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  1. Paintkits, like models come in all shapes and sizes, varying from easy to really complicated. The one for the Twotter is on the complicated side, at least I think so. I say this because it is huge, with a frightening amount of layers, but mainly because of a complicated texture lay-out, which takes away a lot of the fun. Especially if you have a complicated paintscheme, figuring out how to connect all the lines or colors will need a lot of patience and perseverance. I did a few paints for the Twotter, and would have liked to do more, but I paint for fun, and some of my plans were not funny. In fact, some of the ones I did were a nightmare to complete. Hence my advice: start with a really simple scheme to get started, just to get to grips with the layout and the paintkit...and then progress to more difficult ones.
  2. jankees

    New Paints

    and now downloadable here: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/profile/750-jankees/content/&type=downloads_file
  3. jankees

    New Paints

    some more improvements
  4. jankees

    New Paints

    first test flight of the pair: tail textures not cooperating fully yet, but nearly there..
  5. jankees

    New Paints

    nearly done, just a bit more patience: a few details here and there, then the wings, and yes, planning KDC as well.
  6. jankees

    F50 repaints

    next weekend:
  7. and good luck starting with the Twin Otter, the texture layout is somewhat challenging. I suggest you start with something really simple before progressing to more elaborate paint schemes.
  8. jankees

    F50 repaints

    here are my paints so far: all available [url=http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/profile/750-jankees/content/&type=downloads_file]here[/url]
  9. jankees

    DC 6 Livery

    and additional repaints are here: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/tags/dc-6/
  10. I posted this a while ago, that might help?