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  1. Langyboy63

    Which gate is which?

    When I fly I have FSmovmap2 on my tablet, you get Satelite, Map or Terrain options, it also shows AI traffic, you can click on a plane and it will tell you the info. It will load your flight plan and waypoints and follow your flight. Really recommend it. At the airport, you can zoom in and see the airport positions and gate numbers, taxiways etc. as they appear in real life. As it is on my tablet and you just use a bridge from your PC, there is no noticeable drop in performance. You can download it from the playstore, not sure if available on IOS.
  2. Langyboy63

    Air Hauler 2 released out of Beta £29.99 ,$37.95

    Thanks for the feedback.
  3. From Justflight. I am looking at this, anyone use it and recommend it to me. and is it worth the bucks.
  4. Langyboy63

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    I use IDM and pdf's I download using IE, anything I download from Chrome auto uses IDM. So download PDF using IE or right click and choose IDM from the menu if you want to use it.
  5. Langyboy63

    P£D V4 Graphics Issue

    Have you set the Vsync tear behavior to ''Adaptive''?. Try rolling back your driver, I find I cant use any Nvidia driver over 400, there is a program you can download that will completely remove your existing driver ( you will need to google it as cant remember exactly what it is called). I also use windows Shut up to limit any back ground processes. In V4.4 do not use Vsync or FPS limiter, but I still set the Vsync behavior to Adaptive in NVI and ignore changing the refresh rate, 1/2 refresh will not work in a window program and even in full screen P3D is a window program. It works for me, but with everything P3D it may not for you.
  6. Langyboy63

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    I have used AM 253 recently with a good result, was using Lasso but have found with 4.4 no need for it. I cannot turn off HT as I use a gaming laptop. I leave FPS at UL and set NVI to adaptive screen tear, max power, single display and HQ, I leave Vsync and TB off in the sim as well.. With FFTF dynamic set to 8K height and 0.001- 0.40 at 22-60FPS, I am getting FPS in sim between 24-40+ in cabin (pmdg 737) and anything up to 78 FPS externally, I also use Shut Up to kill any windows processes. I have DL off and shadows also off, scenery max draw and tess max, use a couple of tweaks to the CFG per Rob's suggestions, mainly the 320000.000000 to the autogen request distance and the 64,000 Scenery and autogen draw distance, the other is the memory optimizer to 0. (cant remember the exact wordings as on my work PC). Flu for 6 hours with 3 different legs, starting Gatwick to Stockholm, stockholm to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Bonn, Bonn to Bergamo. All scenery looked superb and didnt experience any blurriness or significant stutters I used Toposims Europe mesh and the Alps were amazing, Orbx LC etc.. AS, Envtex, Enshade and chaseplane, PMDG 737 800 in Norway livery, connected to Acars and using FSmovemap connected to android tablet. I have to say after years of frustration, my P3D is just brilliant. It isnt possible to max out with my spec, but have accepted that and with what i saw yesterday couldnt be happier.
  7. Langyboy63

    Scenery Questions

    You will also need a good weather program, I use Active Sky from HIFI and Toga's Envshade for textures and shaders, Orbx scenery is a must, word of caution with Vector though, try adding the features one by one and see what hit they have on your performance, to higher settings will hit your performance hard. Freemesh if you want to improve the mesh is good, but if you want to fork out a bit of dosh, Tomosims meshes are great. I am sure you will be more than happy with the result your get.
  8. Langyboy63

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Downloaded Toposom Europe Region and was blown away. Also didnt get the BOGOF offer, submitted a support query on their forum and Justin already responded and is going to add the free scenery to my account. Great product and with support like that you cannot go wrong. I found extracting the 4 areas into a folder and adding the scenery using Lorby's Addon Manager, moved the scenery to above Orlando and added to my Europe group worked perfectly with Orbx LC etc. Looking forward to adding the USA region ASAP.
  9. Langyboy63

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Hi Vic, So am I right in thinking you place the Toposim Mesh above the default ''Base'' scenery, but below Orbx Base and LC regions.
  10. Langyboy63

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Well I've just bought Toposim's Europe Mesh, will be interesting to see how flying over the alps compares. As far as elevations, when I install an addon airport. I always turn off the BGL in Orbx, so for Bergamo LIME I search in the ORBX directory and then change the extension to .OFF. No issues with any addon since doing this.
  11. I have had the same issue with FS2crew, GSX & Pro ATC, at times inaudible.
  12. Thanks, I will give a look.
  13. Hi David, Does it work on Windows 10, I use shut up which also helps limit Windows running background stuff.
  14. Langyboy63

    ORBX/SODE install - made a mess ! Help

    That's great news. Thanks Skywolf.