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  1. Great update! I did a complete re-install using Nick's process. Very happy. Greg
  2. In the latest up date they added a new drop down called operator. Select all or a specific operator and the downloadable liveries will show up. Greg
  3. Flight 1 has released a no charge P3DV5 Beta for both their King Air and Mustang. They are available through their new purchase system and will show up in your library if you purchased the complete versions (64bit). Greg
  4. I have heard from Eric at LLH. He has supplied me with some replacement files that fixed the FPS issue at Courchavel. I expect that he will issue an official patch for LFLJ. excellent customer service.🙂 Greg
  5. All the Cera helicopters work in P3DV5. Greg
  6. I bought three of the products. The frame rates at Courchavel are horrible. With the Carenado PC-12 I get 5 fps on the ground. LFKX and LFLP are normal 29 FPS, which is my upper limit. Greg
  7. The Milviz Beaver, Otter and Turbine Otter are planned to be updated for P3DV5. They are excellent. Greg
  8. Thanks Alan I am running a I7 8700 K with a 850 watt PSU and lots of cooling. I have only 16GB ram so that might need improvement as well.
  9. Now that NVIDIA 3080 and 3090 specs are out the offerings look like 10 GB for the 3080 and 24 for the 3090. My 1080 at 8GB is really not up to the task anymore. This begs the question, what do we really need? I know 24 GB is better but do we need it. Greg
  10. Jesse This version is not great either. You get the terminal but it covering a lot of stuff and some of the jetway. I think I will leave the original post at Orbx. At least you can get to gate. Sorry Greg
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