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  1. Egbert Drenth

    Which gate is which?

    I knew 😉 Hence the clowns face. I guess back to the drawing board for UK now
  2. Egbert Drenth

    Leonardo Software MD-90(potentially) Question

    The rumor is that I heard from a friend from a friend's sister in law that he doesn't know anything about a MD90 May be it is wise to ask these kind of question directly to LeonardoSH...
  3. Egbert Drenth

    Which gate is which?

    Why? 🤡
  4. Because? Does XP11 have performance issues? Yes. My guess is that flight simulators (and other complex simulations) always will have certain performance issues, because they continue to stretch hardware to the limits.
  5. Egbert Drenth

    Dynamic Lighting - Daytime?

    Hi Doug, Thanks for your test. The question is now: How much FPS do you get at 12:00 noon with DL disabled? Is that still 33.5 or is it higher? I did not have the change to do it myself yet, but will do this week.
  6. Egbert Drenth

    Dynamic Lighting - Daytime?

    It might be an obvious question, but still I'm curious: Does DL has any effect (and therefor a performance impact) during day light? If I turn it off during day time flying, will I notice any difference?
  7. Egbert Drenth

    Certificate error

    Same here. But I guess you mean 1/10/2019 😉
  8. Egbert Drenth

    Strange image effect when panning around

    If using Windows 10, you could try: Right-click on P3D.exe / Properties Compatibility Tab Check: 'Disable Fullscreen optimizations'
  9. P3D V4 => 'Professional' add-on series... P3D V5 => 'Ultimate' add-on series... P3D V6 => 'Supreme' add-on series... P3D V7 => 'Pinnacle' add-on series... You get it....
  10. Egbert Drenth

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    Is that before or after you ran AI2UTL? If the latter, AI2UTL has created a backup of your original UTL repaints file (repaints.xml) It would help a lot, if people read the manual before using AI2UTL. Most questions are answered in the manual.
  11. Egbert Drenth

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    ? This folder should contain an empty text file called: B772.ai2utl (and any other B772 folder you would like to include, excl FLAi folders) Check page 8 of the manual.
  12. Egbert Drenth

    I think I need a new system

    The i9-9900K is by general consensus the worst processor when it comes to performance-price ratio, unless money is no issue of course The i7-9700K is much better priced for a little less performance. One example, but there are many more:
  13. Egbert Drenth

    Severe ghosting in P3D 4.4

    I had exactly the same issue a few days ago. A clean new OS Win10-1809 incl all updates and a fresh P3D V4.4 installation. P3D in full screen, ChasePlane showed ghosting/tearing views. Searching and reading a lot of postings here and at other sites. The following worked for me: Right-click your P3D.exe Properties / Compatibility Check: 'Disable Fullscreen Optimizations'
  14. Egbert Drenth

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    AI2UTL validates on model files and disregards FS9 models
  15. Egbert Drenth

    AI2UTL Injector - Public Beta

    That would not be a good idea imo because it requires a user to rename manually AI-aircraft folders. The reason I could do that with FLAi, is because the FLAi-installer does add the prefix automatically. Since (for above reason) it is impossible to recognize AI-aircraft folders of other 3rd parties, I introduced a 'marker'-file like: B738.ai2utl (ICAO-code.ai2utl) If you create such a file (empty) for each non-FLAi aircraft you want to include and save it in the respective AI-aircraft folder, it will be recognized by AI2UTL and potentially included in the search. The root folder(s) (i.e not the AI-aircraft folders themselves) of the 3rd party repaints should be included in the AI2UTL settings file. All sub-folders in a specific root-folder will be scanned for those *.ai2utl files. A root folder can be ..\P3DV4\Simobjects\Airplanes or for example ..\MyTraffic\Airplanes, depending on what/where you have installed your AI-aircraft