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  1. I was using the one with Self Loading Cargo, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore, so I'm interested in one as well.
  2. It frustrates me as a Chicagoan that NYC was able to pretty much rebuild LGA in about 6 years where Chicago can't get anything off the ground with the Terminal 2 rebuild at ORD.
  3. It's a known issue in the beta update. Check out: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sim-update-15-beta-release-notes-1-37-4-0-february-22-2024/631103
  4. So, I have pedals, yoke, and throttle quadrant, but I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive joystick to use for bush planes. Suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Not sure if this helps, but when you bind your throttles in the MSFS controller page, start with the throttle up and then pull back.
  6. I posted this same question on the GSX forum, but have not had a reply yet. This has only started happening since GSX version 2.9.4. I also use Addon Linker to unlink the primary folder and the jetways folder when I fly GA. Then, there is NO GSX menu in the toolbar, but couatl still runs (sometimes with 20% cpu usage) and I get those aural warnings as mentioned by the OP. So, I just shut down couatl in the task manager before I start my flight.
  7. When this happened to me, all I did was restart LMN (don't restart MSFS) and that fixed it. I'm sure you've done this. I see you posted this to the LMN forum. Alex will reply back to you.
  8. Looking at the Florida/Naples accident, can someone explain how BOTH engines of a business jet can fail....unless, of course, they ran out of fuel..
  9. Yeah, I’ve seen all of this too and it’s very nice, but not one thunderstorm since, say, SU3.
  10. Self Loading Cargo. https://www.selfloadingcargo.com/what-is-slc
  11. I appreciate this topic coming back to life, but I think my original point has been overlooked. From what I understand, MSFS uses Meteoblue snow depth charts to determine snow cover. meteoblue When I did my flight last month, Meteoblue had snow covererage, but MSFS did not.
  12. Was flying in northern Wisconsin this morning and there was no snow on the ground. According to Meteoblue, there should be snow on the ground (anyone here from northern WI can confirm?). Have any of you had snow cover issues in SU14? They said snow cover should be better.
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