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  1. Thanks Chris & Ray.. I am sold so just let me know when you are up and ready. I am hoping that unamed simulator will be releasing mid year maybe after E3 so with a new computer build (waiting for the new Comet Lake Processors and hopefully GeForce 3000 series it will be good to push the button then so hopefully by Q2 you are up and running! All the best Hamish
  2. I still giggle when I see Orbx peddling new LC areas and to be honest new airports. There is a going to be a game changer this year no question from what we have seen. I am always fascinated how technology disrupts usually for the worst in most cases but our hobby this is not one of those moments . This a revolutionary step and yes I have ceased all buying except the PMDG NGXu which can be ported over... No matter how much was invested P3D and Xplane are I hate to say over... This is not FS9 which I loved to FSX this is a well a 14 year light year jump. Like a great White Burgundy going to be able to make a grown man cry...Hopefully. :)
  3. From what I am reading I would wait for the Fulcrum Yoke. My gut instinct is it hits the sweet spot cost versus quality... H.
  4. Hi Chris Have been waiting for your Yoke liked the look initially of the Honeycomb but have a hunch yours is in a different league so going to wait. With MFS2020 going to spalsh out on a whole new rig/hardware etc this year... Exciting 2020 Will there be an opportunity to try it I imagine you would be at Cosford in the autumn but wondering anywhere else before. Just like to see the size and feel but to be honest 99% already sold.. :) Hamish
  5. If there was a way we could somehow tweak scenery that is local to us and was not too hard to do obviously would need to be vetted before being added to the game can you imagine a world where we can all help update it for everyone. Going to be fascinated when the likes of PMDG A2A etc can spill the beans on how they went about updating their flight dynamics... H
  6. Interesting Sentiments here... What I took from the videos. Firstly I am so sorry that this individual had access versus so many good people here that maybe because they dont have 32GB ram did not get selected, I wish Asosbo/Microsoft could at least weed out players that have no ability to fly a plane and also have no ability to test in a sensible manner... he was all over the place in terms of camera views flying the plane following a flight path it was beyond embarrassing like giving a new car to someone that had never driven and worse did not deserve to drive... In some ways it was good to see the sim in its worst light. The area he flew in was unrecognizable and I agree the first airport he took off from was basic so you immediately feel a little underwhelmed BUT after he took off the scenery was amazing in terms of Autogen and Trees and the Weather... if you imagine this is a Vanilla experience WOW its still incredible and the framerate looked good no popping Autogen of any kind the lighting the clouds the rain flying into the cloud and it starts slowly to come on to the windshield and suddenly pouring across wow lets be honest. Yes the airports need some attention, maybe I feel the Cockpits are a little too cartoony but again thats happening more now can be easily addressed but overall still absolutely an incredible leap forward. I would love Asobo to release a video of a full flight! Just so annoyed this guy had the amazing amazing gift of being in the Alpha but was so undeserving of it..... :))
  7. I am running a 6700k Skylake at 4.6Ghz. 16GB DDRRam and a Nvidia 1070GTX. I have had 4 good years. I would say treat yourself and wait till July and pick up the 10900i 5GHZ 10 Core Processor the 3070GTX and 32 or 64GB DDR Ram and you will be set for the next 24 months for sure... Have not delved into VR yet but this WILL be the way forward I am sure. Have not been this excited since well.... Never H
  8. Lets wait to see what the Airports Video brings.... I bet a lot of our questions will be answered. Still fascinated to see if they can model a Waterfall...... Cant Wait. H.
  9. I would also love to see if they can simulate a Waterfall... Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls, Niagra........ H.
  10. I agree. MSFS/Asobo have been very transparent and open with us. Personally its fantastic to see the journey the have made from conception to release. I am still fascinated to how they took the original FSX code deciphered it then took the best bits and completely rewrote the rest after 25 years... what a story.... I love screenshots especially if they say we are going to address this or not etc etc. We are a niche community very open which they have been so I agree I do not see any harm in releasing more images.. Its been hard if you are not on the Alpha you are desperate for well any new place to see. I adore Google Maps so to see any city any place is a real bonus.
  11. This makes me chuckle! Transcript of actual conversation overheard at Asobo Studios HQ: [Jörg Neumann] Dang it! The fans want seasons on release! [shakes fists at the heavens] Why must they be so demanding?! We haven't even started modelling the sleeping bears yet. And then they'll want working ski lifts, little skiers slaloming down the slopes, majestic herds of caribou, yada, yada. It can't be done! [Lionel Fuentes] But Jörg, you know, the world...zit is cold, haf of it iz very, very cold. We must do zomething. [David Dedine] Bonne annee mes amis. I've been meening to show you zomething.
  12. Asobo, Jorg & your team in Seattle What a beautiful gift to the community on the first day of 2020. Snow which means Seasons. Thank you for listening and your engagement with our community has been breathtaking. Honestly. I have not been this excited for our hobby in years. As they say you had me at Hello (first trailer!) but what a year we have ahead of us. We have such an amazing collective of incredibly talented developers and a strong community I just cant wait for all of us to begin this new journey together. Having been here since FS95 its a very emotional moment to see technology meet maybe a happy accident when you all decided to see if you could create an entire real world for us to fly in...and you did goddammit! This is going to open what was a fairly niche place to a whole new world literally (Better get those Servers ready!) Please keep the screenshots/videos coming we really appreciate them. Happy New Year. x
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