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  1. Why does anyone who moves to a new platform come back and ask others why havent they followed ? People still use fs2004 People still use FSX People still use Xplane 11 or older People still use aerofly People still use CFS People still use P3D Who really cares? Its only been the last three years we have seen the rise of the sim eccentric group who cant accept that people arent satisfied with MSFS and what it offers compared to what they want or have. Having both MSFS and P3D, I'm starting see the likeness with MSFS users and vegan cyclists when reading these forums or SM groups. *edit xplane 11- sorry missed that one as I dont track xplane
  2. Depending on what version you get it was obrx endorsed, the later versions weren't tested by orbx before they were released so they removed their endorsement. There was a post on their forum long ago about it Saying that the ultimate range works with the regions and global, I havent seen any problems in the past several yrs using the FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX package Many moons ago running mesh at the 1m setting drew lots of memory and wasnt noticeable however with the ultimate range, the memory isn't a problem and there is quite noticeable scenery elevations and minor mountains and ridges which i never saw with other payware meshes at that setting. Do it.
  3. MCX can read model library bgls and provide the GUID and descriptions
  4. I went with a AMD Chipset last nov for the 1st time since using FS5, Ive always used intel. Much to my surprise its paid off, its running a max sliders with all the payware Ive collected the past dozen yrs that P3D v5 runs. I went with a 7950X and run it a variable frequency from 5 to 5.5 with the RTX3090ti all water cooled as it never gets below 20*c inside the house in winter The highest temp i get is 78*c to say the least I'm more than impressed
  5. All honestly this is nothing new, Barry from groom lake simulations was caught numerous times using peoples textures and uploading it in his files and claim it it as his own. Once we caught him, we deleted all his files from OZx and shared our findings with other sites who pulled his files The clown didnt even try to hide it, as the files he was claiming as his was from the same very site. All it did was push him to use file hosting sites from his own wix webpage where he continued to the same and expand to tracing other peoples work. Around the same time he was caught out being a military imposter calling he was a 05 and F111 pilot posing in fake and or edited pics. Even today Barry posts an irrelevant description in all his profiles to try and deflect criticism of his past Its not slander, when its true. He was never a F111 pilot, he was never a 05 rank and he stole and traces other peoples work. There will always be people like Barry, regardless of their actions they will have followers who will download their work which will encourage them to continue. These people crave the attention and praise. They want to be seen as SMEs and/or contributors.
  6. it wasn't well received on facebook with many nemeth fb followers crying out for older products to be fixed first. Which speculates people are jaded with nemeth products
  7. jeansy


    Thanks Ive been looking for one for years after seeing Chinese ones in real life while taking part in the search for MH370. Sadly there was no fsx native model made and the past yrs converting fs2004 models yielded poor results. Its been a painful task re attaching parts and being limited with the physical modelling and its restrictions Im hoping I can modernise the exterior, sadly there will be no correct model VC. Im using the PMDG 747 as an alias
  8. jeansy


    Ive finally pulled the pin and converted the IL-76 from a FS2004/FSX to P3D v5 Now it has clear windows, spinning engines and working surfaces No VC sadly so its been merged with a 4 engine tube vc Now comes the painful task of creating a paintkit if I cant find one and doing bumps and new textures
  9. Thats the real life amusement park Luna Park,
  10. I was able to find my original v5 purchase email and used that to contact them to reset my activation as my old system died and wasnt able to deactivate the lic prior to my only current gripe post system and windows upgrade is with SteamVR and trying to use my VR headset.
  11. its worth it, i just did a major system/ hardware update, I now can have all sliders maxed and maintain 40fps in major cites in pmdg style aircraft
  12. https://cbfsim.co.uk/cbfs_lib/action.php?id=110&part=e&download
  13. however it points outs the clear overwhelming majority have no flight experience or not enrolled in any formal flight training or not employed in any aviation industries so how come, forums and social media is flooded with experts
  14. VR without a doubt makes it so much easier to fly helos, hover and land in tight spaces I still use P3D and along with MSFS when flying helos, i always have the VR on for both platforms
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