ultimate Traffic 2 and some of my own custom AI. The one problem I'm haivng is that the sounds are very low. Unless I'm positioned right by one of the AI, the sounds can barely be heard. I'm running P3dV4's engine sound slider at around 75%. So i'm just wondering if anyone is using this program with acceptable sound levels. I'm running Win 7 Richard