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  1. Interesting Jim. I will have to check the other Maine airports. The scenery I am trying to use was for P3DV4. One of the Orbx Global freeware airports. for the next airport I will try your suggestion. Greg
  2. I have had the Flight 1 GTN 750/650 since they were first released for FSX. I have now moved to the RXP GTN 750/650 platform. I find the RXP much more stable especially for helicopter operations. Greg
  3. Scruffy Duck presented a method on FS Developer. You delete the buildings that are showing through the scenery from the stock airport. 1. Load the stock airport in ADE 179. It is important to note the location and file name of the airport and write them down. KBGR is in P3DV5 scenery folder 0302 scenery and is named APX29160.BGL. 2. Left click on the building you want to delete. This will highlight it. Right click to delete. Note you are only deleting the building from the scenery not the P3DV5 library. 3. Compile the airport and save it. 4. Rename the save airport to the stock airport's code you want to replace. APX29160.BGL in the case of KBGR. 5. Rename the original airport to .off instead of .bgl No more default buildings showing through. Greg
  4. Thanks for the ADE tip. I have only used ADE in the past to correct Navaids. I will look into how do due excludes. Greg
  5. I have tried adding a lot of scenery for P3DV4 into P3DV5 using the great Lorby Si Addon manager They work for the most part but the default scenery bleeds through. Ini builds have posted a bunch of exclude files that work very well. An example is the Taxi to Gate KMCO. Is it possible for one of our talented developers to make a tool that would construct an exclude BGL for a designated airport? Greg
  6. I just installed Chicago and Washington DC from Drzewiecki. Both products did have the <AddOn.Description/> in the add-on.xml . P3DV5 HF1 would not prgress from the splash screen until I ran the Addon Manager. The Addon Manager gave me a notice of the packages added and the save button was highlighted red. I saved the cfg and P3DV5 then started normally. PeDV5 did NOT ask me to activate the scenery. Both addons were present and active in the sim. Greg
  7. That may be the issue. The addons were from Flightbeam and PKsim. I will check the next time I install and addon. Greg
  8. I just wanted to pass on my experience with both P3DV5 and P3DV5 HF1. If I install a scenery using the developers scenery, I must also run the addon manager prior to trying to start P3DV5. The addon manager tells me it has found new scenery and I need to click save. The Addon Manager then saves the scenery and P3DV5 will start. Failure to save the cfg with Addon Manager causes P3DV5 to not get past the splash screen. Hope this is useful. Greg
  9. Out of habit, I installed it into P3DV5. Greg
  10. I prefer The Macallan. Still you have excellent taste!😋 Greg
  11. Purchased! Let's see if I can get to a download. Greg
  12. It is a space issue for me. I have only 260Gb left on the dedicated 1TB SSD for P3DV4. No way I could run them together which is my plan until P3DV5 has all the add-ons updated. I also have a 250 GB SSD which is used for P3DV4 scenery and it only has 45 GB left. I do not want to fill the hard drives. The M2 drives are much faster than a standard SSD. My C drive is a M2 500GB drive which is used for all non flight simulator computer tasks. I expect the 2 P3DV4 drives to become dedicated scenery drives for P3DV5 considering the size of scenery now being produced. You are correct in that it does not matter if add-ons are on the same drive. Greg
  13. Actually, I will be adding another internal SSD not external. John at Orbx has used an external SSD successfully. Greg
  14. My plan as well. I have ordered a new 2TB M2 SSD that will be P3DV5 only. Greg
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