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  1. Hi, We are now at P3D V5 and by now things get pretty cluttered with messages for P3D V3, V4 and V5 For Microsoft FS, we have forums for FSX FS2020 FS2004 MS Flight Maybe it's time to create a P3D V5 forum. Egbert
  2. Ohhh boy.... I didn't want to response, but I simply have to. Ron, with due respect... Chill out a bit and don't feel offended by each and every posting about Eaglesoft. I have never read a reply from Eaglesoft which didn't have a specific undertone (English?) Cheer up, life is too beautiful.
  3. " First got a Kaspersky warning, then disabled it and got another warning from Windows Defender." If I were you, I would save some cash on virus scanners and don't buy them anymore. "I don't need no stinking virus scanners" 😄
  4. I would wait a few months, until devs have migrated their aircraft/scenery/utilities to P3D V5 (and also V5 service pack has been released)
  5. And https://forum.simflight.com/forum/167-fsuipc-client-dll-for-net/
  6. If I recall correctly, in the past you would get a free upgrade within a certain time frame. But don't hold your breath on it, nor sue me if I'm not correct.
  7. Do you really think LM is considering how much they sell of P3D and how stiff the sim-market competition is? LM is not some kind of software house depending on selling games. The cost of developing P3D is peanuts for them and the current installed base/sales is nice 'collateral damage'. Heck, if they sell one more F-22 they can financially support the P3D development team into the next century 😉 For them it is simply a vehicle to provide their customers with a very basic training platform.
  8. I have both EZDok and Chaseplane. Went back to EZDok, just a personal preference. I don't use it for the fx but mainly for defining my own VC-views for each and every aircraft. (together with Logitech G13 pad)
  9. Never mind. As expected it was an user error. Had to flip a tiny switch... Issue solved!
  10. Hi, I recently bought the Cheyenne III and installed Mod 1.2 I must have made some kind of error because the captains ADI is Inop, indicating 30deg up all the time. When loading the default Carenado panel, ADI is operative. Anyone a clue/suggestion?
  11. I have S340 and it is quite nice, better as the Fokker 50. Nevertheless completely different aircraft then a Shrike
  12. Hi Stewart,

    Would you be so kind to send me Bill's mod for the Cheyenne III/PA42?
    Much appreciated!
    Egbert Drenth


    1. StewartH


      Sir,  The file is on its way.  Enjoy!


  13. If you want to spend some money and have a few extras: EZDok: http://ezdok-camera.com/ Chaseplane https://orbxdirect.com/product/p42-chaseplane I have both a like EZDok better. On my system EZDok functions more stable (i.e. no crashes)
  14. Aircraft are shown on Flight Radar with a slight delay... I think that delay is 1 month, so you are looking to EKCH traffic when it still was open......
  15. Ahhh... That explains my delay last Xmas at the airport 😄
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