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  1. I'm sorry, but even with EA enabled, I don't see a "volumetric cloud" option. I do see a "Cloud Resolution" slider underneath the EA checkbox, if that's what you mean. It seems to look very blurry from cruise altitude, but might look great when closer. Will test it more. Very useful! Will try it, thank you.
  2. I realize that, but I don't think EA works with the Active Sky + ASCA + Envtex setup I have, which is what I am trying to debug. I may switch to EA in the future.
  3. Here are my settings for P3Dv5 and ASCA. I also tried disabling the three options for ASCA under Enabled Content, other than Sky Textures, but it also didn't work.
  4. I just want to add to the sentiments in this thread regarding Chaseplane. Trying to use MSFS without it was unpleasant and tedious. Congratulations Chaseplane, you have spoiled me in regards to cameras 🙂
  5. @kand Thanks for the reply! I spoke too soon above, and it's unfortunately still happening for me, even though I have EA off. I see an option for volumetric fog, but not volumetric clouds. Any ideas what else might cause something like in the original screenshot I posted? Could it be that Active Sky is reporting something funky, and it's not ASCA or Envtex's fault?
  6. Hello, Does anyone else get these repetitive clouds in the sky, when running Active Sky, ASCA and TOGA Envtex, for P3Dv5?
  7. It seems the floating hilltop issue reappears during long flights? Just flew a three hour flight to MMMX, thinking this issue has been long fixed, and I unfortunately saw the double hilltop during final approach. Reloaded P3D at MMMX, and it's gone. Makes no sense, lol.
  8. Hello, I was curious what the deal was with these long "conga lines" I see on VATSIM every now and then. I check the VATSIM events list, and they are often not correlated. Flying is always more fun with others, so I was wondering if these sessions are announced anywhere.
  9. I actually meant to say that they should try not manually overclocking, so my mistake on that. Here is an interesting read, where it states, "The good news is that this is not considered overclocking by Intel and will not VOID or impact your CPU warranty." I do agree that manual overclocking can be optimized with trial and error, but I experienced nothing but headache and pain when trying to do so. https://www.legitreviews.com/benchmarking-intel-adaptive-boost-on-core-i9-11900k-in-cinebench-r23_227202 I do notice your setup also says you have a custom water loop, which is awesome, but most users won't have that. I hope to one day build a rig with that level of cooling!
  10. Looks like disabling VOBL_Jetways_Static.bgl and LTFE_Jetways_Static.bgl fixes this issue for me, even without them showing up in the Scenery Configurator. Success!
  11. Just for fun, you might want to test your rig without overclocking it. I got an i9-11900KF recently, and I didn't even bother trying to set it at 5.0GHz. Just let the motherboard and cpu handle the overclocking automatically, through BIOS features like Intel Adaptive Boost Technology (ABT) and Asus MultiCore Enhancement (MCE). I realize that this might not seem like the 'cool' option, but it works smooth as butter, with no crashes for me. Frankly speaking, I don't think the relatively small extra power you would get from overclocking it manually to 5.0GHz and above is really worth it, considering the headaches that come with crashes and overheating hardware.
  12. @blaunarwal Thank you for the reply. I actually want to keep the SODE jetways, as the ones that come with FSDG are static. @DAH4062 You were correct in regards to the FSDG Scenery Configurator. I removed the Static Jetway option for Dakar, and it fixed the issue. Unfortunately, however, FSDG Bangalore and Bodrum do not seem to be showing up in that tool. Only Dakar and Mauritius are.
  13. Hello, Apologies for asking about something that has probably been asked before, but I was wondering if there was a solution for double jetways at all my FSDG addons for P3Dv5? SODE wasn't working, so I installed their FSDG-SODE link and Scenery Configurator. Now the jetway works, but there are duplicate jetways at each gate, for all my FSDG addons. I tried removing one of them through GSX, but it only lists one jetway as being present.
  14. Hmm, perhaps you need to run Discord first?
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