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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the virtual reality experience using my Oculus Rift. I knew the resolution would not be optimum however as much as I enjoy the immersion I am unable to read my instrument panels to read altitude or airspeed or any other gauges or dials. Also finding airports is next to impossible as you must be right on top of them before you can differentiate the airport from the surrounding terrain. If the aiport has a VASI they are easier to find. Is this typical for those of you using Oculus with P3D? I meet the minimum computer requirements and ram however I am wondering if a newer more powerful graphics card would help. I have a GeForce GTX 780. From what I read Oculus recommends a minimum GeForce GTX 970. I don't want to upgrade if a new card wont improve the clarity. Is the blurriness a function of the video card or the Oculus itself? If not a new video card is there any other way to improve the clarity? Thanks for anyone who can offer some help.
  2. Many thanks. I looked at that but I didn't know if that was the correct version until I downloaded it and it asked if I wanted to install to V3 or V4 or both.
  3. First let me say I love the 737NGX. I have looked everywhere and cannot find where to download the new installer for the 737NGX for version 4 of P3D. Can someone provide the link or give instructions on where I can find the installer? Another issue I have is that I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the update and had been checking PMDGs website daily yet no mention of the update. It was only when I was checking on the availability of addons for Version 4 did I come across information the the 737NGX for version 4 was available. I cant understand why this was not on PMDGs home page. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I finally have my throttle and rudder working. Apparently the version of FSUIPC I was downloading was the correct version however I could not access it as it said it wasn't registered. So I purchased a new license on Simmarket. When I downloaded the version off Simmarket I got the message a later version was already loaded on my computer. So I used the new registration key with the latest software version of FSUIPC that I located on Pete's website. I now have an operation version of FSUIPC. I was able to use FSUIPC to assign the throttle and rudder. Now I am finally flying. Yippee! I will now do all of my assignments of keys and axis as well as calibration through FSUIPC. It can appear very daunting at first but after a thorough reading of Pete's manual I can at least start assigning and flying. Such a shame that it took all this to get flying when older versions of P3D were a cinch to calibrate flight controls and get flying. Best of luck to anyone else having this problem. But if you are having problems with flight controls, FSUIPC is the way to go to get you up and flying.
  5. I have the latest version of FSUIPC
  6. Very frustrated here. Bought version 3.0 when it first came out but never flew it as I couldn't fly using my joystick. Elevator and ailerons were functioning but not my throttle or rudder control. Regrettfully I uninstalled version 3.0 and reinstalled version 2.5 along with all of my addons. I was excited to see this problem was to be addressed in version 3.1. So after downloading version 3.1 and doing a total reinstall of version 3.1 I still cannot calibrate my controller. There is a calibrate screen now but I am unable to assign my throttle or rudder axes. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. I have not seen anyone post about this issue on Avsim but have seen some people post on P3D forum about their controller problems. I have a Saitek Cyborg EVO Force which has worked flawlessly for years but not with Version 3.0 or 3.1 of Prepar3d. I have long been a supporter of Prepar3d and have had nothing but praise for the software. But lately I am becoming concerned about such a basic problem that exists in this developing software. If I need to purchase a new controller fine but it would be nice to know ahead of time if my controller is not compatible with the latest version of P3D. But apparently even people with newer controllers than mine are experiencing problems. I have downloaded the latest drivers from Saitek. I have windows 7 and a computer capable of running P3D and a lot of addons that runs with FPS in mid 30's. I would appreciate any help anyone can give to get me up and flying with version 3.1. Thanks.
  7. tkellogg

    What's going on with P3D

    I don't appreciate the comment about my topic being pointless. I appreciate Robs reply about what LM plans to address in version 3.0 and a rough estimate of its release. For those who don't have any information no need to make derogatory statements just cause you're outside the loop. Rob would you mind directing me to LMs post about version 3.0. I had been following it but have been unable to find any information lately. Thanks again for those who responded positively.
  8. tkellogg

    What's going on with P3D

    Oh I didn't see that. Can u provide a link to that thread
  9. tkellogg

    What's going on with P3D

    It seems to me that it's been rather quiet on the forums about upcoming updates or new versions for P3D. Just curious if Rob or anyone else knows what we can look forward to and any timeframes of what we have to look forward to in newer versions or updates.
  10. First off let me say I love ORBX Palm Spring airport. Beautiful job ORBX. But since installing my sim stutters about every 10-15 seconds with FPS dropping from 45-60 down to 9 FPS momentarily causing annoying stutters. It did not due this prior to installation of Palm Springs and does not do this when I remove Palm Springs from my scenery file. Anyone else experience this and if so have you discovered a solution to the problem with stuttering? Thanks.
  11. tkellogg

    Aerosoft support sucks

    No I never got any response from aerosoft as to how to try and resolve this. They could have offered to allow a credit towards the cd in order to solve the problem and I would have paid the difference. I only asked for a refund when they wouldn't offer any support in trying to resolve my problem.
  12. tkellogg

    Aerosoft support sucks

    Propane my reason for stating my background including my flight experience was not meant to pull rank but rather a response to the condescending response from those who have "been around the forum a long time." As if I was some kind of new kid on the block. I have been affiliated with aviation as a vocation as well as a hobby for over forty years. Not pulling rank, just trying to point out this ain't my first time at the rodeo.
  13. tkellogg

    Aerosoft support sucks

    This was my first purchase with aerosoft. Blessedly I have not tried your download software as I have two different download software's that have worked flawlessly. I have no intention of ever buying anything else from aerosoft so I saw no reason to use a new download software. As to my choice of words in the topic I did so because I knew it would initiate a response. Probably a little more political correctness is justified butI was reacting to their lack of support