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  1. Hello, When the 747-8 comes out will it include fcom and qrh like the -400 does. I know there are some differences between the -8 and -400. Also, I didn't know if boeing even has a generic -8 fcom so that is why i am asking. Do you include performance data for freighter and passenger variants if possible. BTW, I purchased the -400 and it is one of my favorite planes ever in FSX. I absolutely love the way it flies. I have had FS since FS95 and PMDG has always been raising the bar on their aircraft. I also have a B777 and it too flies very well. Thanks, Austin Johnson
  2. An226

    Coexsistance Question

    Hello, I knew that the Coexistence issue was supposed to be fixed for FSX and FSX:SE on the same system with the update. However, I have a different situation. On my system I have FSX:SE and P3D V2.5. On FSX:SE I have the -200LRF and -300ER. I only have the -200LRF on P3D. I had a issue earlier where if i used the -300er in fsx and then tried to use the -200lr in p3d the p3d would ask me for the activation code again. My question is when you say coexistence issues are solved would this apply in my case if i downlioad the updates. I ended up buying P3D afer i got the -300er and then decieded i only need a -200LRF (and not buy the -300er for P3D). I didnt buy the -300er for p3d because my v2.5 doesnt model external camera but that i feel is a separate issue. Thanks, Austin Johnson
  3. An226

    Major Problem:PMDG 777-OPS CENTER

    Thankyou everyone, I used Kevin H's advice to copy some files. That solved everything. Lesson learned: The default liveries copy but, the GMC camera portion doesn't.
  4. An226

    Major Problem:PMDG 777-OPS CENTER

    I am using FSX:SE
  5. An226

    Major Problem:PMDG 777-OPS CENTER

    Everything is working except for the camera for non-house liveries (300er). All I see in the camera is the airplanes shadow.
  6. An226

    Major Problem:PMDG 777-OPS CENTER

    I did a complete delete and reinstall and even re downloaded the entire program installers and all. Now, the liveries wont even download except for the house ones. I did a second complete delete and fresh reinstall because the 1st time i think i missed some files. Everything is now working except for the liveries being able to download. Somehow, the -300er configuration worked. After going working on some school work, I came back to write this response and tried to run the livery installer and everything is working. I still am checking to see if the camera issue is fixed.
  7. An226

    Major Problem:PMDG 777-OPS CENTER

    I had to reactivate licenses becase, I was afraid when i deleted the pmdg folder (under my documents)it would delete the license info. I am going to submit a new ticket for support. You are correct the house liverles are working fine but, none of the options show up for 300er To answer your concern about the license issue, I loaded the plane in fsx:se and entered the license number and the server accepted it.
  8. Hello, For a while I have had the PMDG 777-200lr and -300er for FSX:SE. I submitted a support ticket 0E4-1D038FC3-0420 about the -300er external camera. When I use any livery other than the default livery I only see shadows on the camera. I was told by Mr.Ryan it is an Operations cener problem. I then tried to copy a British Airways paint scheme into the Default folder beccuse that is the livery I wanted to try to make the program think that that is the default. I tired it in another B737 plane and assumed it would work in Pmdg. I made a mess of the files. To fix the problem, I ran the un-installler (200lr/300er) and deleted the pmdg folders in the local roaming and the simulator to do a clean uninstall. To avoid license issues i cancelled the licenses. I then reinstalled both planes and reactivated the licenses. Now, I am having some problems with the Ops center 1. i get an error message loading any liveries 2. The options cant be changed 3. It tells me i have the latest ops center even i know that isnt true. I went to the installer and opened file properties and it said i have version 1.10.6492.0- I believe this is the latest verison to my knowledge I then went to the change log in the ops center and i have 1.14.3 dated 3-5-15- I read of a 1.6 version Also I ran the updater and it says I am up to date Help will be greately appreciated, Thank You, Austin Johnson
  9. An226

