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  1. For me live weather is now not working...no clouds and light winds but the atis is completely different
  2. I’m only getting a ctd when I try to upload a flight plan from simbrief and then input the approach
  3. Does anyone else have issues where this will suddenly read as 0 and the autopilot will nose dive because it thinks it needs to build speed. Then the indicator will go back to normal and the airplane will be over speeding. Any idea what this could be?
  4. Does this mod speed up the pushback? Is it just me or is the pushback in ms2020 super slow?
  5. Hi all, New here! I just got fs2020 the other day and I’m absolutely blown away! I even bought a pc just for the sim and have really been enjoying the scenery. I have a question regarding lighting procedures for the a320. I know landing lights should be on under 10,000 and of course taxi lights on while taxiing and beacon lights on just before starting the engines. Can anyone guide me on full lighting procedures as I want to be as realistic as possible. thanks in advance!
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