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  1. here you go: [url=http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/6334-pmdg-dc-6b-tma-od-aer/]link to paint[/url]
  2. here you go then: and another Belgian:
  3. a few more:
  4. here's a few paints I made for the FSX/P3D version: You'll find them here/
  5. here's a few more I did a while ago:
  6. I'm having a hard time getting things to line up too, so if you found a way to make life easier, I'd love to know. Meanwhile, I did two simple paints, based on the default liveries: they can be found here.
  7. did you try copying another texture.cfg? I have no idea otherwise what could cause this, since my textures only apply to the outside. Missing a missing line or similar in the aircraft.cfg?
  8. Hi Airwolfe, I only painted the exterior, I never touched the VC. Other V35B paints don't suffer from this problem? If that is the case, could it be that the 'texture.cfg' file is missing in my texture folder? If it is, you should be able to copy it from any other texture folder for the Bonanza. If that is not it, I fear I have no idea.However, if all other paints have the same problem, you might consider reinstalling the V35B. Cheers Jan Kees
  9. I just hope this one is better than the previous version? I think so anyway...
  10. paint is available here. (link removed)
  11. thank you! Here's another Belgian paint:
  12. Thank you for the kind words! I might as well keep all paints in one thread: two more Soth Africans, one in camouflage: look how well that works: and one in black and gold: you'll find them, as ever, on OZx
  13. What I do is the following: I open the white textures in photoshop, do my painting, with a copy of the white texture layer above my paint. That copy above I set to multiply, so the white becomes transparant. The textures now look like they should and I save them as a BMP file. I then open the BMP in DXTbmp, add the alpha layer (which I probably adapted too, and saved as BMP) and save as DXT5 DDS file (without mipmaps). Things should work then....
  14. thank you! Here's a few more paints I just finished: