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  1. I am very happy with MSFS, 3 months and the sim with the bi-weekly updates is getting better and better, sure it was a bit of a bumpy ride but I enjoy it and I enjoy every bump of it! Great quote. I remember buying the CD/DVD for FS98/FS2000 and my favourite FS2004 and FSX it was much simpler in those days you loaded the disc and where very happy with the advancement that came.... Actually we dont know how far we have come. MSFS2020 and Asobo have created a masterpiece. Yes it has many bugs to squash but it aimed high actually it aimed to the top. So many decsions and good ones lie behind this game that we have been spoiled. The idea is was amazing to have a 3D Earth the best of Photgrammetry or Autogen to have the environment the weather and the vision to start this 10 year hopefully longer journey... For me just to have runways that have elevations to have overcast conditions that remain overcast to have the eye candy we have is a dream and its so easy in our life now to not see how much of an advancement we have. I remember every Friday we drove to the video stoe to see if there was possibly one copy left of the new release and the excitement we had if we managed to get that film the drive home... now we have Netflix where its all available it does not have the same feeling. its early days. A few of us here have been around a while. I personally said give Asobo a year to make this sim a place that has the fundamentals right it takes that time. I cant wait to fly a PMDG 747/737 along that curved runway but I know its going to take some time maybe 12 months maybe more but we have a great future ahead of us. We should be happy to go along for the ride. Yes they could have held back the release but for me I am glad we at this point can play and enjoy this incredible world... They have been so open to our feelings to our wishes we must not rush in and grumble at every little part...its so easy now social media etc etc just enjoy the ride like the last post said... Seasons/ATC/Helicopters/VR are close to my heart but I love the fact Asobo are not rushing. I have a feeling 2021 will be a great year for MSFS. :)
  2. Are Waterfalls rendered in any fashion? Many Thanks H.
  3. Interesting Topic. We are in the zone a month away from release. We have seen a crappy leak like the Chinese website that always annoys me a silly arcade flight made by an word not allowed. I think Asobo should have released one full flight for us to see so much speculation right now. My thoughts. MSFS will be a great VFR sim for the first 6 to 12 months. I will be happy taking the Icon for a spin landing on the lake just enjoying the scenery... IFR can come later with PMDG.... I am slightly worried by the reports of the flight dynamics but let's see its early days. Asobo deserve our support until we are proven wrong. I am waiting for the 18th it's a new start. Excited Bumpy roads to begin with I am sure but I am ready for the journey. :))
  4. I do agree the tree size still looks too large in comparison. Something not quite right. The only other hopefully positive feedback is that there is a tendency for it to look a little cartoony.. Maybe it needs some desaturation or something to do with the clouds feels a little bit too much but I know this is subjective...
  5. I thought the 747 videos were mighty impressive especially in terms of the animation. Its looking great in many ways the sim... Rather than poke fun at the rain animation which I agree looks repetitive though still beautiful in execution surely we could all just say, Dear Asobo could you please add to the list to see if you could randomize the rain droplet position to add to the immersion rather than the negative oh thats not right attitude etc. Simple Manners. I would love Microsoft to allow a couple of good video makers to brake their NDA and post a really well curated flight just a simple full flight thats uploaded in 1080 and we can see the full beauty. I feel some of these clips are sort of thrown together and it would be so easy to curate a more bespoke experience for us hard core simmers.. Still looking fab though and cant wait for October the 9th. Thats my Guess. :))
  6. 'Defintely agree. Cant share anything due to NDA, but seriously though the sim is going to blow people's mind. The fact that you can actually EXPLORE our planet is such a huge generational leap. Honestly cant wait for the NDA to be lifted so I can share hundreds of screenshots I took in the past two days. Also lots of 3rd party devs will finally be able share what they're working on. Its going to be a gigantic influx of cool stuff to drool over the next few months. Thank you Asobo & Microsoft. Happy Flying !!. This was posted in another thread. Great Positive Post.
