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  1. I have encountered this once in the last month, and it was brief, but it had been at least a year before this since I got that message. So, for me, more, yes, but not a big deal.
  2. The technology advanced considerably in the intervening years as did the number of people familiar with 3D modeling and MSFS made it much easier to develop scenery than in the old FSX/P3D days.
  3. I am confident that they will be compatible, but I suspect many may need small adjustments and there is the question of whether developers will update them to take advantage of the latest features in 2024. But, regardless, I suspect all will need some time with the release candidate to be sure the aircraft is working properly and well and so I suspect there will be a delay between 19 November and when we actually get the aircraft released -- I am just hoping before the holidays and when I have some time to fly.
  4. I have to say this whole approach is one that I have never been comfortably with and a ready I have stayed on the fence regarding this aircraft.
  5. This thread has gone on for a while but it seems the question is straightforward: does shutting down MSFS before returning to the main menu cause issues for the sim. As one person said, only those who coded it know exactly what is happening when the sim transitions from the flight to the main menu, however, in general, the "x" is attached to any standard window by Windows and clicking it simply sends an external message from Windows to the Program asking it to close. These are well understood procedures for those developing programs. The software, in this case MSFS, should have a procedure to receive this message and respond, executing any necessary steps to close the program safely. For most programs it is the same internal procedure whether you "close" or simply hit the "x" but it is not possible to say for sure that Asobo has designed it this way. However, given that it is a Microsoft program and follows basic design characteristics of Windows -- it has an "x" and allows you to use it -- I would be surprised if this causes some substantial issue. All I can contribute, is that I do this regularly -- once the aircraft is at the gate or parking spot and shut down unless I am planning another flight immediately I go to the "x" and close the simulator -- and I have not experienced any issues that matter to me. I have tried to think carefully about this and while I have been asked whether I want to boot into safe mode a few times out of hundreds of closes using the "x" from the running sim; these were most often after a power outage, which, unfortunately for me, where we live are not that uncommon. I will confirm as someone pointed out if you are using a third-party aircraft that uses state saving then not exiting to the main menu will cause problems to the state of the aircraft when you return, this is most notable in the Comanche that I assume is waiting for some communication during the return to menu to tell its external application to save settings. So if you are concerned with state saving then this is a consideration. Other third-party software could be affected negative ways but again I have not encountered this -- except for state saving in the Comanche -- but I can appreciate it is a possibility. Although, any well written program has procedures for unexpected terminations, a fairly common occurrence.
  6. I kill the sim all the time when I complete my flight; In fact, I think I rarely go back to the Main Menu unless I am going to do another flight right away. It has never caused a problem for me; the next time I launch the sim it proceeds normally. I do hope 2024 addresses the exceptionally long loading and shut-down times, it is a bit of a weakness in the current sim.
  7. Navigraph has provided a high quality service for a long time so I am not going to jump ship just to save a few dollars a month. That said, I would greatly prefer LIDO to JEP so if Aviaplanner can provide this and the FMS data and have ultra-high reliable service then it is an interesting proposal. But for now, especially with MSFS2024 and its included flight planner developed by WT and using LIDO not far away, I am going to just stay with the status quo for now and see how it all plays out. This seems to be an area in flight sim that is rapidly developing.
  8. I feel the same. Flight simulation for me is "mission oriented" and while I spend very little time looking around the airport or the aircraft the little I do spend before getting down to work is important to immersion for me. I hope in 2024 Asobo models the cabin and ensures their aircraft have working doors.
  9. Well, setting aside all of the differences in these aircraft I think the 777 is more polished and finished than the 737. It is operating very well for me and I have done a couple of medium and 5 long haul (over 6 hours) flights in it. The ground service handling is better designed and integrated in the tablet, and it feels more like an aircraft when I am in it -- even after 3 years PMDG has still not figured out how to have the cockpit door in the 737 open and close. I am quite enjoying it!
  10. Yea, this is a hard pass for me. I have Accuseason and am basically happy with it and it will certainly work until I pick up 2024 in November.
  11. Yea, it is kind of what I am thinking. I am interested in this aircraft but it is one I can wait on for a while and see how it pans out.
  12. Well, the modelling and texturing looks quite good from those pictures. Nice to see them making progress.
  13. Yes, if the reviews show it to surpass the 777 in texturing, systems depth, flight characteristics, failure modeling and performance then I will revisit my decision. But given that this will likely need to wait for the "extended simulation" later this year, I think my reconsideration will not be until after that.
  14. I think 85 dollars is a little high for an aircraft in MSFS. I hope they are successful with the release but I decided to pass on this one and wait for the 77F.
  15. I do not recall the question being directly addressed, beyond confirming that 2024 is a paid, separate product. However, I would be surprised if there is a discount and I certainly do not expect one. MSFS2020 is, economically speaking, the simulator I got the most value for money from in all my nearly 30 years of flight simulation.
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