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  1. that is subject to the user, I guarantee it that everyone will say it suck as standalone wont comprise of the detail that compares to live data, they have even stated that themselves
  2. are you aware thats MSFS is a azure(cloud) based public server via xbox live which is its greatest weakness opposed to a standalone product that doesn't require internet connectivity or a 3rd party app to run it Sony said many years ago their game or personal data servers cant be hacked and fair enough they got hacked. Xbox live may have MS backing them, however cyber warfare from individuals and nations are only getting better at what they do. the chances of the servers crashing or being disrupted or hacked are unknown and not unlikely LM are laughing at this as they know they will retain contracts as no DOD will adopt a cloud based software that is external to the internal protected network.
  3. the question you have to ask is what happens to MSFS when their public servers get hacked or xbox live is hacked. Its not impossible just ask sony
  4. why? LM have the largest shares in commercial sim software and the military simulators, their contracts alone will earn them more than MSFS2020 does in private sales
  5. disregard, your link https://parallel42.com/sim/orbx was enough to transfer over however im unable to see a setting or configuration panel to adjust the .fx attributes that came with the old prop application
  6. Do you know when, I have nothing in my inbox, spam or junk folders from Orbx
  7. The two paints have been uploaded to the server for the feelthere E170 v3 package
  8. uploaded here last weekend VH-ANN Airnorth Australia
  9. However the rego is mirrored and backwards in v1.1 where Jankees is not
  10. yep, i have to check the zip on my end, i may not have fixed it or re uploaded it
  11. no freezing during flight loading, its only when i start p3d, yes i have orbx and most of their addons, plus many more addons, like i said the more you add to external addons, the slower it gets, the more simobjects the slower it gets
  12. yeah same, its been like that after several scenery.cfg and addons,xml rebuilds for the past 12mths or more, its the fact that the scenery indexes and temp simobjects are checked each time on load up, it doesnt help me having 650mb in my external addons, with 800 odd mb in my main folder and 10s 0f 1000s of simbojects including AI these days I start up, go make a coffee,have a smoke, potter around then go back to the pc, ive learnt to live it every suggestion people have made the past 2yrs, nothing makes one difference, and as i add another add on, its slows down that lil bit more
  13. a smack like from a pair of sweaty sports underwear to the face
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