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  1. Check out Job Board from MSFlight it auto-generated transport missions with cargo/livestock and passengers. It was awsome. I proposed to Zendesk that they implement that. But yes, the FSX missions were great, i also enjoyed a ton of the self-mades here on avsim.
  2. Say about MSFlight (2012) what you want, but the missions were EPIC and that activities like daily Aerocache hunt and the best: Jobboard Like a built-in FSEconomy, but more live and interactive. I really miss those activities! MSFS 2020 has a lot of bugs and misssing features, but is still awesome. But it in addition it needs something that keeps me/us engaged. MSFlight did it -although all its flaws- with these epic and engaging and motivating activities. It kept me and a lot others people bonded to that sim years after it died. And it brought a lot of fresh casual gamers into the flightsim world. I know there is this GAME - SIMULATOR issue... but everybody can choose if he wants to use it as Simulator or Game - i like BOTH ! PLEASE MS/ASOBO add more interactive activties like mentioned above, and please improve Multiplayer experience. I cant talk or chat right now to my fellow wingmen...
  3. Dont use active pause but "pause on/off" all problems solved !
  4. Open the MFD and treanfer to 2nd Monitor works!!

    Only issue the hard knobs and dial on the bottom are missing.


    1. SimFx


      Great to hear that it works, that makes it a pretty convenient feature. Thanks for letting me know.

      Yeah I know about the knobs and dials, the secondary window is definitely restricted to displaying screens..

  5. Yup same here. Sometimes they even reappear after restart.
  6. Adjusting sensitivity does not do the trick. There is only exponential curve or linear adjustment, but no real sensitivity. In addititon i found that only 50% of the travel range of the joystick axis are being used. In sim it is at 100% while the physical range on joystick is only at 50%. i have a Logitech Extreme3DPro.
  7. Here is a workaround that should fix it until they get it sorted out. it worked for me now,
  8. Still cant login to insider area, but able to log into forum....
  10. And even if, it`s not that difficult to fly a "complex" aircraft. Basically you can get an A320 in the air from cold and dark with only 7 buttons to press. No need to do complex fmc programming.
  11. I think i slowly understand... Flightsim you see as a niche, VR is a niche... But VR inside flightsim is not a niche but majority? Well i dont think flightsim in general is a niche. All MSFS`s have been topseller in the gaming industry since the beginning until FSX died for the mainstream than it went into a niche....
  12. Well its the opposite i think. Mainstream vs. niche ?!?
  13. Can anyone explain me why there is on any new game (sim) so loud shouts to get VR? It looks to me that it is still a minority and some research proofed that. According to STEAM only 0.4% of the users use VR, and it is the biggest gaming community to date..
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