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  1. That's it Walter Musa! With Mount St Helen's and Rainer and Mount Hood nearby these little strips could be a perfect match. Maybe Vincent could entertain the idea of possibly adding them at some stage but very looking forward to Bowerman. H.
  2. I love this airport was great in FSX. Vincent So glad you decided to do it for MSFS. Nearby close to Mount St Helen's is Walter Suttons private airstrip and if I remember correctly there is a house by a lake nearby which has a fun short runway which would be a great candidate for your overhaul into MSFS. Orbx did it for FSX/P3d and it's a shame a few of their great little airports have not made it into MSFS. Thanks again will be really looking forward to this one. H.
  3. I think we will see the PMDG 777 this year maybe Autumn (Sept) as I remember RSR was going for an Agressive release with this one... If it takes too long then people may well buy up the MD 11 the FBW A380 the Bluebird 757, A330 etc.. I think PMDG would be wise to get a good long hauler into the sim sooner rather than later... H.
  4. Just completed my first flight from Aldergrove Belfast to Gatwick... Pretty good worked for all the different parts of the flight... There was traffic using FSTL at Belfast but not much movement nothing took off or arrived in the 30 mins I was there.Not sure what the best settings are for Traffic? A few flights appeared as I was crossing the channel and then about 6 other planes as I approached Gatwick... it was great to be vectored in although I should have changed runway as I had a huge tail wind.. The voices were pretty good though would like to have a chioce if possible as had a Ryanair plane with US accents I would not mind paying extra for better voices if its possible down the line. Also I have FS Chatter which worked at Belfast but as soon as I took off nothing more it always said out of range on the little pop up menu not sure if I needed to change that as it does add a lot to the immersion.. I did notice my frames were not great at Gatwick so not sure if its best to use FSTL or something else but there were a lot of parked aircraft for sure.. I think this is going to be a great ATC tool just need to read up and make sure I am doing things correctly... H.
  5. Just picked this up and had a quick look over... Looks great. If one wants to use FSTL Traffic do you start the injector after you have started the flight or are there any speciifc steps you take I could not see it in the manual or does one not use the injector at all? H.
  6. Thats interesting as I have tried that but cant get it to behave without tearing... My monitor is set to 6o HZ and I have 100 Refresh rate in Sim. So you are running DX12 FrameGeneration, Vysync off in MSFS and then with Nvidia Control Panel with Vsync On? Are you also using TAA? Many Thanks H.
  7. Hi All New to this thread... I have just upgraded to new 7900X3D + GTX 4080 , I am running the first generation LG Utrawide 3440 x 1440 which has FreeSync but no Gysnc... Is there any hope for the possibilty of using frame generation as like Travel Runner above I can get 60 FPS as its a 60Hz Monitor but it has terrible tearing so I have had to revert back to DX11 and Half monitor refresh rate to 30 FPS which is good but I probably would not have bought the 4 series if I had known you need a Gysnc Monitor as the frame generation is why I went for it. I should have done better research before buying. If anyone has any tips please let me know Vsync on in the Nvidia Control Panel does not seem to work. Many Thanks Hamish
  8. Can it just create a Radar Contact for us to work in MSFS...... Please H.
  9. I really hope the Bell 407 is an Analogue Cocpit and not a Glass Updated one.... That would be a shame for me... H.
  10. So torn..... It seems probably better to go AMD 7900X DDR5 and maybe wait for the 4800 16GB and you have an upgrade path but you will pay upfront for that option or 13600/13700 forget the 13900 and maybe go DDR4 and say it will give you 3 years of good performance... I am still on a 6700K 1070GTX at 3840 x 1440 so I need to have a change... I do hope we get a few more videos of the Fenix at EGLL or KLAX with the different processors... My montor is 60Hz so if I could get 60FPS that would be the dream... H
  11. Yes we are in desperate need of someone to do a Fenix test at EGLL... I am running a 6700K with a lowly Nvidia 1070 at 3440 x 1440 and as you can imagine it struggles.. I was thinking 13700 but now with the new AMD 7xxxX3D on the horizon like Ian irt may make sense for me to go AMD 7 series and DDR5 and then swap the CPU mid next year if needed.. Hopefully the next two weeks we will see some more real world figures for MSFS performance. Hamish.
  12. This looks good. If someone was able to do a version of the Angel Falls that would be a cherry on the cake! H
  13. It seems we are all on the same page. ATC ATC ATC AI AI AI i would love them to hand over the weather to Active Sky. Would love different Sunrise /Sunsets. No runway lights during day Please add Windscreen Wipers natively. H.x
  14. I would love to see a video of this in action we have been waiting for an ATC addon that can control the AI Traffic.. What voices can you use if you want to buy some and can you integrate any FS Chatter if you like to add extra atc communications? I am sure this will sell like hot cakes if it works well. Cheers Hamish
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