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  1. Well said! This is my biggest hope and at the same time my biggest fear for FSW!
  2. The old discussion....It is what you want it to be. For me subjectively perceived a simulator is just a genre of a game. It can be "gamey" or "real world simulated". Depends what are you doing. I don`t see any difference between x-plane, FSX, P3D, FSW, or even MS Flight. All of them are flight simulators, some with more procedure/real world simulation, some more arcade. Some say if you use it for training it is a simulator, if you use it for fun it is a game.
  3. A bit OT, but in a nutshell, MSFlight was techology wise ahead of all Flight Sims, but lacking content and a bad DLC politic with cokpitless planes and a bit too "gamey" look for the hardcore simmers. MS received a sheatstorm and pulled the plug. AFAIK DTG has only FSX code, not the advanced from MS Flight. Otherwise they already had the features ready that they are coding now. ( volumetric clouds, checklists etc...)
  4. On each Airport was a "jobboard". A selection of random Airports where you had to fly random cargo or passengers to. Even some 100$ Hamburger taxi flights, different weights and distances to travel. The passengers abd the livestock cargo also made some noises :)
  5. Auto-generated jobs/missions like in MS Flight.
  6. Crysis said it was just a hotfix for something. No content change. Maybe just for security reasons.
  7. You did it? Thank you, this aircraft i like the most. Not only in MS Flight but overall. Did most of my flight simming hours in the MS Flight Maule. Love it and still miss it. Looking forward to your contributions in FSW.
  8. I hope we don`t need ORBX, but DTG is doing something big with the ground scenery as they did in thhe sky with trueSky. I don`t want FSW to look the same like a pimped FSX/P3D. Fingers crossed they make their promises true and bring the flight sim to the next level. Even, or especially on the scenery...
  9. FSW

    Indeed, it still has some issues, but it isn`t completed yet. Bugfixing and content creation pending- it looks that this could be the real successor,
  10. [Area.127] Title=@IDS_AREA122_NorthAmerica Local=Addon Scenery\FreeMeshX - North America Layer=127 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.128] Title=@IDS_AREA123_Europe Local=Addon Scenery\FreeMeshX - Europe Layer=128 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE
  11. No, they are rotating as they should clockwise and counterclockwise. But they installed the Propeller Blade Set on the wrong positions. They just have to change left vs. right, direction of rotation is ok.
  12. Same applies for the Seneca.
  13. I wonder if this is possible. I loved MSFlight, but it`s dead sadly. I just asked myself if it is possible to convert my beloved MSFlight CarbonCub SS and Maule into the "succesor" FSW.
  14. That would be better than it is now. MS Flight was way better than FSW is now in the actual state. I still don`t know if DTG will surprise us or if they ar just naive.