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  1. I hope that the new MSFS is all it has been portrayed as being. I do not expect it to be bug/issue free, that takes time for any sophisticated software, nor do I expect it to provide all the functionality I have now in Prepar3d, that will also take time and the involvement of our development community. What I hope is that it is a sound base system, one with better and more accurate visuals, greater fluidity, and proper functionality. By proper functionality I mean improved flight dynamics (I don't think these have been updated since FSX); time synchronization; weather injection; decent cloud and weather depiction; proper sun and moon phases; moving jetways that actually connect to the plane; a somewhat intelligent pushback system, etc. These are advances in the base sim that I always expected, and to be honest have been pretty disappointed were never really touched by LM. I feel too much of this was left to third party developers and what we ended up with was a large collection of programs that had to work and operate together, which is not an ideal model. I am very thankful that many people cared about flight simulation and took time to craft solutions to these problems, and I hope that all this talent will find ways of contributing to a sound, more advanced base platform -- think of how much better our simulation experience will be. But, I am very much looking forward to letting go of all these programs and having a great platform. I am hopeful by what has been said by Aboso and by a few add on developers already, but we will see in August. If it is a well developed base platform, I will pretty soon uninstall P3D and all its programs, put them in a Zip archive and say goodbye to an era. And then i will start exploring this new platform with much anticipation for each new release from our excellent developer community. In the meantime, with much optimism, I have begun flying one last time to all of my many, many add on airports in P3D with my few favorite aircraft, saying goodbye to each one. I just do not have the time to maintain and enjoy more than one simulator.
  2. I had initially planned to update the weekend after v5 was released but the initial flood of error reports and incompatibility issues caused me to hold off . I am spending 98 percent of my time at home now and do not want to be in a position of not being able to complete a flight -- and I do not have enough space for a dual installation. So, I decided to hold off until v5 is stable. I am still looking forward to upgrading, but this past week or so I find myself more reluctant to do so, or less interested to do so. 4.3 is working exceptionally well for me and MSFS is getting closer, which, whether or not it pans out to be all we might hope for, will present a decision point on my next step in flight simulation. I am looking forward to the reports after HF2 is released.
  3. Similar to captain420, I also owned EZDok for a long time but decided to try ChasePlane and I have not regretted the decision in the least.
  4. I must say after reading the posts over the past few days I am encouraged by the enthusiasm! I had initially planned to purchase v5 this week and spend the weekend installing, but, like Benjamin, I have decided to hold off for a while, let the issues be better understood and resolved and more products released. The vram issue has me particularly concerned as I am not in a position to upgrade my 8 gb card for a while. And, honestly, my 4.5 installation has held up quite well and I am really happy with it.
  5. Well, this is a disappointing thread to read this morning -- when I was excited to purchase V5. Now I am not sure. I am quite happy with 4.5 and may just say here and wait. I certainly do not want to go back to a platform where I am adjusting sliders simply not to OOM, that, for me, is a backwards step even if there is 30 or 40 percent improvement in overall performance. I have only 8GB vram and am not at the moment prepared to spend over $1,000 on a card to run v5. One question, is the challenge with vram due primarily to True Sky? If you disable the beta "upgrade" is vram still an issue?
  6. I will be doing a full, clean install. In fact, I will go ahead and reformat and build back up -- a new version of Prepar3D is a good opportunity to reset everything and get rid of all the bloat acquired over time -- not just from flight simming. All in all about 2 full days of work! But, there is time, lots of time at home waiting for this viral storm to pass. So I am actually looking forward to it this time.
