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  1. Well, if the 1080Ti were still around it would be laughing at some of the 2000 series RTX's and the whole gimmick (for now) that is the RTX moniker and the 3rd party support it has. I still remember being out of this world impressed with my 15-20 fps could stutter out with the Orbx England and Ireland scenery with all the details up as high as I could in FSX, on my now old school, 34" ultrawide 3440x1440 60Hz with TrackIr 5 running smoothly. That was in some respects the pinnacle of my gaming career. Not being a particularly good pilot, just being really good at getting 3rd party software to network on a laptop, tablet, phone. I guess we get what we need most of from a challenging old son of gun like FSX. Even taught me to program 'LUA' through modifying and then creating my own little tiny projects in Pete Dowson'S WIDEFS7......a whole other world I'm already getting nostalgic again for. I'll shut up now.
  2. Sorry for the late response Dave. I agree with Ryan, 16GB or 32GB RAM probably ain't a bad idea, particularly at these relatively reasonable prices. That MVME drive is gonna turbocharge your load times. What are you planning on installing there? I see you have technically have 2 more M2 slots- can they physically fit two NVME cards? Anyway, I'm out out the simming game since 2016 when I finally put my MFG Crosswinds up for sale. Looking forward to see what Microsoft bring us next year. Gonna hold off an almost entire system rebuild until then. Have fun and post some benchmarks with that beast!
  3. First off excellent article that was written in 2014, yet no-one seems to have commented until now. I'm sure it's it's been reviewed many times by avsim members in the hardware forums. I emailed TrackIr in relation to the fragility of the TrackClip Pro (I previously owned the TrackIr 5 bundle and I can attest to the amazing immersion it added to FSX and it's (almost) perfect with EZDock software.) I regret I do not have the exact reply to hand, but I was most certainly assured that improvements had been made in addressing the said 'fragility'. However there is no mention of it on their website (which I'm sure they would wish potential buyers to be aware of as the clip has always been 'problematic' for many of their users. Anyway, I'm not here to bad mouth TrackIr (I myself purchased a second-hand version on eBay which the user had used 8 gauge wire (I measured it) to quite effectively reinforce it temporarily. I loved using the hardware, the software, everything about it. Could never see myself paying full-price for it though, unless there were some noteworthy hardware improvements to the TrackClip Pro.
  4. I think the bandwidth you have available to you is going to pretty critical, I believe in a model like these a lot of the rendering will be performed in the cloud. Sure, you'll need a machine capable of displaying those fully 3 dimensional objects in all their glory. I don't know what sort of bandwidth a typical cable broadband gives you access in the different states. Results will vary I'm sure. I'm lucky enough to be living with a cable 240MB/s connection that has no data cap (this still pales dramatically with South Korean, or even certain continental countries.) Can the bandwidth and cloud processing be paid for in anyway other than subscription service? I think the serious simmers on here will stick to their X-Plane, their P3ds and the DCS series among others. This has probably been said many times before, but this just looks like Microsoft Flight 2- Now see the whole bloody world!
  5. Due to the extortionate rates the Irish postal service charges I've decided to re-advertise my MFG Crosswind flight pedals again at the ridiculously low price of €200. All parts are still included but I have to warn you that standard postage of an item this weight outside of Ireland (where I'm based) and the UK is around €65, and that's just for EU countries! However this is still considerably cheaper than what you will pay compared to a brand new set. http://mfg.simundza.com/products. These were used roughly 10-12 times before the time came when I simply did not have the time to invest in FSX anymore. I can offer detailed, close-up photos to those who are interested. Cheers, Paul
  6. I'll go one better and take this nuisance of a Flight Stick off your hands. Warthog indeed, who needs to be looking at one of those everyday. You can PM and I'll let you know how much a courier delivery to the west of Ireland will cost. Not a word of thanks is necessary, helping others brings me great joy! It's in it's original box right? Ok, I maybe slightly jealous. I'm glad the hat switch is banjaxed! No, that's a lie, cause I will own one, mark my words. Exactly what I would have done thissmallfish, well that is of course if I had looked at the FSUPIC manual(s) in the past one, maybe two years. Some of it I love, some of it I ask Pete about and he he so dumbfounded by my failure to grasp what to many is an elementary mathematical or programming conundrum that I think he just leaves his computer and home and stares into the night sky. Bless him though, I have nothing but admiration for the guy. Just pretending to understand him or half-getting a principle makes me feel unbearably clever! In fairness, with Pete's assistance I have written a LUA script or two that I am happy to be proud of in private about. Baby steps. I had no real point I guess to this rodomontade (actually a real word, no idea why I know it), I'm just full of caffeine and quite bored cause I can't leave my house until my mother dearest summons me to the train station.... ....It won't happen again. Peace.
  7. Thanks for the replies Rainy and Dave, I'll definitely will be considering this for Christmas. Just one more question Rainy- did the yoke hold its centre postion without too much deviation or pilot correction. I would love a more responsive yoke improved to remove the need for myself and others to set up a dead zone around the wobble! Really appreciate your feedback.
  8. Hey Rainy, does it look like these are just the same Saitek products with some minor cosmetic changes. They sure look identical, except for the aforementioned stickers and color details, but it begs the question- why wait so long??? If they have even tweaked the feel and response of the yoke, my old one's history. But that's probably very wishful thinking based on any the demand these companies know there still is for these products. Really, really hope I'm wrong! Please keep us informed!
  9. Buy an adapter with two plugs for your drives that were designed for the job.
  10. I would just go to your motherboard's website and download their drivers. Hopefully there's no wiring problem.
  11. Hey Mark, I've really wanting to upgrade from my Saitek yoke, which now feels like a toy, having sampled a friend's (can't remember the brand). I was looking into getting the VR Insight Flight Master II after seeing priced at only €395 on it's own website. Unfortunately it was sold out. The resellers I looked at were charging at least €480- does that sound right to you. Also, is it significantly larger than the Saitek?I do realise that this leaves me without TQ, so maybe I might just be better investing in throttle mods for the Saitek. Did you build your own throttle mods? Cheers,
  12. Are you referring to the registry cleaner component or the application cleaner utility. Reg clean certainly shouldn't be removing auto-fill data, even when I use app cleaner and include Chrome, none of my passwords are ever forgotten, just history and previous searches. Maybe it's some setting in chrome I have activated in the distant past, because I definitely could not live without automatic login!Also I know the progression has more features but the free version can do those other things you mentioned. What browser do you use if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Congrats on getting a Thrustmaster Warthog Ron. I would love the resistance the throttle offers and the precision of the stick. Enjoy!
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