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  1. Hi, Ive seen threads similar to this so many times with regards to P3D v4.5, with no reponses that seem to solve it. When on the ground at certain airports, and randomly by the looks of things, P3D goes from running smoothly (40fps) to suddenly running at 10fps or so for no reason. The only way to get it back to the normal FPS is to Alt Tab and maximinise minimise the window in random order until it regains the FPS. Now the only programme that links this bug seems to be GSX but to no avail this has never been answered or solved by them. Has anyone had the same issue / had the same issue that has resolved it? It seems like changing views seems to trigger it more, but even so, there are too many reported bugs with regards to this to have it unanswered. Cheers, A
  2. Hello, Trying to run GSX after installing EIDW and just get an error saying COUATL has failed and in the error log get this message: couatl v4.0 (build 4475) panic log started on Wed Mar 3 20:06:58 2021 problem raised by engine or unspecified addon {'Airport': 'EIDW', 'User Pos': (53.42019170528212, -6.24973827973008, 75.6508 m, 1.88976 m, 336.4800109807401)} Does anyone know how to resolve this? Regards, Alex
  3. Hi Guys, My GCRR looks like this: https://ibb.co/52hhMHw I have ORBX Europe installed but regardless of if i placed MK Studios Lanzarote above / below it it remains the same, can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers, Alex
  4. This sucks so bad man 😞 IF anyone still has the original installer and is willing to share it'd be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I'll stick to a Cessna appearing as a 747 online for now ...
  5. Forgive me for asking but does anyone have the installer they are willing to share or point me in the right direction for another similar programme? Juts done a clean install of P3D and forgot to back up and FLAI files.
  6. Ive not installed / modified anything new since the sim ran properly last. Its litereally been since I used a new monitor but hardware shouldn't affect the sim. Any other ideas?
  7. Still nothing I'm afraid even after deleting the shaders. I noticed P3D doesnt even show up in the windows taskbar at all (normally it appears straight away).
  8. Hi All, Having a problem launching P3D v4.5 I have recently purchased a new monitor and since Ive used it P3D doesnt load. The P3D splash screen comes on only to lead to a blank screen. I noticed also in task manager that P3D is running under a "background application"? I have updated graphics drivers and I have attempted a fresh P3D.cfg but nothing seems to want to make the sim load? After the splash screen vanishes the sim doesnt appear in the task bar, and it just appears to be running in the background process in task manager and thats it. But the sim vanishes from any kind of view? Can anyone help? Cheers, Alex
  9. I bet the killer then could be between the 1080p and 4K which makes sense?
  10. Says the user that posts exact system specs in his signature? Obviously its apparent your not mature enough to have a discussion so I suggest you leave this thread and comment on something more in line with your intelligence quota.
  11. You seem mature? I presume you don't understand the definition of forum. I can post what I like or what I feel is a discussion. Clearly you are incapable of understanding that.
  12. As I quoted in my first post, the first sentence reads "(but thats a seperate issue".
  13. Nope, used it for a day and VFR around the North of England, and had absolutely 0 issues?
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