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  1. Morning all, Updated MSFS and the latest updates for the DC-6, when flying using the VE, even with all realistic failures , engine starts etc. turned off, I was getting engine 2 over revving and not in sync with the other engines and the blue sync light stays on even if i switched it to lower revs. The engines throttle was not in sync with the other engines even though the VE was controlling the throttles. Tried uninstalling the DC-6 and reinstalling but didn't make any difference. Could it be the superchargers, I used them as per the instructions and the VE to set cruise. Also I was getting oil pressure and carb temp warnings on the EFB. Not used MSFS that much, I use the CH yoke and have removed the Mixture axis as I understand this may cause issues. Also I was wondering if the DC-6 for P3D works in V5 as I might be temped to buy it, but if there are issues with it in V5 I might leave until PMDG actual update it, which hopefully they will. Could it be a few update glitches or am I doing something wrong
  2. Thanks I bought Rex, think it is more buggy than MSFS, takes some doing, but am confident Rex will work on it until they get it right as will MSFS.
  3. I have tried various mappings and seem to have found my way around it, the only issue I have is the Aileron trim nose up and down. Using the roller there are 3 numbered buttons, 15,16,17, but when in the plane all though you can see the trim wheel very slightly moving, it does not work. When I map it to other buttons like 4 & 5 it works fine. Does anyone else find the trim wheel not working?.
  4. Thanks all for your comments. Chock, you explained the benefit of more ram very eloquently. Well installed yesterday and with the update to MSFS, really pleased with the results, EKCH is my first add-on airport, looks great.
  5. My thinking is for £60 it will not break the bank and more addons become available, it will not do me any harm. There is 2x 8gb Corsair 2400 Ram Ryzen optimised in my basket. Do I press check out or not?
  6. Yes, But with 2080ti which would be the one I would like still retailing @ £1000+, I would have to wait. So you dont think an extra 16gig ram will make any difference at all?
  7. Morning all, Hope everyone is enjoying the patch 2, I haven't had a chance to install yet. I recently built a new PC, Ryzen 3600, Nvidia 1660 Super, 16Gig Ram, etc. The performance in the sim is ok and I am on the whole really pleased as I was working to a budget. Would I see any significant improvement in the Sim if I upgraded to 32Gig Ram. Is it with spending another £60 odd quid?. Appreciate your thoughts. Chris
  8. Looking forward to trying this out, was looking at Trackir, for £9 got to be worth a look.
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