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  1. flibinite

    Terrain loss P3DV4

    Almost sounds like the AP is in a time-limited demo mode of some sort. Wonder if it got un-registered somehow
  2. flibinite

    Just Flight L-1011 Professional vs Aerosoft DC-8

    No, the 707 is a fine (and simple) aircraft but is several years old and just won't match up to today's technology. I think the newer Capt Sim 1011 is superior to the JF version.
  3. I seem to recall having this problem and for me it was some conflict with MalWareBytes. If you're running that, maybe try disabling when starting FSX
  4. I recall complaints about poor frames with the first release of the 747, can owners confirm that issue was fixed?
  5. Am I correct that a separate purchase is required for each platform? For example I use FSXSE and P3Dv3. I would have to purchase twice to use in each?
  6. flibinite

    Imaginesim 20% Off

    KAUS is fine enough, more so with the discount
  7. flibinite

    DC-10 or L-1011 - Thoughts?

    Instead have a look at the Captain Sim L1011 which is all around a better package than the JF variant. The DC10 is middling. And the CS bird should come up for sale in the next month or so at a deep discount
  8. flibinite

    Anyone got LatinVFR SCEL working in P3D?

    Seems fine here in v3.4, with no conflicting bgl files that I can see
  9. Just for 'fun'...suggest instead of only disabling those sceneries, temporarily remove them from the sim, or rename all the ".bgl" extensions to something like ".off" (you can just add ".off" to the end of them, for example "filename.bgl.off". I've had cases, such as with Orbx global airports, where disabling the scenery wasn't enough to resolve conflicts, even when Orbx was both disabled and below the preferred scenery in the library
  10. As i recall La Palma X is notorious for elevation problems; possible culprits include duplicate AFCADs and add-on mesh products. Head to the Aerosoft forums for discussions and various solutions - in fact, looks like the topic is pinned at the top of their scenery forum
  11. flibinite

    Imaginesim KATL macro stutter

    Nothing like that here - it's not the greatest performer, but you're seeing a dramatic difference compared to your other paywares. Have you tried different approaches/aircraft? Do you have the latest patches installed from their web site?
  12. flibinite

    L Gen failure every flight

    "I may have overlooked it but I don't see your name other than an I.D at the top of the post" at the bottom: "Kyle Rodgers PMDG Development and Support http://support.precisionmanuals.com"
  13. flibinite

    Blackbox widebody stall on approach

    I've only flown the A340, not the A330, But I've had no problem as you describe, she autolands at the proper speed for me. As netshadoe suggests, I'd try an ILS landing but with manual throttle to be sure the autothrottle is the problem. Also - make sure you're not overweight/excessive weight. I'm not sure the Blackbox Vref speeds, in this prologue version, properly account for aircraft weight
  14. flibinite

    Updates for UT2

    "So anybody else with this problem? Any idea which aircraft might be the problem?" - I had the same problem, and luckily stumbled on this aircraft with no [fltsim.xx] entry in the aircraft.cfg file. Removing it from the folder solved the problem for me: "Ai-An-148"
  15. flibinite

    Updates for UT2

    Here's the error box I get on starting the UT2 CP: "Program Error: Error setting up flight options. Failed to compare two elements in the array." There's a button to click OK to close the error box. After that though, I seem to be able to navigate around the CP and make changes as if nothing is actually wrong. AI seems fine in the sim, I can definitely see new flights and the higher quality repaints are great. There appears to be a large number of custom flight schedule data tables, and I really thank Tooting for all the effort compiling this package.