    License Activation at limit

    Hello, I bought the FSX 777-200LR+300ER can you please reset my license request. I sent it in and nobody responds. I have ticket 1c4-1ccc7404-0418 FSX:SE Boeing 777-200lr Boeing 777-300er Thanks, Austin Johnson
  10. Hello PMDG Team, I noticed before there was a thread asking about the Gravity Extension on the 737. It was said somewhere that because you cant decouple the gear in FSX it wasnt modelled. I did know that the same issue was on the MD-11 but to go around it, PMDG assigned key commands for the emergency extension. Is there anyway that maybe provisions could be made to assign a key command to pull all 3 handles at once to the same key command since the gear cant be decoupled? I know on the 777 the altn extension switch is modelled. This would be a very nice addtion to the 737. I tried CTRL-G and that didnt work Thanks, Austin Johnson i have the P3D VERSION OF THE 737. The key commands work the same way i guess. The PMDG Team did a such a wonderfull job on the 777 and 737 ngx that I got them both for P3D.
  11. Hello AVSIM Community, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y40-70 with a i7processor, 12gb ram, windows 8.1 64 bit and a amd radeon graphics card. I then purchased the FSX steam version. Since I have bought the program, I have been having issues with the program quitting to the desktop without explanation. At first I assumed I had a CTD issue however, I looked in the event logs and even contacted Dovetail games support and downloaded appcrash and found no evidence of any CTD. I am able to fly airplanes in the program but what happens, is when I attempt to open a menu (to select a plane or airport for example), the program freezes and closes to the desktop. I have done some research on the issue and have tried a few steps to alleviate the problem. So far none of these steps have been successful. 1. Verified file integrity with the steam program found sim connect had a problem and I fixed it but, the program still quits. 2. I have installed fsuipc 3. Experimented with replacing uiautomationcore.dll with the one used on fslabs site 4. Reinstalled entire program Can anyone please advise any additional steps I can take on this issue. Thanks Austin
  12. app crash view wont detect anything. I let fsx crash like 3 times.
  13. Hello I just bought a new computer I have a Lenovo Y40-70 Gaming Laptop 12gb of ram and a i7 processor AMD radeon graphics Win 8.1 I just installed FSX Steam. When I attempt to open a menu to change a airport or aircraft, the screen turns black and the program crashes to the desktop. I have seen that many people are seeing a terrain.cfg file error. However, my computer isn't giving me any explanation whatsoever after crashing incidents. Can somebody please shed some light on what may be causing this. I had the PMDG 777 installed at the time but when the crash to desktop occurred however, I was in a default aircraft switching attempting to switch to another default airplane to test the program. I am now doing a reinstall because I deleted the program after getting frustrated.
  14. Hello, Sometimes I just feel like doing a quick flight on my 777. When I turn the wxr radar on by selecting it on the EFIS panel, I noticed it was blank. I didnt think much of this for a while. But then about 30min ago, I thought to myself shouldnt this be working. I mean I loaded ASN to show real world weather and there is a considerable amount of icing and precipation in the area I live. I then started to to troubleshoot what may be causing the radar not to work. I verified that the controls were set properly then, reinstalled sim connect for ASN. Upon further examination I found that I have been making a mistake for a while of selecting the wrong weather- REAL WORLD IN FSX. I selected to use ASN wx to fix this. I then experimented by selecting a major weather thunderstorm wx. The radar show what I would consider approprate for a thunderstorm. The unsual part is that after i selected thunderstorm, the flight after a few minutes was unsually smooth for any thunderstorm. I then look back at the wx settings and noticed that what I selected was no longer. All the weather is being cleared without me commanding to do so because clear skys was selected. I then restarted FSN/ASN and loaded real world weather and selected ASN weather on the sim. Not even 2 min later i found that the simulator is clearing out the weather without me commanding it. I have a few questions/comments Should I rebuild fsx.cfg in attempt to clear this condition? While I realize that ASN is required to be installed for the WXR to Function does it have to necessarly be running on the desktop? Can I use the WXR with the FSX weather themes with the ASN closed so it is easier to program global weather? Sometimes I dont want realworld wx I just want to fly around in different conditons to see how the planes handle. What measures can I take to prevent fsx from changing weather without me commaning it? Thanks, Austin Johnson AN226 Sorry for asking stupid questions but, sometimes I can only do so much to troubleshoot from experience
  15. An226


    Hello, When I first installed the -300er the external camera worked correctly with the proper eyepoint and all. However, a few flights later I noticed the eyepoint has shifted becuase I used to be able to see the wings of the plane as well as the direction the nosewheel was pointed. Now, all I see are the shadows of the nose/wings. I saw some people used ez dok for their views, however I am fine with the view of the main panels. This problem I am describing is for the 2d pop-up view when you hit the cam button. I loaded the -300er at night and engaged the camera lts and i could see no difference.. How do I get the viewpoint to where it doesnt change and mess up the external view. Thanks, Austin Johnson