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  1. The latest from AH, and I like it: jk6868 It was used by the US Marines jk6967 the USAF jk6901 The French Air Force borrowed a few to help in IndoChina jk6987 and a few were civilianised to transport salmon in Alaska..
  2. I wrote a tutorial a while ago, explaining some of the basics, you might want to start there.
  3. The 727 isn't ready for P3Dv4 either... a5241 a5293 AH27 poly 2 FX8488 piedmont04 /flic.kr/p/KuAiZz]ss24648[/url] url=https://flic.kr/p/KuAj7P][/url]ss2300 ss24685 ss20542
  4. So far no news on a P3Dv4version for the CS Boeing 707, but I can show you my paints for the FSX version: AF05 CAF008 FX11908 FX16916 FX12319 FX16962 Naga02 ss17952 FX11657 ss17987
  5. I did a lot of paints for Mustangs, this is the last batch for the A2A Mustang: PZJ PEX D7Z D7V D7O D7N D7J D7H D7F D7E D7D D7C D7B D7A
  6. An overview of the paints I did for this model: 02-04 57_001 56-003 58-02 jk1237 jk1248 jk1306 jk2725 jk6271 jk6307
  7. here's a few more: jk5187 jk5217 jk5660 and this one is still work in progress: jk6393
  8. Since I am now uploading all my repaints here on avsim, it might perhaps be an idea to post shots of my paints here? Here's a few for the A2A V-tail I did so far, they can all be found by following the link in my signature (including many more..) jk4765 jk4947 jk5034 jk5134 would you be interested in more overviews like this, to keep you updated?
  9. jankees

    New Paints

    Now that the Aussiex site went down, I uploaded all of my paints again, on both avsim and sim-outhouse. And since my pics disappeared as well, here's an overview: jk0292 jk0359 jk0459 jk0500 jk1124 jk1130 jk1546 jk1786 jk0188 I may do more in the future, but this is it for now
  10. jankees

    Alitalia WIP

    Three more times?
  11. jankees

    Alitalia WIP

    Mickel, titles look fine, now for all those stripes to line up, especially below the tail... two possible avenues: find another paint that has similar lines and use that as an example, maybe this one: or make a fine grid of perpendicular lines in different colors in the problem area to figure out which part of the textures connects to which other part. Don't worry about shine, alphas and/or specs, first get the textures right. but I did! Here's a few examples: jk0292 jk1124 jk0460 you'll find them here in the library on avsim