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  1. Couple things: 1. It's www.CodeLegend.com (no "s" after legend) 2. I'm sort of in agreement with louisdecoolste - The original post just "feels" a touch spammy. Maybe clean it up a touch also? A bit painful to read through with the formatting on there right now.
  2. Interesting. I tried this and I *think* it might be doing something, but it might also be placebo. haha Can anyone else confirm any results either way on this?
  3. It's a total bummer when beautiful mountains look like melting snow cones from afar.
  4. Yep - That's precisely what I'm doing right now (Lancair Legacy RG w/ FF2) and it's simply AWESOME w/ FF2 & FS-Force
  5. Thank you for all the comments about FS-Force to all My used MS Force Feedback 2 arrived and I bought FS-Force. I have *no idea* how I was flying without this before. It's a magical addition - especially the trim. FS-Force is worth every single penny (the FF2 also - amazing for how old it is)
  6. Can anyone please share how much FS-Force costs? I can't find it for some reason (or am overlooking it somehow)
  7. Are you guys talking about the FS Force software? And if so, how much are they charging for it?
  8. Did they abandon the other yoke option? I was hoping for a more GA style control yoke
  9. Could you share some impressions of your FF experience in P3D using your joystick and that software combo? Worth it? Recommended? Thx
  10. Huge reason is that they want the virtual training "sky" to be appropriately densely packed with flying users at most times to better simulate real world atc. Next step is probably rolling in Seattle/Vancouver type area and connecting for "down the coast" flights or something
  11. Need better weather depiction (more layers). Hope it's a huge priority.
  12. As I mentioned in the title of this post, I am simply hoping for a slider to tweak the Auto-gen scale to the liking of the user. The default looks silly at certain altitudes. XPX's handling of autogen scale seems to be better.
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