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  1. Here is a workaround that should fix it until they get it sorted out. it worked for me now,
  2. Still cant login to insider area, but able to log into forum....
  4. And even if, it`s not that difficult to fly a "complex" aircraft. Basically you can get an A320 in the air from cold and dark with only 7 buttons to press. No need to do complex fmc programming.
  5. I think i slowly understand... Flightsim you see as a niche, VR is a niche... But VR inside flightsim is not a niche but majority? Well i dont think flightsim in general is a niche. All MSFS`s have been topseller in the gaming industry since the beginning until FSX died for the mainstream than it went into a niche....
  6. Well its the opposite i think. Mainstream vs. niche ?!?
  7. Can anyone explain me why there is on any new game (sim) so loud shouts to get VR? It looks to me that it is still a minority and some research proofed that. According to STEAM only 0.4% of the users use VR, and it is the biggest gaming community to date..
  8. Because it`s not in the insider area but on the main page of https://www.flightsimulator.com/
  9. I`m just wondering if I missed it or there was no mention about a beta/early access release date?
  10. I love missions. Did all that were available in FSX/Flight/DTGFS and 80% of that user created ones. Also did around 20-30 by myself. But for the long term something like Flights jobboard or aerocaches would be great. That was really a long term attraction. Maybe something similar to FSEconomy too?
  11. The Login doesn`t work anymore...
  12. Yeah, one of the best things in MS Flight was the "Multiplayer" doing jobs from the "Jobboard" and the daily content like aerocache. We met with few people at an airport, searched independently for a job to the same destination and had a blast flying VFR together in formation and talking on the radio,
  13. OK, now we know AS-MGS stands for ASOBO and MICROSOFT GAME STUDIOS. I checked all games made by ASOBO, and the one that comes closest to MSFS2020 looks like "The Crew 2" Check this out. Some parts look familiar to the MSFS trailer... no ?
  14. How said that MSFS 2020 is for streaming? The game pass is not intended for being a subscription for DLC, but more like a flatrate for games. You pay 10 bucks per month and can choose from hundreds of games to play. Rather than buying 1,2 or 10 games for 50 bucks each once. There is no need to get the game pass to get MSFS, you can also pay once and have it. The game pass ist just a general subscription fee to all content from MS games.
  15. How can people still think that a modern game does not use DX12 and Win10 with these graphics. Can`t believe people still whining about backwards compatibilty and outdated hard and software. If you want an advanced flightsim you have to get rid of all old stuff that prevents improvements. And the fact that they have nVidia as partner implies that they will use the new RTX technology which make the graphic possible and is obviously DX12.
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