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  1. scottsware

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I use fsuipc and found that if I use the built in trim option then the trimming was slow to start. If I use the fsuipc key commands ( I think number pad 7 and 1) the trim functions as it does in the real airplane. You only have to hold the the trim down for about a second before it moves. I hope this makes sense.
  2. scottsware

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I forgot to mention, below the AUX panel is where the ATIS pops up. It is also where CPDLC messages (things like the oceanic clearances and other routing/altitude clearances) appear.
  3. scottsware

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I can’t tell if your kidding.😀. Just in case you are not kidding, you cannot in real life kill the aux panel. It is there 100% of the time. It may seem like it’s not useful but it is. Most importantly it has the flight number which we need to remind ourselves who we are. It displays the squawk code, somewhat useful. It also tells which mic is currently in use along with the eplapsed time. The clock is also used on occasion. Sure, it’s debatable how handy it is but it’s undeniably authentic. Regards.
  4. scottsware

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    That's completely reasonable. At that weight I would expect that climb rate or more. I just reviewed a few flight plans from the last 2 months. The landing weight most of the time in a 787-8 was around 320,000. It usually ranges from 320,000 to 340,00. It would be very rare to be climbing at 300,000 LBS.
  5. scottsware

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    The real plane does climb crazy fast. Just so we are on the same page and I can really answer this, are we talking about the 787-8, at sea level and what takeoff weight? You said 150 ton. Does that mean 300,000 LBS? I suspect I might not understand what weight you are using. I'm used to US LBS. If you really mean 300,000LBS then the plane would really climb fast as that is very light for the 787-8. If you have the link handy let me know what it is. I checked YouTube under Blackbox711 did not see anything.
  6. scottsware

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I fly the 787 in real life. I find the QW 787 very realistic and useful in keeping current between flights. I particularly like hand flying it. I find that most the functions I would use on a normal flight work just fine. I have made number flights with the QW787 and found it to feel much like a flight at work. Something I notice about many post regarding these flight sim packages is expecting everything to work every time. This expectation is too high. Every modern plane I have flown has been quirky and didn't always do what it should. The last plane I flew that did what I expected on every flight was the 737-200 and that's because it was so basic. From the 737-300 on I have had to intervene not infrequently. My point is when you are flying and the plane doesn't do what it should, do what a pilot does and either move to a lower level of automation or even turn it off and fix it and complete the flight safely. If there really is bug, tell the developer, developers care very much about their creations ( I know, I write mobile apps on the side). This is just one more impression I have about the QW 787. When I first saw the FSX version of the 787 I thought it didn't look all that real. I hadn't yet been trained on the 787 but was headed to class shortly after I bought the FSX version of the QW787. It wasn't until I started training in the actual sim that I realized that it wasn't the QW 787 that didn't look real. 787 cockpits don't look "real" in the classical sense of a jet. It is a whole different beast than previous airplanes. I'm lucky enough to get to fly both and I'm amazed at how this sim package captures the look and feel of the 787.
  7. scottsware


    Pressing LOC only arms the localizer. Press APPR.
  8. I use the VantEdge Yoke System and for rudder pedals the FlightLink Rudder Control Module. They are not inexpensive but as a RW (large and small) pilot it was worth the price. I saw you didn't like Saitek but I use two side by side. I like to fly a wide range of planes and I swap out the knobs to fit the plane.
  9. All those landing look like typical real word landings. No one nails the touch down spot every time. I think the third landing was the best. You did float a bit on the first two ( I think I have the sequence right). Even the ones you floated on looked just like what I see in real life. Even your control movements seemed normal. It's easy to start moving the yoke around too much. The best you can do is noticed you are "stirring" the stick/yoke and force yourself to stop it. I rate what I saw in your video as extremely realistic.
  10. scottsware

    2D Panel called "Light Sensor"

    I have the same window in the P3D version. Google pmdg light sensor. It seems to be in all the PMDG airplanes or at least many.
  11. The 747 is insanely easy to grease on. I flew the 737 for over 8500 hours and recently left the 320 after 3300 hours. The 737 (300 and 500) were fairly predictable. The 320, I could make a number of smooth landings then bam! The 747 landing pretty mechanically, I listen to the radio altimeter call outs. At 50' start pulling the power off, at 30' start flaring, but not a whole lot, at 10' feet, hold the site picture, which requires a tad bit of back pressure. What I noticed in the sim was you knew you touched down when you heard the spear brake moving back. It's has a loudish servo. I've done 8 landing so far in real life. It was just like the sim. 7 greasers and one so-so. The so-so was my fault. I landed flaps 30 instead of the normal 25, it was windy and the runway was SFO 19L. All a bit non standard. I fixated on the aiming spot and didn't change my focus down the runway in the flare. What I'm trying to say is this simulation is pretty realistic. I think real life is a bit easier to grease it on.
  12. scottsware

    EZdok V2 Released!

    I think the password is: ezdok-camera I think I saw this in the ezdok studio under online help.
  13. scottsware

    Alabeo PA-44 Seminole released!

    Hi Ed, I use the PA-44 in P3Dv3.4. It works great. Scott
  14. scottsware

    Alabeo PA-44 Seminole released!

    I'd like to turn off the flight director. I can't find an off switch. Any ideas? >turning off the Radio Master then back on does it< It seems there should be another way. >There is. I didn't notice the FD/AP MASTR switch below the GPS/ Dooh!
  15. scottsware

    P3DV3 not opening

    The flight that the sim is trying to load my be corrupt. Temporarily remove the files from your computer Documents folder. I use v3 so mine are stored in C:\Users\simflight\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files. Yours maybe slightly different,