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  1. Testing my work in progress of an used cockpit for the ssg´s 747-8i somewhere in USA. What a nice day to fly...
  2. Some shots oh the 737-800 Gol for x-plane 11. Flying in a beautiful day. Using -X-plane 11 -737-800 default -SBGL e SBRJ from Richard -orthophotos from Rio e Sao Paulo -Mega sceneries from Paulo Ricardo converted to X-plane -SBGR 2008 <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href=
  3. Thank you very much, i appreciate your comments
  4. Hello there, These are some shots from today's flight. Take off at morning time from Rio de Janeiro. Since i got this bid i am having so much fun with her! I did even a few repaints (AA, Lufthansa and Varig) So, this post is using the Varig PP-VLO. X plane 10.51 Aircraft: FlyJsim 727 texture: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/34808-varig-old-flyjsim-boeing-727-100/ scenery: paywares SBGL, SBRJ, Fernando's photoreal for Brasil I hope you like it . :thumbs: <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href= <a href=
  5. Always nice to see your super cool shots Aharon! :wink: Yes... I miss the L-188 in X-plane!
  6. Here are some screenshots with the full flight i've made to test the Varig PP-VOH textures i am working on. Using: -X-plane 10.50b4 -Ixeg 737-300 -Mesh Hd v3 (free) -MFX photoreal -SBRJ Santos Dumont -SBGL Rio de Janeiro international -Paulo Ricardo's FSX mega sceneries converted to x-plane -SkyMaxx pro v3.2 -Real Weather Connector I hope you like
  7. Some work i've been doing with the ixeg 737-300. Now i decided to repaint the Varig livery again trying to add more realism to it. On shot from the working in process ixeg 737-300 varig pp-vog by fa ca, on Flickr
  8. Using: Xplane 10 SkyMaxx v3. SBGL Ixeg 737-300 I hope you like
  9. Thank you all And yes Sasha, i dont know whats happening with all this new liveries. I studied marketing and now i am a 3D modeler, so i kindly understand the world around us and all the steps our society "fights" for new things. My best guess is, nothing more have the same "taste", life goes faster and faster and whatever you buy, use or consume, need to be fast and simple. Before we had more time to enjoy, things were harder to get and bild, so it means were a bit more special i guess. Today companies keep trying to make it simple, fast.... so we must say good bye to our lovely and old taste world. That is my guess....
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