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  1. Is it possible we are getting a bit overexcited for 3.0 simply because it "seems" like it will be a big change due to the use of "3.0"? I'm trying to wrap my head around what might actually change (besides 64 bit)
  2. Couple things: 1. It's www.CodeLegend.com (no "s" after legend) 2. I'm sort of in agreement with louisdecoolste - The original post just "feels" a touch spammy. Maybe clean it up a touch also? A bit painful to read through with the formatting on there right now.
  3. After dabbling in SLI, I also have decided I'm single card kind of guy. It also helps me to not get so hammered in $ pain when I want to always grab the latest and greatest card all the time.
  4. Awesome!!!! I gotta do something like this.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think sitting really close is the whole point (and enabled by 4k resolutions) so that the cockpit and gauges can get even closer to "real life size & feel", yeah?
  6. AWESOME! Post some pics of that setup, please!!!
  7. Nice pics Mitch. They definitely highlight how much XPX needs some way (or 3rd parties) to make regions look much much more specialized to where they are. That unfortunately looks basically nothing like the South Pacific (the water, the islands, the foliage, on and on)
  8. I mostly agree with all that enjoy the occasional excited/positive post. I was mainly saying (as others above seem to have echoed a bit) that it could be toned down a hair and still be every bit as effective without inducing the "eye rolls" that I tend to get upon first glance. (...and others who have PM'ed me the same thought) I think my years and years....and years of waiting on things from Laminar has just made me less excited than some about XPX, which is 100% on me of course (fully admit that).... The progress of late has definitely been great to see though. No question about that!
  9. Sorry about that - you're right. I read through your post in my email client which jumbled all the quotations up... (edited above post)
  10. For my post at least, It was not meant as "personal attack" at all... Honestly, it was simply feedback for Mitch as I've been reading variations of the "over the top" posts for a long long time now. There is no way to say what I said in any more of a gentle fashion and I think it's OK to say things that are feedback oriented. Those won't always be all positive! Edited
  11. It does look superb! ...but you do realize your comparison to OrbX is flawed right? Even Andreas I'm sure would chime in and point out that OrbX products are doing more for a region than just mesh.
  12. Honestly Mitch, your posts do tend to come across as indescribably over the top "positive, amazing, blow me away, best thing since oxygen" at times. ...Which is fun for excitement value I guess, but it doesn't lead a reader to believe that the post will be particularly objective. I don't know this Roland (Sparkie) user personally, but maybe that's what he/she meant?
  13. Yep - Allllll that waiting and speculation and the Fury X is dead on arrival if you ask me. Needs to cost less than the 980 Ti otherwise there is very little reason to buy it, especially if you factor in driver support.
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