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  1. Ron It is very good to see you finally able to release something for the 64bit market. I have felt that the only aircraft type I was missing in P3DV5.3 was a very good modern corporate jet. I hope that the XLS will fill that void. Yout Citaion X that I used in FS9, FSX and P3DV3 is still my favorite corporate jet. I will purchase it. Greg
  2. Thanks for the information. I am running an I7 8770K at 4.8. My limited factor in P3DV5.3 was the 8GB VRAM. I got very stable performance at detailed airports with the PMDG aircraft but had to limit the resolution to 1084. I am hoping to be able to upgrade the resolution with the additional 4GB Vram. Greg
  3. I just picked up a 3080 with 12 GB vram. This will replace my trusty 1080 with 8 GB vram. It was on a flash sale at newegg, good for 12 hours. What kind of improved performance can I look for in the new card. Greg
  4. I agree. i no longer go to the P3D forum for the same reason. Greg
  5. Thank you for the 20 years Jean-Luc. I fondly remember your early products especially the JL2 and JL4 . Greg
  6. Verify Files should fix it. I think you are missing some of the updated V5 files, Greg
  7. I hope so Trevor! But it maybe on P3DV5. We will see what the future brings. I did stay on FS 9 until 2012 when that computer died and we had hardware for FSX, Greg
  8. This is not a my sim is better than your sim thread. I have simply made the decision that P3DV5 is probably my last sim. I am 73 years old and I have been syming since FS98. I say this because P3DV5 meets all my needs very well. I have all the aircraft, scenery and airports I require. The performance and visuals completely meet my expectations. It has become apparent that should P3DV6 be released without third party developer support, I am better off staying with what I got. No need to update hardware until it dies. No real need for more aircraft or scenery. I would like to see the PMDG DC-6 in V5 but even if the does not happen, I have the A2A Connie. I am content. My feelings. Greg
  9. I agree Ray. P3DV5.2 is my simulator for the foreseeable future. I have all the aircraft and scenery that I need, yet I seem to buy more every month. Greg
  10. Good idea I will look for the file. Thanks Greg
  11. I recently uninstalled DD NYC Airports and installed Imaginesim's KLGA. I have default looking jetways showing at KLGA. I have tried everything I can think off to delete the Jetways with no success. Any Ideas? Greg
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