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  1. Also suggest have a look at this thread
  2. If you have a Google account, Maps allows you to create your own map layers. I add all my airports to one, with the 4-character ICAO airport code
  3. I have both; you can't lose here. As Jon B notes the 727 has a higher workload but not to the point that it makes things unpleasant. For me there are a lot of twin jet options so the tri jet is relatively unique; I enjoy the L1011 and MD11 for this reason as well. So it's a matter of preference - for me, I bought the 727 first and was pleased enough that I picked up the 737 later.
  4. I don't, but I also don't recall anything unusual about the installation. I may have used the Estonia installer, it's a while back now
  5. 4. Go to page 7 5. Find the post from JimmyRFR dated September 13 2014
  6. 1. Click the link. 2. Read post #2 3.Click the link referenced in post #2.
  7. I seee this behavior periodically in v3.4 as well. Seems if I not rush the airport/position selection it goes away
  8. Thank you Steve and Ray for working this issue. I learned a lot in this thread.
  9. Hi Ray, just to be sure, if you mean the CH Products web site at this address, it comes up fine for me: http://www.chproducts.com
  10. Almost sounds like the AP is in a time-limited demo mode of some sort. Wonder if it got un-registered somehow
  11. No, the 707 is a fine (and simple) aircraft but is several years old and just won't match up to today's technology. I think the newer Capt Sim 1011 is superior to the JF version.
  12. I seem to recall having this problem and for me it was some conflict with MalWareBytes. If you're running that, maybe try disabling when starting FSX
  13. I recall complaints about poor frames with the first release of the 747, can owners confirm that issue was fixed?
  14. Am I correct that a separate purchase is required for each platform? For example I use FSXSE and P3Dv3. I would have to purchase twice to use in each?
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