  7. I had this same thought a couple of months ago. Why would Lockheed Martin continue with P3D when they can have access to what certainly seems to be at this point a much higher quality platform with substantially greater fidelity. And I am confident that this commercial market segment is an important one for Microsoft, likely generating far more revenue from MSFS than from individual users paying a relative small price or agreeing to a subscription. Of course we do not really know what the new MSFS will be like, but all the signs are promising, and if I was operating a related business I would be looking carefully at the new platform and not investing more in P3D. Personally, I do not have the time, energy or money to maintain multiple simulators. I wish I did because they all have strengths that I would enjoy and benefit from, but I just can't do it. So once MSFS is released, I will try it, and barring any significant limitations or issues, I will quickly switch to it. And I will spend some time quietly uninstalling P3D and all of its add-ons. Then I will place them all in a zipped folder and with fond memories archive it. It is true that it will take some time to have all of the benefits I currently have with P3D. But I am happy to wait and to be excited as products become available. I see it as a fresh start and, to be honest, I will not miss needing to install a dozen products from different developers just to correct issues with the base simulator and to get a basically-okay looking view. So, I begin 2020 optimistic that flight simulation will take a leap forward, attract many new people and reinvigorate our hobby.
  8. Yes, I am not concerned too much with documentation. There is a detailed checklist in the user manual Milviz supplies and there are many other sources of information. I am interested in the extent, quality and accuracy of the simulation.
  9. Chapstick, what are some of the other issues. All I have seen here are concerns about the lack of documentation, legitimate, but not a deal breaker for me. I have not bought it yet and so I am not on their forums but have been looking forward to purchasing this. But I have bought too many aircraft only to be disappointed later and ended up retiring them. Anything really critical?
  10. Yea, I have to say it is the same for me, especially for an aircraft in a dated platform. I wonder what the cost will be for 64 bit. Does the model even include failures, programmable and random?
  11. At this point, my purchases of products for P3D are fully suspended. Since the first trailer in June I began being more thoughtful about what I would buy, but given the information that has come out since I am not planning on purchasing anything further. Rather, I am saving that money to upgrade my system when MSFS 202X is released. I already have a lot of add-ons and I am basically happy with the way P3D looks and performs, it is the best I think I can achieve given the nature of the simulator. It seems that Microsoft has taken flight simulation a gigantic step forward, which is not surprising given its resources and that it has been nearly 15 years since its last iteration. It will not be perfect, we will all find issues, but I am fully confident it will be much, much better than what I have now and it is what will be built on going forward. Today is a bitter/sweet day, acknowledging the end of an era in flight simulation -- I still remember buying FSX at Best Buy the day it was released -- but really excited for the next iteration.
  12. It seems like this airport is updated about once a year! It looks like a solid upgrade but 14 Euros is no small upgrade fee so I am not sure, even though I do a good number of cargo flights in and out of KMIA.
  13. I am one who did not use Flight. I had no criticism of it and from a distance it certainly looked like an improvement over the FSX I was using at the time. But with only Hawaii it just did not pull me in; it just seemed too limited in terms of geography and available planes and did not enable the kind of flying I do. This was the factor that kept me away and not so much the comments of developers -- although these comments did influence me and reinforced my decision to wait. However, this time it is a different scenario. If all in the trailer is sincerely accurate, it is the whole world modeled in detail like never before in a base sim, there is weather (clouds casting shadows on clouds), there are a range of aircraft, and apparently there is navigational data. So this time, I am much more certain I will adopt this new platform. The devil is in the details but at this point I am quite optimistic - and also optimistic that Microsoft will allow 3rd party development. We will see. For now I am enjoying P3D, but with much less interest in purchasing further add on products, and looking forward to my next step in flight simulation.
  14. I also agree. I am very open to a subscription model for this and it seems like it may be a very good fit. I can even think that you could have levels of subscriptions, for example one that includes regular updates to SIDS, STARS and navigation data and a lower level that does not. Imagine the marketing possibilities! But, really, as was mentioned, we already subscribe to services like Navigraph and PFPX.
  15. I agree that their announcement is going to have an effect on the current development environment. Personally, I have decided to also view the announcement optimistically and am hopeful that this next iteration of MSFS will take us a giant step forward out of the many limitations of current engines, limitations that have been the reason many of the products we use have been developed. We may still need these in this next version, I don't know, but given that I am hopeful to move to a new platform in a year or so I am certainly reconsidering purchasing the scenery and aircraft that a couple of weeks ago I thought for sure I would get.
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