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  1. It behaves as if it has no vertical stab. Regardless of yaw damper on or off. Landing trim is well above neutral trim. Those are the two major issues for me. And I’ve been VERY patient trying to work through these issues, to no avail.
  2. They're not bad at all. Personally I prefer the Taog's helis: far more realistic anti-torque-pedal behaviour (with little to zero input required for the Cowan helis). BUT Cowan's R66 is actually pretty darn good (haven't tried his R22 yet) for the MSFS space.
  3. Waiting for a reply is literally the very nature of email. Otherwise it'd be called instant messaging. Do you ever take a weekend off? You ever sleep? So does the rest of the world ... magic happens when you apply just the smallest amount of patience and understanding. I applaud virtuali's reply.
  4. Make a cup of coffee and wait. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  5. Same here. 400 mbps line, max 2 mbps for updates and presumably (stuttering) game play. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š 🀯 Microsoft.
  6. It’s frustrating that there is so little heli development in MSFS (granted: the tools are supposedly not there yet). Possible that some are also stalling for MSFS 24. But for the most part I think us GA flyers are pretty spoiled.
  7. Airbus Helicopters H130 Cessna 185 Bell 212 (I know, I know, impatiently waiting for that one ... if the other two are anything to go by this will be a good one) Citabria What's on your wish list?
  8. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a well-forumlated and informative response. Thank you St Mawgan. πŸ™Œ
  9. The Black Square modifications for (some of) the stock are really good if you are intent on turbo-prop flying (quick note on this: it gives you a whole new airframe and avionics, but uses most of the rest of the 3D model that Asobo provide). Other add-ons I'd say are well worth considering are the A2A PA28, and I am currently just loving the COWS DA42. I can probably name another dozen add-on GA aircraft but this ought to get you exploring a little beyond the stock aircraft. Must also mention the (free) modifications for the DA40NG and DA62 (available from flightsim.to).
  10. Fav airport: N/A (varies a lot for me, currently exploring the French Alps and yet to come across something blowing my hair back) Fav plane: currently the DA42 by COWS; really enjoying exploring the procedures (wait ... and wait ... and wait for the engine to warm up), and flight dynamics (stay out the yellow in the bumpy stuff). It's very well done, fingers crossed they build a DA50 for us one day.
  11. Yes, had those issues too. Took literally weeks before managing to reset my key via their (super-slow) tech support system. Only to find the weather as far off the mark as it has been since the last time I tried it (to be fair: my nearest airport is military, so no compete WX report). They promised us historical weather years ago, no sign of that on the horizon. 1/10.
  12. No. Thranda does not develop for MSFS.
  13. Apple. Because they make better OSs. πŸ˜†
  14. Hmmm. Yes. They also had a lot of snow cover in Northern Italy (and other locations) where there was a grand total of ZERO accumulated snow on the ground. So far I still find MSFS's built-in WX to be the better candidate. By a very large margin (and don't get me started on REX's dependence on METARs; including METAR stations which publish incomplete METARs ... πŸ™„).
  15. Amongst the many looping/repeating sounds that the various Cowansim helis create the little sped-up rubber-tyre/hitting-the-runway sound drives me nuts. It's a short high-pitch little noise, with her apparent association with any action. Anyone know what it is, if I can somehow circumvent it? * Poorly described symptoms, I know. Apologies. 😳
  16. You list three aircraft numerically – two yet to be released – in a topic about top-3 aircraft in the sim. I see you have edited your post, so my comment refers to what you have stated as at the time of this response. In light of that I'd say @JYW's response – made after you edited your reply, i.e. as it stands now – is perfectly reasonable, no? Perhaps focus on your comprehension before ... blah, blah πŸ™ƒ
  17. In addition to the yawing on approach how much elevator trim is acceptable? I find the yoke is pretty far into my gut close to the threshold.
  18. In no particular order. Blacksquare TBM 850 Milviz 310 Working Title's efforts πŸ‘ The Comanche is probably on my favourites list too, but haven't flow it for a while. Add to the should-be-on-the-list list the 414; always a pleasure to fly. I cannot say the FSReborn products have impressed me. Bought the Sting when it was released and despite claims to do so I check in once a while and found my tyres have not lost pressure; never been fond of the flight model so I seldom fly it. And while the system depth on the M500 is impressive the modelling is basic, the liveries have unrealistic metallic finishes and is overall just a bit of an emersion killer. The Cirrus SF50 is incredibly well put together, just so boring 😬. I applaud the effort to build the HondaJet, but puzzled that fairly basic interior elements are yet to be resolved (but overall a very satisfying and interesting add-on). I stopped flying airliners a while ago but we are pretty spoiled with good releases there in MSFS.
  19. That looks like a GREAT initiative. Thank you for the heads up, keeping an eye open for the release.
  20. Quite right. I really hope that the anti-torque inputs can start functioning they way they ought to in FS 24.
  21. Anyone has a link to the non-AFS version, please?
  22. I'm pretty impressed with the R66. To be blunt the earlier Cowansim helis for MSFS have failed to impress: their flight models just seem like far, far too much of a compromise. Especially the AS350. But the R66 feels like a heli and behaves like one; it behaves very closely to what helicopters feel (or felt, I haven't touch X-Plane in a while) like in X-Plane. And that is a huge compliment. If you want to explore helicopter fight in MSFS then the Cowan R66 is a great option IMHO. Unstable but predictable but also easy enough for even beginners (you're going to need pedals though). I like it a lot, and hoping the expertise applied here gets invested into his earlier releases.
  23. For that heli feel try the Bell 47. I have the vast majority of MSFS helicopters and the 47 still stands tall and feels more authentic than the newer types. The modelling and texturing is sun-par, but flying it is one helluva adventure.
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