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  1. 777

    P3D Future

    The addon developers?? Looks like Microsoft in conjunction with this French software developer have done the majority by themselves. However they are in talks with addon developers. Looks stunning though you can't deny that.
  2. Hi guys 2 shots of Etihad Cargo 777F somewhere over the UK lol 🙂
  3. Those much-loved rain effects look brilliant.
  4. No my names on my posts 🤔
  5. Changed hosting links 🙂
  6. Hi guys.... took me ages to get back into flightsimming, new rig, things that happen, took me too long in my opinion. However, slowly getting back into it and here's a few over Manchester UK.
  7. Hi Will the 777 WX radar worth with "other" WX engines such as REX Sky Force? or do I need to get Active Sky?
  8. Not the best time to get back into simming lol. Same old same old.
  9. Fantastic shots and scenery as always.
  10. Another one from the archives hope you guys like...Saudia 777 departing EGCC at dusk. 🙂
  11. Thinking whether to get this or stay with my beloved 777 🙂 Nice shots BTW.
  12. Nothing major just an i7 7700K @ 3.6 GHZ. The old trusty i7 920 the GTX570 GPU died so I thought may as well get a new rig. The pic is from the old rig BTW lol.
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