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  1. hopefully we start to see price drops, every man and his dog is trying to make a quick buck with this. starting to see tv tower payware addons. none the less the lack of a fully developed sdk is keeping me away from some enticing addons. regardless JF are making the most it and doing a good job to evolve with the software
  2. possible maybe when MSFS is a more robust product, in the current form and limitations and constant updates with some adverse coding its way too early. a standalone for each physical sim, not any time soon Its already been discussed in our workplace and dismissed. However say with LM, contracts have have to supply a airframe, LM is to provide the training software for the life of the product. We do this with all our equipment from small arms to aircraft. no body has a crystal ball and knows how msfs will look in 5 yrs or what LM will look like, maybe when the next gen of aircraft come out and it can be incorporated into MSFS and there maybe real considerations but not after several months post introduction. having seen the military package of LM, the normal LM looks very bland and MSFS has a very long way in psychics to catch up. but the way tech is these days, who knows whats possible in time
  3. I doubt it for right now, the cyber security risks with a cloud based server would be a horrendous security concern. If any of the DoDs would use this software, they would have to have their own restricted servers with all the data that isnt connected to the external web. or run it in offline mode. That is why LM is the preference as it has no requirement for external connectivity. Not to mention the sim director plug where you can remotely control all the variables. just a simple example of how serious the DoD takes this, is the organization i work for has removed 99.9% of landlines and runs all telecommunications through its own restricted network and every single person in the network has their own unique number to reduce cyber security risks. Anything that is plugged into the network has to be approved, a mouse was recalled not long ago as there was some minor components internal that were manufactured in a certain country. At the moment all our sims are stand alones even from our own protected network, so no tracking or monitoring can be viewed in a event of a breach.
  4. you can use https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/airport-design-editor you will need to open the airport's scenery BGL and adjust the elevation to match the mesh surroundings.
  5. Reading through the 4 pages thus far, people are forgetting the P3D is a by product from military and civil simulator contracts which was never going to have the eye candy or features MSFS has for the home or upcoming console user, and more likely never will. It is the home user that has the expectation of making it something it was never meant to be. The driving factors behind LM and what they produce and release is what the big dollar contracts ask them to supply. They may listen to the general public however for the past several yrs most of the "home user wants" have fallen on deaf ears. LM has no interest in what MSFS or dollar compassion just a one or 2 contracts alone will earn LM more income than MSFS sales alone. For now there is enough source codes and data to tailor your install to what you want. Over time maybe P3D will have future enhancements or new graphics engine that may resolve a lot of current gripes or maybe not. As for the payware developers they are only going to follow the interest lies and where they can make quick money. It might be a far left call, but I think a lot will continue with P3D once the hype of MSFS settles
  6. i hear you, I live in the tropics and all my region is incorrect or extremely poorly done when it comes to water, the biggest natural reef in the world is missing from the game.
  7. theyre getting ready for xbox users, its looking more and more that things will be scaled back to support them.
  8. the 747s have had a texture mirroring shortfall, some of the white templates can be found in the SDK
  9. its there, ive seen it heaps flying in the tropics with rl weather on, as stated above its finer and more to scale than we have previously encountered in other platforms
  10. i dont understand why there is no great barrier reef or other large scale sub surface imagery
  11. I voted for something else just for the fact of number 2
  12. I look at my area and its about 10yrs old, my suburb of the city doesn't even exist in MSFS
  13. try here, you might find interested developers https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/
  14. a no for me, has it meet my expectations as of 1NOV2020? far from it. the hype the lead up to release, this is not the silver bullet everyone was telling me, including the PR releases from MS the stock aircraft dont have any appeal and what there is, feels extremely arcade-ish, while the scenery is an extreme improvement, there are many flaws. The remarks from developers you can fly VFR and find your house, well half of my city isnt even depicted in the sim and where my 9 yr old house is, there is grass and trees. the level of ground textures are some what hit and miss, i found photography where it goes from green to snow to green again the lack of warbirds and helicopters etc etc while the visual appeal is nice, it lacks a lot of substance will it meet my expectations in 5 -10 yrs ? who knows but there is a long way to go for it to have the same appeal my preferred platform of choice offers me.
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