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  1. This will be an early purchase for me too and looking forward to the frequent Teterboro to Chicago Executive flight in the TBM. I have to say there has been a real shift in scenery development. Back in my P3D days you would get a few high quality airports each year -- often the same big hubs (even multiple of them) -- and now we are seeing so much quality content emerge, from new developers. It really does seem to be a different era.
  2. Tim, thank you, that was most helpful! I think I have it working with the exception of the drag on the gear. If you have a moment, could you please post the change to the config for this one too -- then I will be all set.
  3. Does the mod still work well with the TBM? I removed it because I did not know if it would override or conflict with any of the new changes, but if it is compatible I will put it back because it really contributed to the realism.
  4. This discussion has taken me back to something I have been mulling over for some time. I recall it being stated that the SKD did not support integration of third-party avionics and if I remember correctly it was because this was an aspect of flight simulation that Asobo believes is part of the core simulation platform and therefore they want to work at it to get it right and to be accessible to all. That said, with avionics the initial release left a lot to be desired in terms of depth of simulation. Almost immediately, people began to work on it and had it been left this way my perception would have been that this is similar to the approach of LM -- make a basic platform and leave everything -- even core functionality like turboprop logic, weather, avionics -- to others. But Asobo brought on Working Title and they have said their goal is a 1:1 correspondence of the simulated avionics to the real world. I said at the time this strengthened my confidence in Asobo and the future of MSFS. Why? That commitment bodes very well for the future because every developer will have access to high-fidelity avionics. There is no need for each developer to build their own, which should shorten development time and cost and make it possible to bring many more aircraft at more reasonable prices to the market. Remember how Milviz lamented the complexity of developing the Proline for the King Air and how long it took them. What if there had already been available an avionics package they could use that needed only some customization and refinement, and that had official support. Once we have a Nxi unit with close to a 1:1 correspondence, any developer can integrate that into their model, they do not have to either develop their own or license one from another developer. It is there, ready to be used. Maybe I have this wrong -- I only have so much time to try to keep up with what has become a swiftly moving hobby. But if this is basically correct, flight simulation will be both enriched and more accessible than it has ever been.
  5. I am happily surprised that after 20 years someone has fixed the turboprop logic in the base simulator! That is remarkable! I never could understand why LM seemingly did not even try to do this. I really enjoy the challenge of the TMB so hopefully someone will update the mod; and I agree it might be good to separate out the control of the doors and glare shields into its own mod soon.
  6. I had the same issue -- no altitude or airspeed on the DA62. I removed the Working Title G1000, however, and it worked. I am not quite sure why as I think I have the latest version of the 1000 -- 3.6.
  7. It would be great to have this in the Arrow, that is the plane I was thinking of and if we can get there I would very like purchase this right away. But integration is a necessity.
  8. This seems to have come out of the blue, but I sure am interested and want to hear more. It does look like a separate 2d popup but I am sure they can figure out how to integrate it into the panel in collaboration with aircraft developers. If they can do that, it is a certain purchase for me. It is nice to see new developers really trying to push the simulator!
  9. I just really want Asobo to address this, both LOD and the morphing and the elevation issues. These kinds of issues are one with the base simulator and I think it is incumbent on them, not third party developers, to improve it. This is not FSX that was basically abandoned and so any improvements required a third party; and while P3D is under development it seems clear that the developers want to leave this kind of work to third parties. I am not convinced that this approach has ultimately served that platform well; but that is neither here nor there. So, I think it is great that ORBX has come up with this, but I hope it does not deflect attention away form Asobo addressing these issues. So far, they seem committed to doing so; I just hope they follow through. I shudder at the thought of the world divided into zones for mesh updates.
  10. Yea, I just received by new build today and will go about setting it up and installing MSFS this weekend; I am not looking forward to an update next week. Honestly, I think something that we should look forward to has become for many something that elicits trepidation. I wish there were fewer large updates and smaller incremental changes that address the more important issues we are all facing.
  11. I have not used REX in MSFS2020 but I feel the same. The weather is not perfect -- but I have found more often that not is is acceptably close -- but flying toward, through around weather systems that are truly dynamic has brought a sense of realism to flying that I had not had before this platform. I have only flown GA and in this context weather systems have been an impressive feature to me. I have actually cancelled a planned flight because of weather! I am not as concerned if the METAR at a given airport is not precisely what it is in reality at a given moment, that feels to me like searching for the philosophers stone. I would not give up dynamic systems for accurate static weather at given points around the world. Maybe this is a compromise that has to be made -- you have one or the other -- I am not sure.
  12. I have has had good representation of the weather from the default system for the past months. In fact I have been pretty impressed. It may not yet be perfect but it is certainly better than last August and generally adequate for my needs. Hopefully, Asobo continues to refine it. I certainly now think they will get weather to a good place, which is their stated goal.
  13. The exact same thing happened to me! I got up to my cruise and boom! I also have no access, in Canada. I can understand that things go wrong from time to time but it seems like the outages are increasing.
  14. This is a great update. I must say I have been impressed by Just Flights responsiveness and dedication to the product. Looking forward to flying when I get home tonight. Really, the Arrow is all I have been flying since it came out!
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