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  1. You can check if it does. I think it only works with the Nvidia glasses. But if your TV supports 120hz it should support 3D vision if you have the Nvidia glasses. They cost a bomb though.
  2. Best download Reshade then tweak it yourself to get the desired effect. Levels, tonemapping and the curves shaders should be enough to do the job for your case.
  3. Could be you have DR on? DR kills the fps way worse compared to DL. I have a 1080ti too and with 2048 32 bit clouds and 8x MSAA my frames are always ok.
  4. Leave it on all the time. 8 x MSAA at 1440p.
  5. How about the freeware ship pack from the Avsim Library? I'm guessing it shouldn't change much?
  6. In my own testing I've found that 60cm seems to be the sweet spot. 30cm and below induces stutters and higher loads at dense areas. If you got more than 6 threads for terrain loading it might be a different case. Can anyone tell me if the texture resolution affects scenery placement? I seem to see weirder scenery lines though it might be a placebo effect.
  7. Doesn't that mean they use more overhead like AI Traffic? I don't mind keeping them high if they don't eat into performance.
  8. Thanks for testing that out. I guess it’s best to keep all 3 at 10% be done with it. For ships and boats 10% seems to be more realistic anyway or else it spawns a whole bunch of them in one small area instead of spread out in the ocean lol.
  9. Blurries are always lack of CPU resource and settings balance. Settings Chart.xlsx?dl=0 Those CPU focused settings should be lowered. Especially autogen. MSAA and Dynamic Resolution are largely GPU based. They may cause low fps and stutters but shouldn't cause blurries in any case. Texture resolution even though stated as a GPU heavy setting I've found increases CPU load significantly.
  10. So going from 5% to 10% impacted FPS by 2 only? Interesting. I guess I should go back to 10 from 5 then. Wonder how ships and leisure boats would affect FPS in the same scenario.
  11. It kinda works actually. Use adaptive sync and lock to 1/3 refresh. I have a 165hz monitor and am using 1/4 refresh. Locked to 40fps.
  12. I’ve sent my report to Keven a few days ago. He is looking into it.
  13. What I’ve noticed with my own testing and tweaking is that it is entirely dependent on your autogen settings as well as your core speeds. Open up task manager while flying over dense scenery and look at the threads. If they’re being maxed out consistently that means you could do with more cores dedicated to terrain loading. Also if you see any blurries that immediately means lack of terrain loading resources. I have an 8 core and use AM=255 (means 6 cores for terrain loading), even then I only use dense for scenery complexity and normal for both vegetation and building autogen. Anything more I see my terrain threads at 100% all the time and get autogen popping in. Best play with your settings and find out what’s best for your system. With a 18 core you should be able to do much better with more threads for terrain loading. A guestimate would be 8-10 cores at 4.5ghz with the most current CPU architecture for maxed out autogen. Although you should note that that would mean more stutters and less fps since you now have more threads drawing calls to the main thread and that is the unfortunate bottleneck of this engine. It’s all about the balance.
  14. Those autogen settings were really high for your system. Known to cause stutters and low FPS when all the scenery threads are maxed out and drawing calls to the main thread.
  15. SC stands for soft clouds. I was previously using that. I don't see how it would conflict since I've disabled the cloud textures in Rex Texture Direct + Softclouds.