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  1. I am referring to the the latest version of the FSL A320X (32-bit) meant for use with FSX: FSLabs_A320X_FSX_v1.0.1.310 released only a few days ago.
  2. Hi Andrew, As I had written, I have upgraded to the latest FSX version and I had tried the two alternative sets of codes you have provided for the P3D versions. They do not work in the latest FSX version. Regards, Chakko.
  3. Hi, I have just upgraded to the latest FSX version of the FSL A320X: FSLabs_A320X_FSX_v1.0.1.310 The following controls, which used to work with version FSLabs_A320X_v1.0.1.197_FSX, no longer work now: -- Engine 1 Master Switch ipc.control(66587, 78187) -- lift ipc.control(66587, 78189) -- down ipc.control(66587, 78186) -- shift -- Engine 2 Master Switch ipc.control(66587, 78192) -- lift ipc.control(66587, 78194) -- down ipc.control(66587, 78191) -- shift I have listed the controls and parameters in the format I use for FSUIPC-LUA scripting. I tried using the controls/parameters that are listed for same switches in the P3D versions (available in the downloads section of this forum), but they do not work either. Would anyone be able to confirm this, and if necessary, list the updated controls/parameters. Thanks, Chakko Kovoor.
  4. Hi everyone, I have the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII in FSX. I wonder if someone could clarify whether the same 2-D popup panels are available on the new 747-8 in FSX: i.e. all 6 DU's, 3 CDU's, Radios, MCP and ISFD. And is there a separate 2-D popup for the EFB? Thanks,
  5. Hello, I run the PMDG 747 v3 (QOTSII) on a multi-monitor touchscreen-equipped Server PC (FSX SP2, WIn7 x64) and display the scenery on 7 networked Client PC's, using WidevieW-X, and also use WideTraffic-X to 'see' the AI traffic spawned by VOX ATC. The system has worked well with a variety of aircraft including the PMDG 747 v2, FSLabs A320X, AS CRJ700, DA Fokker 100 and Majestic Dash8 Q400. But with the PMDG 747 v3 (QOTSII) I get severe periodic stutters on the Clients whenever I switch on WideTraffic-X. Switching off WideTraffic-X (effectively rendering the AI aircraft at the clients invisible) immediately restores the frame-rates. The PMDG 747 v3 is the only aircraft in my collection to cause this behaviour. I am hoping that there will be other WideTraffic-X + PMDG 747v3 users within this form with whom I can compare notes. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for this clarification, @Qavion2 ....... I am familiar with Alternate Action. However, I do have a question about whether this Autostart switch is, on the basis of its electromechanical design, momentary contact (physically non-latching or springs back to non-depressed location on release of pressure) or maintained contact (physically latches into a depressed position when pressed on). Interestingly, I had the same confusion with nomenclature while building an AFCAS+EFIS for my (Digital Aviation) Fokker 100, which might be of interest: Pushbutton switches on EFIS and AFCAS Thank you!
  7. I thank you, @PMDG777 and @Iceman2 for your explanations. What I found puzzling about this 'customer option', at least as depicted in the PMDG version in my screenshot, is that the AUTO selector (SINGLE/BOTH) remains even after the momentary AUTOSTART switch is removed. Anyway, after activating the option via the FMC, all is well as far as I am concerned.
  8. Dear Chris, Thank you for your prompt response to my query. It is as you say......I believe you must know this simulation like the back of your hand...... Thanks again,
  9. Hi everyone, This is a screenshot of the Engine Start Panel on my GE model (PMDG House livery) 747-400v3 (QOTSII): I was under the impression that all GE models would have a (momentary with annuntiator) Autostart Switch, in the area I have circled.. Could someone please clarify. Thanks, Chakko. (FSX SP2 Win7x64)
  10. Hi everyone, I am coding some LUA scripts to interface the PMDG 747 v3 (which I purchased last week) to my hardware, using the published SDK and FSUIPC offsets. I have a question regarding replicating the various states of the electrical panel. I will illustrate the problem with some screenshots and the associated state variable (FSUIPC offset) concerning the Battery Switch: (1) Cold and Dark: Battery switch is BLANK (FSUIPC offset, type, name) ("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 0 (2) Here I have the engines running: Battery Switch displays "ON" ("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 1 (3) Here I have switched off the Battery and all the Bus Ties and Gen Cont 1: Battery Switch displays "OFF" ("644C", "UB", "ELEC_Battery_Sw_ON") = 0 The problem is that the published offsets allow for only 2 states of the battery switch, but there are 3 possible outcomes = ON/OFF/BLANK. How is one to determine programmatically when to get the Battery Switch to display a BLANK? I tried using the A:var (A:CIRCUIT AVIONICS ON, bool) but to no avail. The Battery Switch is only one instance of the problem I am facing. Almost all of the other switches on the Electrical panel have this third state which does not appear to be determined by a published offset. Thanks,
  11. Hi, Could someone please list the 2-d popup (panels) available with the PMDG 747 QOTS II. Are they the same as are available with the PMDG 777 (CDUs, MCP, Radio Panels, PFD, ND)? Thank you,
  12. Hello Mike, I know this refers to an old post, but I want to thank you for this information. I was having trouble getting the Level-D B767 acknowledge the existence of (FlyTampa)-VHHX in the FMC, and then, with the help of this post, found that I had used tabs instead of spaces in the relevant wpnavapt.txt file. Replacing the tabs with the correct number of spaces solved the problem. Regards, Chakko Kovoor.
  13. Hi, Another way of solving this problem is to modify the LUA for use with FS2Crew: (1) Remove the call for After-Landing Flow; it is unnecessary. (2) Only precondition for computing and setting T/O Flap is that aircraft should be on Ground. Remove the condition that the engines should be running. (3) Only precondition for computing and setting Landing Flap is that aircraft should not be on Ground. So here is how to modify the LUA: Open the original LUA in Notepad or Notepad++ and search for this text: --returns 1 if on ground and engines not running, 2 if in air and 3 if on ground with engines running function GetState() local onGround = GetOnGround() local enginesRunning = 0 local eng1 = GetQ400Value(56911) local eng2 = GetQ400Value(56888) if (eng1 > 0 or eng2 > 0) then enginesRunning = 1 end if (onGround == 1) then if (enginesRunning == 1) then return 3 else return 1 end else return 2 end end and replace it entirely with this text: --returns 1 if on ground, 2 if in air function GetState() local onGround = GetOnGround() if (onGround == 1) then return 1 elseif (onGround == 0) then return 2 end end and then save the modified file as Q400VspeedsFS2C.lua in the Modules folder. You should now be able to select and assign this new LUA from your FSUIPC4 menu. Let me know if you have any problems with this mod. Chakko.
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