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  1. Just spotted this very well developed Boeing 737-200 on sale. WELL worth the asking price IMHO.
  2. lupedelupe

    Modifying flight plan

    Apologies for the late reply: you are quite right – works as it should. Thank you!
  3. lupedelupe

    Modifying flight plan

    I seem to recall that on the real-world GTN 750 it is possible to modify a flight plan by dragging and dropping the magenta line (dropping onto a waypoint/VOR etc). My RXP GTN doesn't seem to allow this.
  4. lupedelupe

    Cera Sim new website sale (25% off)

    What I would trade to see Cera in X-Plane ...
  5. lupedelupe

    Flight plans

    Thanks Bert – will explore this.
  6. lupedelupe

    Flight plans

    Thanks for the info, looks like the easiest way would be to convert a text file to the GFP format.
  7. lupedelupe

    Flight plans

    Nobody uses flight plans?
  8. lupedelupe

    Flight plans

    Hi, Where can I source GFP flight plans, or convert FMS (or similar) flight plans to the GFP format? Thanks.
  9. lupedelupe

    DHC-2 Beaver

    Ground behaviour can be very challenging (think cross-wind), but I gather this is due to XP11 Beta still undergoing changes in this regard. Flies beautifully otherwise and is well worth the regular price.
  10. lupedelupe

    Amazing Freeware Bell 429

    Just tired it. LOVE this helo.
  11. You can assign virtually anything to keyboard and control buttons. Simply click Settings, then look under either the Keyboard or Joystick/Controller (not at my XP rig now, so cannot check naming) tab and change to your heart's content. Use the Search function: if memory serves top right text field in Settings window. Move your viewpoint with arrow + comma and period keys (I mapped mine so that Page Up and Page Down moves me vertically) then press Control+a NumPad number. Thereafter simply click the designated NumPad number to float to that (VC) view. Again, much like EzDok in FSX, only built into X-Plane. I'm also new from FSX, and find out-the-box X-Plane not unlike FSUIPC (not quite, but close enough).
  12. lupedelupe

    Forum at .org out?

    Bizarre that store.x-plane is up (although this too was patchy earlier). Thank you for confirming from your side.
  13. I've been unable to connect to the forums on the site all day. Anyone experiencing this?
  14. lupedelupe

    182T's MFD

    Has anyone integrated the GTN 750 into the MFD? Seems highly feasible, considering how well it works in TBM etc.
  15. lupedelupe

    AS A318/9 ... questions

    Excellent, thank you for your feedback everyone. Sounds like good advice skelsey, thanks for that.