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  1. [P3D V4] Need help with my sound setup

    Had this issue because my receiver was going into standby if I mute sounds. Check that you set windows audio up properly and also use default device in the p3d options. Make sure you don't switch the default audio device when p3d is running or like in my case let it go into standby which removes the device from p3d and makes things weird with multichannel audio.
  2. So I have been using pc speakers with a sound card till now. The amp on the subwoofer died so I bought a new receiver and sub to replace it. Connected by HDMI to the GPU for audio out. Problem is every time I turn off the receiver to save power during long hauls and what not I lose some audio in the sim. Switches, call outs and warning sounds are all muted while I still get engine and ambient sounds. This happens regardless of the aircraft. It also occurs if I watch a movie by bitstreaming audio to the receiver while in flight. There’s obviously something weird going on with the audio in sim if the audio mode is switched or turned off in multichannel. Is there a way to force enable the sounds back without restarting P3D? Last resort would be to leave the receiver on but mute it instead though I think it will still draw a significant amount of power.
  3. You need a bios mod for that. Unfortunately there are no bios mod tools for pascal thus far.
  4. Have had this issue since 4.0. AFAIK it's a P3D issue that occurs on some systems only. Could be something to do with other addons messing up the autogen,
  5. msi afterburner no osd

    Something to do with the CUDA libraries I guess. I'd rather leave water at ultra than drop it just for an OSD tbh. Can always use Fraps or Shadowplay for FPS counters.
  6. msi afterburner no osd

    Sometimes Rivatuner, the plugin that enables MSI Afterburner to display stats has conflicts with some 3D programs and games. Also you need to make sure it is up and running before you start P3D. It usually auto launches with AB but sometimes it’s bugged. It’s a purple display icon on the notification bar. Mine kinda disappeared as well after the last driver update. Had to manually open Rivatuner.
  7. Rebuilding terrain.cfg

    I don’t have UTX but I figured out that it’s probably Amsterdam X which probably uses the terrain.cfg file instead of scenery cfg. Guess I should reinstall that.
  8. Rebuilding terrain.cfg

    A search revealed someone suggesting to do that on the orbx forum however there aren’t any detailed explanations on the process. I was under the impression that terrain and scenery are separate and addon sceneries would go under scenery.cfg and not terrain.cfg I did make a backup so if anything went wrong I’ll just revert to that. Thanks.
  9. Rebuilding terrain.cfg

    So I’ve been having a few texture morphing and flickering issues. I deleted the terrain cfg file and let P3D build an new one. Then I closed P3D and ran FTX Central. However I noticed the new terrain.cfg file is smaller by a little bit and the texture count is less by about 20? Is there another step I’m missing here? Apart from Orbx global + open lc everything else is add on scenery including freemeshx so that should be it right?
  10. Reshade Problem

    Remove dxgi.dll from your P3D folder.
  11. Nvidia Control Panel and P3D v4

    Fast sync only works above your monitor's refresh.
  12. What’s funny is the coffeelake processors are actually the biggest leap Intel has made in a while. It isn’t the industry hitting a brick wall in this case but a 12 year old engine not being able to take advantage of the additional resources.
  13. Question on stutters

    I would say it shouldn’t matter as they are independent settings but to be safe at the very least match texture resolution to terrain resolution?
  14. Question on stutters

    I don’t really mind the loading time increase but cpu workload increases twofold. Less FPS more stuttering and autogen popping in even with less complex and less dense scenery. Unless you exclusively do VFR or own at least an 6 core 12 thread cpu at 4.8ghz its too much to ask for.
  15. Question on stutters

    Using both applies to 10 only. For a setting of 9 no config entry is required. For 8 use neither. Read his last post again. Let’s not spread misinformation.