  7. Who needs Orbx - when you've that veranda to chill on before grabbing that Carbon-Cub and hitting some sand banks. Orbx? Dinosaurs...They've had their day. Now it's Azure's time, AI's time. I know it's hard if you've forked out a bunch of money on this - we all did - but it's time to erase the past and embrace where the whole thing is going. Grab hold of its coat-tails and come along for the ride. We're living in a new place now - our scenery is being created by Artificial Intelligence and massive amounts of computing power. Forget everything you know in terms of scenery development. Hold tight, hang on and eventually you're going to spread your wings and fly straight in to the future of... You. And you're gonna love it. Like the rest of us. See you up there in the virtual skies. I wholeheartedly agree. There is a benefit that our beloved Microsoft Flight Simulator disappeared for the best part of 10 years. Serendipity one could say has aligned the stars and we had the one moment where technology mapping someone at the top of Microsoft willing to take a big shot and a great French company willing to have a go at recreating the world in full VFR Rules. Nobody said it would be easy but wow its looking quite incredible. The Transparency has been admirable and its an ongoing project. I personally have been waiting all my life for this jump so .... Orbx no question pushed FSX and P3D forward with some great products and were to begin with had all my support. later on they became for me they became arrogant and the quality dropped. Yes I have spent hundreds if not thousands I dont regret it but now they are not the king of the hill maybe not irrelevant but not far off. Time for for the Future. H.
  8. I sometimes sit and think that just over a year from now I was imagining that we might never see a new iteration of Flight Simulator. I got in at FS98 then 2000, then FS9 which was may favourite then FSX and now P3D. Its been a great journey... We are at a watershed moment we know that deep down. Yes its for once a perfect storm of the right technology Asobo being French and probably stubborn in this case for all the right reasons and having that European flair and Microsoft that has changed in their thinking over the past decade. Somebody up top made a great call back in 2016 and we will see such an incredible advancement of our beloved simming world that has been overdue... I do feel it will be a game changer and I cant fault one bit how they have all been so transparent and open. Yes we all have lots of questions and I am sure they will give us all the answers soon enough. I cant wait . I decided not to get involved with the Alpha as I want to wait for a more polished experience. Thank our lucky stars its not Star Citizen as we would be saying MFS2023. Its wonderful to say Thank You... Just the undulating runways gets me so excited... H.
  9. I agree with Carts85 Just give me one good simple VFR flight from lets say Darrington to Concrete in the Robin and I will be happy. I dont want to see too much as that takes away the surprise. But bored of the half baked leaks. H.
  10. So looking forward to the HoneyComb Throttle. Yes please let us know how it looks. 2020 is an epic year especially with all the current events MFS2020 GTX3070
  11. I am fascinated that one would still spend the dollars to buy an Orbx Region now. Dont get me wrong they have provided us all with many happy hours and some of their products are fantastic but cost wise when we add up the investment and we see whats just around the corner with MFS2020 its hard for me personally to buy any thing else for P3D. But I was a big FS9 fan so I do get it but we are facing a rewriting of the history books when the new Sim is released... H.
  12. Such a shame we dont have a decent pilot flying with most of these leaked videos... Makes me feel the Alpha was wasted on certain individuals. I hope Asobo will release a full flight soon its time... But to me its looking very good all in all. As a Default Sim its personally what I always dreamed of. Will be fascinating when all the 3rd Parties get involved... With all 2020 has brought this year for me the release of MFS2020 will be a highlight and I am glad a European Company got to take the lead.. When they see how successful this will be I reckon Microsoft will open the purse strings and we could have a great decade ahead of us... H. :)
  13. I like the night time video into Renton very much... The flashing beacons far off into the distance look great and it adds to the emersion for sure and the reflection of the night lighting into the sky. It all looks a million miles away form P3D so much better. I would love to see Asobo do a full flight and after the undulating runways all I am after now is a 😃 Waterfall..... Hamish
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