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  1. Is this plane supposed to be turbocharged? I'm running the latest version 3.5 but I'm losing power on climb to higher altitudes. I've flown a few flights, and last night I wanted to do a longer, high-altitude cross country, IFR at 14,000 feet. I saw decreasing manifold pressure, and at 14,000 feet my MP was at 16 at full throttle. I tried the same flight in the Carenado Mooney, which isn't turbocharged, and got very similar performance. To check, I tried my Carenado T182 which is turbocharged, and held an MP of 30 all the way to 14,000 feet. I thought this Trinidad was turbocharged, and expected better high altitude performance. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not a turbocharged aircraft? I didn't see any discussion about this so I thought I'd check to see what other users were experiencing. -Scott
  2. Both my pending transactions dropped off my card without posting, which is good. I did finally hear something back from Carenado today asking what I was purchasing.
  3. I checked my credit card, I have two pending transactions showing up, but never received any order confirmation. I put a support ticket in with Carenado, hopefully they can get it sorted out.
  4. Thanks, I was trying to buy last night and ran into the same problem. Tried twice and both times got a failure and no download links. I'll have to check my card and see if I was billed.
  5. I put in a support ticket about this today. They claim that they are going to include a fix on a future version for this aircraft. Whatever that means. Maybe they will release a 2.1 version with this fixed and GTN support -Scott
  6. I was able to re-install the old version with my previous registration code and download. The wheel pants can be removed once more. :smile: -Scott
  7. That's a good question. I still have my original download with the old registration code. I'll have to try it and find out. -Scott
  8. I haven't found any workaround to this problem yet. I've emailed Carenado support, I'm waiting to see what they say. I'm thinking of just reverting back to the older version. I really didn't notice much change with the version 2. I expected more from a new version versus just a patch. I was hoping for GTN integration, but alas, nothing. -Scott
  9. I can't get my wheel pants to remove using the pop-up toggle. Anyone else having a problem with that? -Scott
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