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  1. I using currently a around 8 year old PC only with some parts upgraded. The current specs are listet below. But I want a new one which can run flight sim better and with better graphic and frames. Currently at most situations I'm stable of course. But when flying with FSLabs into Amsterdam,Frankfurt etc then it gets worse. Not to mention special addons know been very frames hungry like Gaya Sim etc. I already looked at some points, currently I'm waiting for the new Alder Lake Intel CPU to be released to see prices and value. GPU will be a RTX3080 or a AMD 6800XT better? Any other ideas? RAM will be 32GB for start and later maybe more, SSD is 1TB primary for flightsim and a second one for OS+personal stuff+Lightroom+Photoshop Would look like this: https://mad-gaming.shop/konfigurierbare-pcs/361/intel-gaming-stage-5.1?dvsnConfiguratorKey=98bf48ea368005a7&number=SW10355 Current System Specs:
  2. Hey guys, after the release of the sharklets by FSL I was happy to have a EFB. But on tests it crashs or better simply closes. Sometimes it says "P3Dv4 need to close there was a problem searching for windows solution" and sometimes simply nothing. Below I copy you the crash log but I saw ucrtbase.dll and error code c0000409. I updated Visual Studio and run sfc /scannow (from a command prompt). No result. The thing is that it seems all rest is working good also the FSL normal airbus is flying and doing good and a small flight. Also PMDG and standard planes. When removing the sharklets also it works fine. So the problem is with the sharklets. I read some reports with v5 but they did not help me as I'm using v4.5. I also have not installed anything as I was longer time not home and came back after the release. So the "test" of the airbus was the first thing after some month. Crash log:
  3. I found that it seems the problem is inside %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 . After removing this folder (as suggested in P3D guide) it worked. It seems it is the dll.xml file causing the not starting. I tested and deleted only that file at the end and then it worked. But inside there are only 4 entries by PMDG, RAAS, PMDG HUD. I checked the files linked to the entry and they all exist. Deleting RAAS PRO entry solved the problem. Don't know why, maybe its I have not an Aerosoft airbus installed nor I own the full RAAS version. Maybe its a leftover from my previous Aerosoft airbus version and as I do not fly the A330 at the moment I removed them. Let's see if I can do a flight tomorrow
  4. Not so far I can see. I'm also wondering while its in the task manager still displayed as running and active and also CPU and GPU values are changing. For me that would indicate it still works. But before that day I always had the P3D screen. Sometimes it took 10-15 to load whole P3D, okay. But now it disappears and is only able to exit via the taskmanager. I also tried reboot of my PC and deleting the shader chache and a clean and new P3D.cfg. I'm also running it as Admin just for info.
  5. I made my last flight maybe two weeks ago and today after some night shifts I thought flying again to relax and fly thorugh the fog as we have in real life too. But P3D is starting, you see for around 1min the P3D screen. Then EZCA v2 comes in and in Win10 taskbar the micro icon appears. Suddenly the P3D screen disappears and thats all. Even after 30min nothing happens. In taskmanager it says it's still running using around 25-32% CPU and 666,2MB RAM.GPU is used with 1-3%. Except RAM all values are varying a bit. I did not install something new as I wanted to fly the leg back I flew two weeks ago.
  6. Today I reinstalled the Airbus as I suggested the problem to be there. All other planes where fine so far and did not have problems even on longer tours. Done once again the same flight from Vagar to Keflavik with a fresh FSL and no liveries and extra sounds like cabin. It once again crashed this time around 15min prior approach.
  7. I made some flights today on the same route and without changing settings inside P3D. Scenery and also running tools where exactly the same. Also IVAO was used with the same software. Even weather was nearly the same with clouds layers. But this time I used instead of FS Labs the Aerosoft ones and had no problems. Also on a flight with PMDG NGXu from BIKF to BIAR no problems and no crashs or freezes. So I think the problem is for sure with FSlabs 😞 But no sure whats the problem that it causes these crashs
  8. I now tried some things like updating the visual studios and also flying without IVAO. Always the same and I guess it has something to do with FSL Airbus thing. I'm currently thinking about removing P3D and installing completly new instead of updating since version 4.0. Maybe this can help a bit. And when Corona disese finished and I pass my exams on work I may buy a new PC and upgrade to Windows 10. But putting all things over is lots of work. And not sure if this will kill the problem for me 😞 And also wanted to wait for v5 or MS Flight but no real news for that and if it's worth waiting
  9. Sorry for late reply. I done now 1 short flight from LOWW to LOWI and right now EDDM to LPMA. The short flight was very good and no problems. But again on the flight to LPMA it crashed after around 1,5hrs. Of course I updated the Visuals C++ to the latest version available a few days ago and also the FSLabs is the latest version. P3D is also latest one available. While the crash happend the only programs running where P3D, Active Sky, IVAO client, PFPX, FireFox. While the crash happend I was not at the PC for at least 5min. So it seems longer flights through Europe are not possible with the FSLabs 😞 As described earlier with a PMDG777 on a Long Haul I did not had any problems. Below the crash report
  10. I just had a flight through Europe with FSLabs Airbus and after around 1,5hrs in the air and not doing something at the PC it simply crashed. No warning just the crash. After that I loaded the save file again and all good. But after another 40min its the same crash again. All enroute 😞 Done recently a flight from KSFO to EDDF with B772 by PMDG and all was good. Tested the new QW787-10 at EDDF yesterday evening with a small flight around and got a blue screen. Even with 16GB of RAM installed. I used the program called app crasher to see what the log says but it's not that clear for me. Below in the spoiler there is the log.
  11. Hello, could you also may paint other European and maybe a german Falcon? So we can use it to "simulate" more buisness operations as I'm not the one flying with military ones around. Thanks
  12. For the interior this topic has helped me: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127710-two-clicks-from-making-your-sim-look-a-lot-better/ But now I'm still having the problem that the landing lights not illuminate the ground. Only when I turn on Dynamic lightning within P3D then it worked. But before v4.4 it also worked without DL. I'm afraid that DL will kill my flights due VAS or graphic problems 😕
  13. Hey mates, is it normal that when all lights are off (cold&dark) nearly nothing is visible in the cockpit and outside? The first 2 photos show the plane after cold and dark state insert. The third one is with external lights on and dome light on. The first ones are so dark that you not able to find any knob. Also it seems that landing/taxi lights do not illuminate the ground. I also checked that on a PMDG 777 and its the same there. Strange thing for me as I never had that before in my mind. System: P3D v4.4 Windows 7 x64 GTX 980 TI (one of the latest drivers installed)
  14. I'm not using Milviz. I will now update P3D to 4.4 and see whats happening when doing a flight agai
  15. I already looked into Windows event viewer but there was nothing. I looked only minutes after the crash into the event viewer. My system should be good enough for normal flights as I didn't change the settings or the hardware. Windows 7 Intel i5 4670K 4,20Ghz GTX 980 TI MSI Z87-G45 4x 4GB of DDR3 RAM I also did not update any BIOS or video driver during the last years as that all runs good so far. This thing is really annoying as I don't know why. If it was memory I would may buy new one. If it's something else I could try to solve it. But its frustrating.
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