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  1. Why would they need to buy FSAerodata? FSAerodata provides updated BGL files, something which Navigraph can do themselves very easily since BGL file format is public domain. And also there's another way to update P3D Data: Herve Sors.
  2. I bought it, but it doesn't function correctly (on my Samsung S8) The takeoff/landing Input pages do not show any text or whatsoever. It looks like all fonts are white but I'm not sure. Only seeing a few radio buttons and text input boxes, rest of page is blank/white Anyone else bought it?
  3. True, but there have been performed a few memory tests (HWU and GN) and the performance difference in games is only a few percent. For me this doesn't justify the substantial price difference
  4. I'm buying a new system in about a month, provided all (AMD) parts are available, otherwise I have to wait. Did some extensive research and watched quite a few Youtube videos about the new Ryzen 5000 cpu's (compared to the Intel ones) I definitely will pick any Ryzen 5000 series cpu over any Intel cpu, simply because they are faster and give more bang for the bug. To be more precise, this is my list AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (For gaming, 5900X/5950X perform the same so waste of money, especially the 5950X) Gigabyte X570 Aorus MASTER Noctua NH-D15 Cooler (if not too wide and blocking the memory) AMD RADEON RX 6800 XT Corsair RM850i 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo F4-3200C16Q-64GTZN The other usual parts My guess is I have to wait at least until January before everything is available.
  5. Where are those cards produced? Somewhere in the jungle of South America by a nephew of Pablo Escobar? 😄
  6. In the next 3-4 months I will assemble/buy my next game rig and for sure it will contain an AMD professor, most likely the 5900X Combined with an 3080 or one of the new AMD offerings soon to be announced.
  7. Of course it needs to be fixed, hence my remark: "Most of them will be solved in time." My remarks were about the whining, as if the world, as we know it, ended yesterday.
  8. It's possible that each and every version of Flight Simulator (since early 80's) has been ahead of hardware technology of that time.
  9. It is outrageous! How could they?!? I also noticed some trees were missing! Geez man, take a chill pill. Each and every piece of software has bugs/faults. Most of them will be solved in time. Deal with it.
  10. I know, but as far as I recall, Steam creates a folder named: 'steam-library' (or something) and installs all games in that folder. I want to have my FS folder in the root. (but this is only trivial, I can live with it 😉 )
  11. Can it also be installed outside a steam library? I want full control over the folder I install it in. (Well we soon know the answer)
  12. I was on the fence but decided to jump off. As said earlier here, basically existing customers are paying $80 where as new customers are paying $60. I was willing to pay $20, the price difference. Also the 'added' features are only marginal. 'Helaas pindakaas', as we say in Dutch. (it doesn't supposed to meant to be)
  13. Is there already some kind of consensus about the quality/price ratio of V3? I'm on the fence (sort of) but find the special upgrade price of $40 pretty steep given the changes to V2
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