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  1. Hi I am using Win 7 FSX and when I try to open progrmmes like Fslab Spotlights and Aerosoft Configurator, I receive the following message "FSL-Configurator has stopped working" and this happens with other add on configurator. I am not sure what might be the problem. I have disabled Anti Viruses and tried uninstall and reinstall etc but no joy. Many thanks
  2. Cleary a company that doesn’t respond, best keep money safe and not purchase anything from them, that is if they are genuine company.
  3. Hi Do you have a CFM A320 FSLabs sounds that work for the FSX version? thanks
  4. Skybus2000

    TSS B777 Sounds FSX

    Anybody has experience with TSS sounds applied to the PMDG 777? thanks
  5. Skybus2000

    TSS B777 Sounds FSX

    Hi, I was looking at the TSS B777 PW and RR sounds, they sound good on the preview but I was hoping for some confirmation for those who have it. 1. I do not want to hear the flaps traveling inside the flightdeck when selected, do you hear it when the flightdeck apart from sound of the actual flap lever? 2. In cruise does the engine sound fade into the background with the wind, as the actual PMDG when you climb from FL 350 to FL390 for example, the engine spooling up can be heard where in reality it should not even be noticeable? many thanks
  6. Skybus2000

    A non standard request

    Very nice Jake Roberts
  7. Skybus2000

    What is happening with FSX AES ?

    Still no AES a year later?
  8. Many thanks, you are indeed correct the WOAI may label something is FSX (a bit misleading) but as you rightly state it is FS9, following the great advice given I have converted ALL my traffic files from FS9 to FSX using the planner and I am please to report all my traffic have reappeared in FSX. many thanks again and it’s this time of year to wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year.
  9. Many thanks - the only problem is when I compile the traffic they no longer appear in FSX ie, the whole Emirates traffic file is gone but the other AI traffic are there as normal. thanks
  10. Thanks, is there a way to specifically exclude those airports using the planner? Do I modify the traffic files or flight Plan, when I compile I do not notice any effect. many thanks
  11. Airernie Thanks - the Emirates WOAI traffic is both the FS9 and FSX version, do I still need to convert it? I wouldn’t want to shoot them down 🙈
  12. Hi I am hoping to see if I could have some help regarding WOAI traffic FSX, I have posted on their forum but the site is not as active anymore, so I will paste it below. I am using FSX SP2 and the Emirates package I downloaded from the WOAI through AVSIM today, all other AI package are working just fine, the only issue is with Emirates. I wanted to modify the flight Plan so that no Emirates flights fly into EGCC and EGKK because I operate into those Airports using PMDG 777 and it wouldn’t be realistic to have two of the same their. I replaced after using TTools to decompile Emirates package via notepad both EGCC and EGKK with EGPF and EGNT so that all flights destined for EGKK and EGCC would not land at those airports and instead arrive at EGPF and EGNT. I checked the FSX scenery world to ensure no duplicate after compiling ( admin user) and when I run FSX I choose VRMM airport and see 3 Emirates B777 parked there without moving the entire day, this also applies at VCBI where there seems to be two B777 Emirates when there should only be one. Some AI Emirates traffic at OMDB seems to stay static at the gate with only the odd ones moving the entire day. I have tried varying different days and time but no effect. I then uninstalled Emirates via the WOAI installer, I then re installed and all working good, the only problem is that all I want to do is prevent the Emirates AI traffic from using certain airports such as EGCC and EGKK, I have managed to do this in the past without any problem just using TTools to decompile/compile, just cannot remember if I did something specifically. Appreciate any advice and thank you all in advance Regards
  13. Skybus2000

    What is happening with FSX AES ?

    I have for one have lost all confidence in Oliver, I really do not undeerstand why he does not either get some help or give a direct answer as to if we can expect any update this year
  14. Skybus2000

    Equivalent of AES for FSX

    Many thanks, I will give GSX ago, I am looking for a good pushback simulation and quite frankly given up on AES with a lot of unsed credits.
  15. Skybus2000

    Equivalent of AES for FSX

    Thank you ALL very much for your response, very helpful informative advice, I will look into that, although I am concerned in GSX that the pushback feature isn't like AES, very dissaponting with the service of AES customer care, I have numerous unused credits which I really regret buying and would strongly advise people not to rush into buying credits until Oliver can give some indication of when he is likely to update. thanks