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  1. It's punishment for the flight crew who forgot to retract their flaps and spoilers. 🙂
  2. I don't think anyone mentioned this yet, but since SU5 the taxi ribbon can now be accessed from the AI Pilot dropdown menu in game.
  3. O'Hare is my home airport and when I travel (talking real life here) and I'm taking off, I look out the window and say "Man, those frame rates are good!" Then, I realize it's real life.....
  4. The Flight Director now works for lateral navigation with the Autopilot turned off. This has been an issue since the sim was released, and is a major fix in Update 3.
  5. Fixed flight director roll not working when autopilot is not activated is worth the entire update for me.
  6. I will add KMCI to this list. The default Kansas City airport doesn't even work correctly. There is no taxi info/ground ATC and no ground personnel. KICT is also pretty bad. Did Asobo just ignore Kansas airports?
  7. Since we're talking about de-icing packages, other than the TBM, what other MSFS prop planes have de-ice packages?
  8. Long time lurker, rare poster.... Anyway, is it just me or does the flight director not seem to work in the Working Title G1000/G3000? It works for vertical navigation, but not lateral navigation unless the a/p is engaged. If I have FD on, NAV on, and the CDI in the PFD set to GPS/FMS, the flight path shows in the CDI, but the flight director just remains level until I engage the a/p. Then, it turns towards the flight path. Am I missing something, or does it not function correctly? Thanks!
  9. I found two things interesting in the developers interview. The fact that they are not going to make the airliners super realistic because they do not want to take business away from 3rd party companies. Super kudos to Asobo for this. Secondly, they also said they will eventually make the Garmin as realistic as possible.
  10. I think one thing in this article people have not alluded to is that it seems that a lot of the processing is going to be done in the cloud then sent to your PC, therefore not requiring the most ultrafast PC available (just a fast internet connection) to be able to run this game. If that is true, and if this can be accomplished seamlessly, I think that's good news for everyone.
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