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  1. https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=70166
  2. What in that video is "atrocious"? I watched it a number of times. The only thing I can even think of is the airspeed indication as it increases. If it's that then I must confess it looks normal to me. Maybe a better way to say this is when I fly the QW 787 I never notice the airspeed seeming visually off. When I fly the QW 787 I compare the experience to flying the actual 787 it is feels correct to me. If I remember correctly the airspeed is pretty much always jumpy as it accelerates. I haven't been to work since February and I won't be back until after October so I won't be able to compare for some time but as I mentioned, what I see doesn't catch my eye. This video I found isn't great but I saw some jerking as the speed increases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk8MxgjnkDM which is what I expect If I missing something I would be interested to know what you are seeing that I'm missing.
  3. I’ve used this one for years. https://simcontrol.net
  4. On my QW 787 set the trim is HOME/END. I use fsuipc to send those keys when I press a button on my yoke. I do notice is the num lock is set the HOME/END on the keypad doesn’t set the trim. The HOME/END on the standard part of my keyboard still/always functions as well as the button I use through fsuipc.
  5. QW has answered this in their support forum. They are working on it as you would expect. I'm only speaking for myself and not QW. I write apps (not for simulation) and I have a support system. It always amazes me when people post on something other than my support system that they are disappointed I haven't addressed an issue when in fact I have.
  6. Version 1.13 is pretty out of date. I have had good luck with the current version, 1.2-ish.
  7. QW 787 version 1.2.1 and aviaServer work great for me using P3D.
  8. I fly the QW787 on my home flight sim and I fly the B787 when I go to work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The QW787 gives me a feeling of immersion that is quite satisfying. I especially have enjoyed using the iPad integration with the FMC. I have replicated many real world flights I have done with the QW787 and found them to more than close enough. It's possible that my mind fills in any gaps in the simulation with my real world experience. In any case, I never think to myself, “this doesn’t seem realistic” when I fly the QW, just the opposite.
  9. I'll chime in again. I fly the 787 at work and I'm very pleased with the QW 787. I also agree with the title of this thread 😀 I do get the occasional glitch but I get glitches with every software program I've ever dealt with.
  10. You are not alone, as such. It seems that there is always something not working quite right. Part of this is inherent in the complexity of the systems we setup. If you only ran a stock install, only one airplane and a simple joystick then I suspect things would be more reliable. I believe one must approach this hobby expecting that part of the hobby is maintaining and troubleshooting our setup. You can either be frustrated or accept it as a challenge to overcome with joy (that's not quite the right word, but some sot of non-frustration). I go both ways. I have been frustrated many times. I'm going down to my sim soon and full expect to spend some times updating software before I am able to practice some maneuvers. A long as I can practice what I need to practice, I'm calling it a success. To me the trials and tribulations of flight sim mirror real world flying. I fly both jets and G/A. The anomalies that show up in the flight simulation of jets show up and need to be dealt with in the real world. On the G/A side something is always breaking. In the last 2 month I have had to have a fan on G1000 pfd replaced. A new stall warning horn and minor damage repair to wheel pants due to a hard landing. When I feel myself getting upset, I remind myself I like I like airplanes and this comes with liking airplanes. I would be great if everything always worked but alas, I think it never will.
  11. I also have no issues with a TOD. Make sure there is a HARD altitude at the end of the STAR. With no HARD altitude there will be no TOD. This is how it works.
  12. I use fsuipc and found that if I use the built in trim option then the trimming was slow to start. If I use the fsuipc key commands ( I think number pad 7 and 1) the trim functions as it does in the real airplane. You only have to hold the the trim down for about a second before it moves. I hope this makes sense.
  13. I forgot to mention, below the AUX panel is where the ATIS pops up. It is also where CPDLC messages (things like the oceanic clearances and other routing/altitude clearances) appear.
  14. I can’t tell if your kidding.😀. Just in case you are not kidding, you cannot in real life kill the aux panel. It is there 100% of the time. It may seem like it’s not useful but it is. Most importantly it has the flight number which we need to remind ourselves who we are. It displays the squawk code, somewhat useful. It also tells which mic is currently in use along with the eplapsed time. The clock is also used on occasion. Sure, it’s debatable how handy it is but it’s undeniably authentic. Regards.
  15. That's completely reasonable. At that weight I would expect that climb rate or more. I just reviewed a few flight plans from the last 2 months. The landing weight most of the time in a 787-8 was around 320,000. It usually ranges from 320,000 to 340,00. It would be very rare to be climbing at 300,000 LBS.
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