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  1. I had two thoughts reading this thread this morning. One is my recollection of how enjoyable the A2A Comanche was to fly back when it came out -- was that really 2015/2016? I flew it exclusively for months all over North America. The other was how pleased I am that A2A has seemingly taken the route of fully developing an excellent aircraft for MSFS, delaying and taking its time and apparently adding new features, not launching with a beta or early access version. I think it shows their dedication to the craft and commitment to excellence. Excited to be seeing the name A2A mentioned more often in these forums!
  2. I have to say I have been almost trying to pull myself away from the Fenix A320 for the past month and have not been able to do so. I am not sure what it is, a combination of a well thought through simulation experience -- the EFB, the fact that the jetway just connects when you begin boarding, etc, and an excellent simulation of the flight of a heavy airliner -- I find myself feeling like I am moving through the flows of all phases of flight. I know there are some things still to be worked out but it is as others have said a stunning simulation and I am confident we will get more updates to make it even better. I really thought I would be flying the 737 all summer, even bought MDW as a home base for my Southwest operations, and I don't think I have done a single Southwest flight, every time I end up back at ORD working for American.
  3. Yes, that is how it works. And I understand at some point in the not too distant future they are going to switch out the current default G1000 with the NXi -- so the WT Nxi will become the default and no need to download it any longer.
  4. That's what I thought. Good Idea about requesting it to be changed that way.
  5. Is there anyway to remove the co-pilot from the external view of the H-Jet? Usually I would delete it from the aircraft config, but that does not seem to be accessible, I assume because this is a marketplace item. Is there another way to achieve this?
  6. I waiting for LNAV, FD and the EFB, and until those come I have put the 737 in the hanger -- but it would be nice to hear some feedback for those of you who update.
  7. I have been active since about 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time with no issues. Just departing now out of Seattle; data services all on; and live weather accurate.
  8. Wow, I did not expect that, especially at the price point. Glad I stumbled upon this thread this morning.
  9. To what do you refer? I was just last week thinking of getting KATL from ImagineSim. I picked up LAX last week and agree with what others have said, it is an upgrade on the default and the price is in line with the quality of that upgrade so I thought it was worth the price. Hopefully FSDT will eventually find their way back to LA and bring us a high quality version of one of the more important airports -- for freight and passengers -- in North America.
  10. Yea, I thought the other day, "wouldn't it be great if Fenix decided to take the Prosim 738 and develop it out to complement its A320."
  11. For any business cash flow is an important consideration and what I gathered from RSR's comments is that PMDG reached a point when an injection of cash was needed. The only other major release PMDG has had in the past 4 years is the DC6 which by all accounts did well for them, but even a small company burns a good deal of cash each month. This, I suspect -- more than the requests of their customers -- was the reason behind the "early access" program in which PMDG basically released the 2011 version of the 737 to MSFS. Hopefully, with some cash coming in they can now focus on bringing it up to 2022 MSFS standards -- including things like much better texturing; a cabin; cockpit windows that open; a proper tablet, SimBrief integration; accurate LNAV, better developed FD, etc. In my estimation, while they are a very good developer, they have a lot of work to do to come up to the standards of today, unless they are content being what I would think of as a second-tier developer. In any case, until they can follow through on these promises, I personally will not be purchasing any further products from them at the price point they are selling them. I am happy to wait, there are plenty of aircraft I am enjoying flying, and I have lost a good deal of confidence in what they say -- for example, where has been the bi-weekly updates to the 737? We are nearing 6 weeks since release with one small update. P.S. I also feel bad for those who paid nearly $80 for the 777 expansion and are now basically in an indefinite holding pattern. And this cannot be so easily chocked up to a dramatic change in the market place, as that change had already basically occurred.
  12. Yea, I have to agree with this. In 900 hours on the game over the past 2 years I would say that streaming affected about an hour of that time. In fact, I am pretty impressed at how well optimized the streaming component is and how few problems it gave me. And, even if it was ten times worse, I would still be more than happy with what this offers in regard to the MSFS world in comparison to the land class approach of earlier technology.
  13. I had not had this happen until about a week ago, but now it is almost every flight. Good to know it is not something with the connection on my end.
  14. Good point... I don't know why those first reviews had such an impact on my thinking.
  15. I downloaded it! And I tried it out over Anchorage for about 5 minutes and then deleted it. But, i enjoyed the 5 minutes. I did not have time for a full, truer to life flight, and this was a nice brief distraction in a busy evening. It did not make me want to learn what Halo is, let alone want to "play" it. It did not undermine my desire to simulate true to life flights. It did not make me think that MSFS is not striving to be an excellent home flight simulator. It was just a nice distraction for a short period late on a Sunday evening. Really, I hope this platform can become more things to more people, that it does not close in on itself. If it does that it will in time go the way of FSX and then P3D, an SKD sandbox visited by a small number of people.
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