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  1. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Hi Marinus, Thanks for the tip. You can download the revised version from previous link. It has been updated. Best Regards, Sebastiaan
  2. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Hey Guys, Herewith for you the Airbus A320/A321 NOC's. Please help me check them since i'm unfamiliar with this aircraft. Any error's please report and i will update the NOC's A320/A321 - SHORT NOC A320/A321 - LONG NOC Regards and Thanks, Sebastiaan
  3. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Hi Jason, Exactly which Airbus one you are looking for? This could be my next project ;-)
  4. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Fellow pilots, Herewith the latest versions (v1.1) of the Normal Operation Checklists / Procedures for the 737, 747, 777 and MD-11 (PMDG). Feel free to leave your comments, or if you find any errors please let me know. 737 NOC - SHORT - LONG 747 NOC - SHORT - LONG 777 NOC - SHORT - LONG MD11 NOC - SHORT - LONG Best Regards, Sebastiaan Walen
  5. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Fellow pilots. And here is the LONG one for the MD11. Regards, Sebastiaan
  6. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Fellow Pilots, Here's the MD-11 - SHORT NOC -- Long one will follow later today. Regards, Sebastiaan
  7. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Fellow Pilots, All checklists are checked ;-) and are now in version 1.1 in the download links above. @kav, that is strange and checked the fcom's again. this is the way it is stated in the fcom, but i added a line in the checklist on the before taxi part to check and set the trim. Regards, Sebastiaan
  8. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Hi Jason, I'm working on the MD-11 one, Aribus i didn;t fly till now, but i will definately look into it. I will scan all of the already published checklistst with the FCOM and reupload the correct ones. As for you question what the long and short one is, i can say the following: The long one is the complete procedure to start, fly and secure the plane. The short one is the quick and dirty one for the experts amongs us who already know the procedures. (or if you use FS2CREW ;-) ) Keep you posted, Sebastiaan
  9. Baxxie

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Hi Alex, On wich of the checklist is that issue so i can fix it. Maybe it got mixed up during conversion from portrait to landscape. Thanks, Sebastiaan
  10. Dear fellow pilots, I've been busy making me some nice looking Normal Operation Checklists for the 737, 747 and 777 (PMDG). I've made a short and a complete checklist for each plane based on the actual FCOM's. Offcourse i will share them with you. Feel free to report any problems, errors or whatsoever so i can change it. 737 - SHORT NOC -- 737 - LONG NOC -- 747 - SHORT NOC -- 747 - LONG NOC -- 777 - SHORT NOC -- 777 - LONG NOC -- Best Regards, Sebastiaan Walen
  11. Baxxie

    Default Pressure Inches not hectoPascals (HPA)?

    Robert, You can change it in the default panel state. Go to your Microsoft '....\Flight Simulator X\PMDG\PMDG 777X\PanelState\' folder. Open the .SAV file you want to alter - i.e. 777 LONG.SAV - and search for the following entries: ************************ [EFISControlPanel.0] Baro Switch=0 [EFISControlPanel.1] Baro Switch=0 [iSFD] Baro_is_in_HPA=0 ************************ Change the values as required: 0 is IN / 1 is HPA As always, make sure you have a proper backup before altering the files.