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  1. Ah yes, ok I had to read that three times! Thanks @bendead for the reply. A typo for sure. I imagine it's the weather but who knows!
  2. Much appreciate your comments as always Michael! I was happy when they said focus would be on bug fixing, but it seams whatever they do people are not going to be happy! 😉 On the quality control, that's a given really and Jorg has mentioned it several times in the Q&A. I absolutely agree of course but I think we have to accept this is something they need to manage in the background as I'm sure many third party developers are waiting on a number of bugs to be fixed so that wheel has to keep turning and we have to keep reporting issues... Put it this way, you've just walked into St Thomas Hospital in London and asked them to close the wards for 2 months because they need repainting, all the while there are 6 million people in the UK with a backlog of operations to have. Yeah that's not going to go down well! 🙂
  3. Hey @bendead sorry but I'm finding your comment hard to understand. They've made it perfectly clear currently they are working on improving the weather API in Web Assembly in the SDK - it's a start. Wish lists are exactly that a wish list, not a contract to be held accountable and I'm sure you'd appreciate adding new API calls for both weather and terrain isn't a trvial task.
  4. I feel your dissapointment @bobcat999 but on the patch front they obviously don't have a date, but it would have been curtious to explain where they are. The news update is a bit light given we've waited so long. On the holiday front, why are so many folks upset? Asobo and Microsoft will have staff rolling off on there Christmas hols over the next week or so just like any other company, it doesn't mean the entire company is off from when this news update was posted. They probably decided they can't for any reason make any key decisions now before Christmas so will reconvience in the new year. I'm on my holidays as well, now I'm feeling guilting with these comments!
  5. Yes true, I wonder though there has been a lot of plane releases and I'm sure many more down the pipe over Christmas and if these requiring fixes themselves are hijacking and stalling this 'hotfix' being released.
  6. Rushing patches out to a deadline got us into this mess in the first place. If I was Asobo I would say in my best Harry Enfield voice to Microsoft: NOOOOOOOO, it gets done when it's ready!!!! 😀 This is looking like a good patch, it would be a shame to not fix something now which they thing is fixed or worst still break something new.
  7. Is this a bug? Review your current bandwidth with something like Network Speed Test, are you getting what your plan tells you? Also you could maybe turn your graphics settings down to lower the network demand or ignore the warning. The message is telling you the simulator is struggling to download enough scenery to maintain detail while you are flying. Disabling rolling cache can have great benefits if you have fast bandwidth but if you don't, you really should have it enabled as scenery will progressively update and consider cache areas you frequently fly in.
  8. Yeah but you know why we've had these problems right? It's because they have hard release dates and 15 different teams and 32 branches and they try and crunch it all together at the last second with an inexperienced QA team and it all turns to jelly. At least with this hotfix the community is getting a decent stab at testing and there is no release date pressure. I'd like to see less promises and a bigger window for the release. I'd like to see earlier access for the beta and of course Asobo building out there QA teams with proper flight experience. Hey I guess I'd like a lot but it is nearly Christmas so, heres hoping Santa delivers!
  9. I think you've overstated that to be honest. They found an issue with the Xbox (console) version and they've pulled that version. The PC version is still available for purchase. Of course it's right they offer refunds given they anticipate the Xbox to be out for a couple of months. It's not great for Xbox console users but if the product has fundamental issues, then pulling it from the store is the only option. In a recent Q&A with Asobo, Robert Randazzo talked about the relationship with Asobo and even then he mentioned the difficulty as they are developing systems within more of the framework of MSFS. So it's going to be difficult, add to that Xbox support (which they don't have to do I might add) and you have a challenging development period, but make no mistake Robert realises the fruits working on the MSFS platform and I'm sure in the long road these are just minor bumps. Nothing more.
  10. Can I play devils advocate here 🙂 I'm with Seb on this. You can change the settings for trees, grass and bushes which affect the vegetation draw distance. My understanding from the Q&A was that Seb would consider pushing this out further. I'm confused why you are confused 🙂 honestly am I missing something obvious here? There is an excellent article in the forums for optimising graphical settings in MSFS. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-su5-complete-retest-8-2-2021/132407
  11. VR's in good place right now Ryan performance wise. VR Flight Sim Guy (10900K + RTX 3090) can run the new high resolution Varjo Aero pretty smoothly - most VR headsets run really well now in MSFS with only reasonable VR specs machines. I'm guessing probably the Pimax 8K X would be challenge on any system and the Pimax Reality well yeah that will take a beast of a PC!
  12. I get what you are saying but given the turn around for these patches is every month, 2-3 weeks user testing seems pretty generous. It's really about making sure what they've delivered isn't breaking anything and performing as expected.
  13. The screenshots are always good but I think this might be the first winner I actually agree with 🙂, a fantastic creepy atmospheric shot from isaiahnparadise.
  14. No intention to go air racing either but I'll buy the full package to support the developers. 60 dollars I believe. Also remember just getting the air racing in the game has already improved core multiplayer experience and added numerous flight model and visual effects into the core sim (which I imagine will come with Sim Update 7) so the Reno air racing development will not be lost on the rest of us either.
  15. Why are you lot so ungreatful. Lets not forget only the Microsoft product stack makes this game possible, on top of that they are dedicated to a 10 year development cycle with regular updates and news reports. It's a fantastic time in simulation right now for me personally and the updates in the GOTY edition are considerable and delivered my many different teams other than Microsoft and Asobo for completely free. Please show some respect!
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