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  1. I agree to that. @airlinejets, I know about the $1 gamepass, but that was not the point. The point is needing an account to read the forum. At the moment I don't want to buy the MSFS, not even for $1.
  2. No loss at all. I'll just stay with my X-plane.
  3. I can understand that you have to log in to play the game. But to create an account just for reading a forum is insane.
  4. Before I buy something, I always get some information on internet first. Here on Avsim I find a lot of helpful information about MSFS. Easy to make a decision. Then I wanted to see what people say on the MSFS forum (forums.flightsimulator.com). But if you don't have an account, you don't get access. Does MS have something to hide? I don't like companies who hide there forums. That is not transparent. Perhaps I'm old fashion, but I don't want to have accounts everywhere. Mart
  5. WOW, "the main driver", You really think that? Any way, I like to read all this because I like to laugh. After release date I will read the known things, so I can decide to buy or not to buy. At the moment there are to many unanswered questions.
  6. LOL. Six pages of mainly speculations. Just wait until release date instead if all this blah, blah, blah.
  7. @GSalden, @RudyB24 when I look at Bing maps, I see a blurred Schiphol. See screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XI5_93a9oCJqj5Y98_jdTP3evk8QfokY/view?usp=sharing
  8. @RudyB24 Not only Eindhoven is blurred in Bing, Schiphol is blurred too. Mart
  9. Strange question. How often have you been on a 747? The first time is the same as the last one.
  10. For me an expensive update to v5. Just for a new render engine and a lot of fixes, this is not what I would call an upgrade to a new version. XP11 updated to Vulkan for free. For the time being I'm happy with my v4.5 and Xp1150. Mostly flying online and no need for speedtrees, fancy waves and that kind of things. But I hope you all will enjoy v5. I will read the comments here in the next few weeks..
  11. Since I did a new install from 4.3 to 4.5 my screen is flashing too. I did not updated Win 10 to 1903 yet, I'm still on 1809.
  12. When I go to there website the normal way, I see £24.99. When I use VPN with a US IP-address then I see £19.99. I have send an email to the dev and wait for the anwser. The pictures do look very good, but they made a wrong start. When I see an announcement price of £19.99, then I expect to pay £19.99 and not £24.99. For me the subject is closed, I made up my mind. Edit: Answer from TurbulentDesign: £19.99 is before VAT. For example, Terra Flora is £19.99 in the UK, but once VAT is added, it becomes £23.99. Thanks, Russell Linn Turbulent Designs
  13. That would be the correct way. btw the company is UK based and the UK is still in the EU. According EU rules they must advertise prices including VAT. There announcement here in the forum was 19.99 and not 24.99 I don't like it when I see an advertisement with a certain price and when I go to the shop the price is higher. Then I feel cheated and just walk out of that shop.
  14. First they make an announcement saying 19.99 and a few days later it is 20% more, 24.99 That is not a fair way of doing business.
  15. Will this A320 end up the same way as there unfinished A350?
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