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  1. A bit harsh about the Forth Bridges, they look great for free scenery! 🙂 Well we know London is one of photogrammetry cities and I imagine Orbx will patch there city update to blend in just like Drzewiecki Design's did with Seattle.
  2. Complete opposite but I fully understand your point of view. This is the same for any new release of Flight Simulator and even more so here with a completely new team and architecture I feel what you want as you rightly say will take time. Aerosoft who are an official partner of Microsoft and Asobo look like they are releasing the CRJ soon so that might be worth weighing in to once it's released otherwise take your time. From my own personal experience I couldn't be happier. Carando's level is great for me haha! I love the sight seeing and now that I have VR smooth (the trick was to overclock my 9900K to 4.7Ghz) then this now is the dream sim, so many places to explore and a growing array of nice aircraft to use, sure the sim still has issues but what I get in return is overwhelmingly positive and puts a silly smile on my face everytime I slip on the G2 headset.
  3. I'm watching the video now but what I do know is the video capture/mirror bares no relation to what you experience in the headset. To avoid motion sickness you need pretty high fps - in X-Plane it means hitting a solid 45fps where SteamVR motion smoothing can double to 90fps which is the standard of most VR headsets refresh rate. For MSFS using a technology called OpenXR you can actually manufacture a 'third frame' so theoretically to hit 90fps the sim only needs to render 30fps allbeit at your headsets native resolution per eye but how well that works I can't tell you.
  4. That was my thinking as well. If these developers are providing there efforts for free then why not open an engagement with Microsoft and allow everybody in. Exciting stuff. I've always cautioned a full study sim experience for the masses so long as the aircraft remains accessible I.e. shortcuts etc so making this available as a free update on the store much like Aerosoft's Paderborn airport sounds like a sensible choice. I do wonder if there is more to it than that though... 🤔
  5. I'm guessing people know by now what the suprise is... It's a really cool one! 🙂
  6. LOL If you had watched the last Q and A you would know. The preview videos where taken from dev builds which is different to the public build but they do have a lot of areas which need to be hand masked ready to be included again - I think they did update some areas but the update got removed for some reason. Patience.
  7. Interesting I don't use third party photogrammetry which can slow loading down but apart from taking time to get into the sim, I find loading a flight is 2 to 3 times faster than DCS World and X-Plane. The loading times are remarkaly quick. The last third of the loading does appear to be prep for streaming data so I guess if you have a slow internet connection this could drag out the loading but really it's super quick for me (once in the sim).
  8. You might be right about advanced third party development in MSFS excluding the 747 and 320 mods of course. Me personally I love this sim so much, especially the GA flying. You should step out of your comfort zone 🙂 and try GA flying - its amazing in MSFS and when VR comes around I can't think of anything better than to relax in MSFS and watch the sun going down on the way to the Bahamas...
  9. The weird thing is the japan photogrammetry update in MSFS hasn't been updated in Bing yet. Al least if I search Bing 3D cities Yokohama and Tokyo comes up empty.
  10. I can't vouch for this myself but I've seen some youtube streams and posts if you own the premier version with the high detail Denver and buy the DLC as well it clashes and the old objects are not excluded. It's up to the developer to exclude content from the sim but they may have developed against the standard version - it's not the first time that a premier/deluxe content has 'interfered' with a DLC but it's 100% the fault of the 3rd party developer. Anyway did some digging and it looks like 1.03 should fix these issues so folks don't have to delete the Asobo version, which is great! From the MSFS Forums...
  11. LOL Chris my friend you can only make a statement like that if you believe there were no other bottlenecks other than the GPU, somehow I find that hard to believe.
  12. I don't know for MSFS but looking at the same products for P3D and X-Plane - the focus is definately on McCarran but they have modelled the strip as well. So I would expect some additional landmarks to be added. I've seen a few DLC landmark updates for existing photogrammetry areas like Tokyo and the effects can be great especially at night, so this should be good. https://www.flytampa.org/klas.html
  13. Sounds like you are describing #18 and not #3? I can confirm "Lightening in mostly sunny skies" statement for me is accurate as I witnessed the same thing during flights in south America with real world weather.
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