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  1. It depends on your CPU. You have a Intel I7 7700 but you would need a Intel I7 7700K I think.
  2. Same here, getting Chinese or other Asian ads. In Germany...I will make a screenshot next time.
  3. TOP immersion killer: reading in forums of problems I was not aware
  4. A comparable RTW flight with a Piper Malibu, but beware - there is no AVGAS in SCIP available. 😜 https://www.zahorsky.net/blog/
  5. G-RFRY said: In this community, users have the most diverse needs and wishes. Therefore it would be good if FS2020 would respond to them. To say that one monitor is enough for me, so that's enough for you too, is a bit too short. @Microsoft: Please give us as many undockable windows as possible. Thanks!
  6. Palma de Mallorca LEPA 24R Washington DC, KDCA and Pentagon
  7. Istanbul, Sultanahmed The tall buildings between Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque dont exist. I like it anyway.
  8. I hope, FS2020 ATC looses the word "generic" til release.
  9. Thanks Shack95 , from this viewpoint, it looks convincing! (the comparison real<>FS)
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