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  1. Maybe it is deliberate that way and not a bug...just brainstorming For de-pressurize purposes it really doesn't matter if both the minimums and field elevation are the same. If it is a few 100 feet off, for de-pressurizing it really doesn't matter. My 2 cents, Egbert
  2. Does anyone know if this mod also can be used with BKSQ KA350 package? Does it enhance/replace the BKSQ flight model or is it incompatible?
  3. Ouch.... $150 for a Gigabit fiber connection? That is a lot of money, at least in the Netherlands. I pay $55 per month for 1Gb up/down over fiber. I always thought the US had very cheap mobile & cable/fiber prices but I guess I was wrong.
  4. What you are referring to is motion blur, hence the 24 fps for movies. The human eye however can absolutely see the difference between 30 and 60 fps. But indeed, let's not get into a lengthy discussion.
  5. Ahhh bummer A floating aircraft in the scenery....
  6. https://www.justflight.com/product/black-square-tbm-850 Egbert
  7. Yes, but still within contrains of the system specs. With other system specs (RAM, VRAM) the relative results will differ substantially
  8. Nice video, but it says only something about systems containing a 6GB (!) RTX 1060 and i5 8400
  9. Just a heads up... I contacted Rob 2 weeks ago, asking for the mod. He said he didn't need more beta testers, and that relatively soon the mods would be made public. So there is no need to keep sending him PM's
  10. If there were no winds (i.e. GS variations), no waypoint constraints, no air pressure variations, no temperature variations, etc, etc, it indeed would be simple maths... Unfortunately the real world is a bit more complicated.
  11. Don't feel sorry, but that is how economics work.... Price, demand etc. Some, like me, have no issues with the price related to the product offered and buy it. Others think it's way too overpriced and don't buy it. That's the beauty of our current system: No one forces you or me to buy anything. And it is totally free to the supplier to determine a price.
  12. Right..... A study level jet aircraft where the mixture have to set to rich..... 😉
  13. We have about the same system, my results are: Total: 29193 / GPU: 36896 / CPU: 13373 The big difference with your settings is that I don't use Frame Generation and have V-Sync enabled (Initially 50%-30hz and now 100%-60Hz) My system runs (99%) stutter free
  14. Everyone, thanks for your help/advice. Only 5 minutes ago, I succeeded... pfffff... after numerous attempts. What a pain in the a.. The video helped, however not the part about panel="noreg" Somehow that prevented the livery to show up in MSFS. Anyway, I can start enjoying the new livery. See you when I ask my next question 😁 Egbert
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