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  1. I randomize where I fly to so it forces me to use a wide range of craft: Modded XCub, Modded C172, Modded G36, TBM, Longitude, PMDG 737 and rarely the default C172 if I have to land on a water/ice.
  2. Has de-icing improved with the ATR in recent years? After the American Eagle crash in Indiana, that pretty much was the final straw for ATRs in the US.
  3. As was said earlier, I'm getting too old to do long flights, so my longest MSFS is like 3 hours max. Now, about 15 years ago, in FS9, I did a Chicago to Beijing in the Level-D 767 (Gosh I loved that plane). I think that's the longest I've ever done.
  4. I love using Navigraph on the iPad, but it is buggy. Sometimes flights don't load properly, and, quite often, the app freezes up. I just do a swipe up and restart it. Sometimes you have to reload the Simbrief flight plan, and sometimes it just pops up after an app restart. Probably not the answer you're looking for, but it worked for me when the Navigraph app worked funky.
  5. I’m surprised they did not fix the taxiway elevation issue at KDEN. Yes, I have the FB version, but the terrain is more realistic in the default (except for those taxiways, which makes it unusable).
  6. I have an Excel spreadsheet with every airport/strip from MSFS and I randomize where I’m flying to. I’ve been doing this for the last 1,983 flights since 2003.
  7. Approaches for sure, but I use the SID/STARs to double-check altitude/speed restrictions with my FMC and it also aids me in setting up the VNAV in the G3000/5000. When I fly rotorcraft, I use the airport chart to find a decent place to land. Lastly, I still use LNM for flight planning because....well...it's just "more fun" than Simbrief.
  8. I have another thread similar to this one and I am getting “low bandwidth” warnings a lot, and incredibly slow flight loading times.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried emptying the community folder (I do us Addon Linker), I’ve taken out 3rd parties from the Content Manager. I’ve tried Safe Mode. Sometimes flights load normal, other times it doesn’t. Every time it takes a long time, I get the “Low Bandwidth” warning. I go into Data settings, turn on Bing data, save, and then it takes like 5 minutes to apply settings. Doesn’t MSFS load Bing data during initial flight loading? Also, Emi(737NGDriver) tried doing a livestream earlier this week, but his flight loading took 40 minutes and had to cancel the stream. So…..
  10. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I have already tried with emptying community folder and even emptying add-ons in the content manager. I even did Safe Mode. Sometimes it loads quicker, sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t MSFS load Bing data during the initial flight loading? I also know that Emi (737NGDriver) tried doing a livestream earlier this week, but also had an issue of a 40 minute load time and had to cancel the stream. When it takes a long time I get the “low bandwidth”, when it doesn’t, I don’t get it. I do a speedtest and my download throughput is great (>115 mbps). Thanks Waldo. I might try this.
  11. Since AAU1 update, my flight loading times have been excrutiatingly long (two times as long as 45 minutes). Add that to the Lost Connection and Low Bandwidth warnings, I'm guessing that this is an Azure server issue. I'm thinking until this gets fixed I'm stepping back from MSFS for the time being. On a related note, my Rolling Cache is turned off. I don't remember the context on why I turned it off, but it seemed prudent at the time. I'm wondering now whether to turn it back on. It seems when MSFS does load with Bing data on, It would be a good idea to precache data. Curious on other thoughts.
  12. One thing no one has mentioned yet (I think), does FSTraffic use internal databases like AIG, or does it use real-time flights like FSLTL? I ask this because I most always fly at different times than real-time and that is one drawback with FSLTL.
  13. NOTAM went offline. I admit, I never read those from Simbrief in my MSFS flights, but in RL, very important.
  14. Merry Christmas all! Vitolo, have you tried: https://flightsim.to/file/8614/airports-lights I agree with many others mentioned. I would add one more: The ability to change aircraft in sim.
  15. Merry Christmas all! Vitolo, have you tried: https://flightsim.to/file/8614/airports-lights I agree with many others mentioned. I would add one more: The ability to change aircraft in sim.
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