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  1. Cognita

    KORD and KCVG announced for P3D v4!

    This is the only airport I am actually looking to buy this year so I hope it comes soon (not SoonTM). Glad they are taking the time to do it well and updated so it is at least close to how the airport looks at release.
  2. Cognita

    No ai at FTampa CYUL

    Is WestJet, Porter or Air Transat there?
  3. My question is why launch a product with millions of objects over ortho scenery if everyone knows that P3D cannot handle it? Surely if everyone knows this, then ORBX knows this. That said, I generally agree that the underlying issue is the P3D engine. I am hopeful that this will be gradually improved, but my sense is we are a version or two away from that happening. In the meantime, if I wanted to fly VFR over such detailed scenery I think i would just og with the "other" simulator.
  4. Cognita

    FlyTampa's Montreal for v4 just dropped

    I made my first flight into V2 this evening and the airport looked great! The lighting is suburb as are the snow effects -- which will come in handy when I depart tomorrow after the 40 cm snow storm on its way! It is nice to finally have the terminal extension. All to say I think the $10 upgrade was well worth it.
  5. Cognita

    FlyTampa's Montreal for v4 just dropped

    This is great news! I have been waiting for this since the fall! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Cognita

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I don't know if the issue is as much that it is an older sim but that it is designed primarily to simulate flight, yet some of these later offerings from ORBX seem to think if it more as a scenery simulator than a flight simulator. I can see why they are trying to do this -- I cannot count how many posts there have been about "not being able to see my house" and that "streets are not properly organized", and "trees are out of place", etc. -- and maybe they can pull it off, but so far, based on the feedback on various forums, I have stayed away from these Cityscapes and even TrueEarth, in that case also because of the cost. ORBX has some really nice airports and surrounding scenery that I really enjoy, I hope they do more of these, but the sense I get is they see the future more in these larger projects. We will see what pans out.
  7. Cognita

    2019 Business Jet

    This is the only aircraft add-on I am looking to buy - a medium-range, well designed business aircraft with accurate systems. I wish PMDG had gone ahead and created a BBJ model; I wonder why they didn't as surely there seems to be a market for it and while it would have involved some meaningful work a good amount of it must have been done.
  8. Cognita

    Am I Suffering In Silence? Or is it me....

    Yes, I have come to accept that troubleshooting is part of the hobby. I long ago concluded that the idea of technology working the way it is intended all the time and always improving is a myth! This said, it certainly makes those flights where everything worked well much more satisfying!
  9. Cognita

    FlyTampa KATL

    Yes. I think both ends are elevated but it is more pronounced on 27R and 28. Please let me know. I thought I recalled thread from some time ago that said they were not elevated and so I held off getting but if they are I may go ahead and pick it up. I am not looking for perfection, just some elevation to reflect what he approach looks like would be great.
  10. Cognita

    FlyTampa KATL

    Me too! I did not reinstall the old version when I moved to 4.4; waiting for the update as the images looked fantastic. I would have purchased this a while ago had they elevated the runways as they are in real life. I know the airport well and an approach to flat terrain here would... well, bother me. I hope FT will include this.
  11. Cognita

    FlyTampa LOWW Vienna Schewechat

    Yes, an excellent airport and well integrated into the surrounding scenery.
  12. Cognita

    very low frame rate ???

    I would expect with your system that you would do better than 14 FPS. As was mentioned above SoCal is quite demanding but I am also wondering about driving a 4K, 55 inch screen and two other screens from a single 1080ti. Others here may have more experience with this but I noticed the drop is FPS on my system going from 1080 to a 4K with a 32 inch -- it is a lot more pixels.
  13. I agree. I bought AH2 recently but have "set it away" for the time being largely because of this requirement and other seeming arbitrary restrictions. How many times do I need to "take off, level at some altitude, turn two times and then land back at the airport."
  14. Cognita

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I have come, reluctantly, to agree. I think this desire to simulate scenery is pushing us beyond our limits for most people. I just no longer buy these kinds of products, my focus is simulating the flight.
  15. Cognita

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    Well, this is concerning, especially with an 8700K and 1080Ti. I wonder if ORBX is starting to push the envelope too far.