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  1. That's not in the spirit of previous Microsoft Flight Simulators which have cause more PC upgrades than I can imagine! 😂 (that was a joke by the way! - I'm sure 32GB will not be necessary.)
  2. A bit harsh. No it's fine for me, more than fine! I would imagine the water will get updated at some point as I've seen different colour waters in the videos, as that will make a huge difference to places like the Caribbean and the Bahamas.
  3. Welcome to these forums @Machdiamond - first post on (new?) AVSIM ✅ 😂😂😂
  4. If it aint broke? Anyway the variables are not important persay, its how they effect the simulation.
  5. TBM 900 was seen in the original trailer too.
  6. This ^^^^. Orbx created 100's castles and churches for the UK. How many castles and churches have we seen so far... From what I've seen on the videos the streaming ability has afforded Microsoft to use higher quality textures which is great but the points of interest and general love and care for these places even with Bing behind them will be behind what Orbx can achieve because as Lionel Fuentes put it, "The world is BIG!".
  7. Would have been nicer with a poll 😂
  8. But it will be first days after release?
  9. Exactly what I was thinking, the OP is suggesting MSFS will have matured in a year. Maybe this person is forgetting the product is still very much in development and it will take most of this, if not next year before it is released. Oh gosh I said next year - what an numpty - like software never gets delayed ever!... 😂
  10. Your title of the post is really confusing, according to your title it appears Microsoft have released a feedback snapshot for tech alpha 2... yeah right 😁
  11. Probably true but thankfully those at Microsoft who think that way are not the people developing the sim. Asobo and the Microsoft Flight Simulator team seem as passionate as any team I have witnessed developing video games and that includes the likes of Rockstar, Blizzard, Valve...
  12. Birds eye imagery is of no use. But yes they must be updating so eventually we'll see improvements.
  13. Tech alpha 2 drops after the new invites have access, no need to worry.
  14. Where is the evidence for this? Microsoft's statement simply implies those who registered for tech alpha 1 will be registered for tech alpha 2. It does not mean they are guaranteed access.
  15. I think you are right, you will have to suck it up for a while. Microsoft and Asobo are building a platform in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you'll not get 1000's of custom airport or planes, but guess what 3rd party developers do best, airports and planes. Hopefully though that investment has already provided many hours of enjoyment and will continue to do so, the flight experience is the key so may be just continue to use what you have until you can consider some new purchases in the new sim to provide a like for like experience, afterall you can't fly from all those airports at the same time now can you. Good luck!
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