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  1. jeansy

    Addtional shorts repaints

    QANTAS Philippine
  2. jeansy

    Addtional shorts repaints

    sorry dale i will prob upload to aerosoft carenado repaints then to here, i have negative 100% interest in uploading to the SOH i really should get back to adding more paints to my thread
  3. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    i have p3d back up and running again and have a few more I would like to do
  4. jeansy

    F50 repaints

    thanks bill, yeah ive lost about 900 paints with ozx going down, some people with my permission have been uploading some them else where, however before i start the migration, additionally my fokkers can be found here>
  5. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    the following have been upload, I havent had the time to achieve anything near i wanted to the current REX schemes Hazelton Airlines And the token Austrian Download link>
  6. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    China Leaf (neo leung) are smashing out a heap of paints, which is great i now can focus on real life stuff, and finish off the few Australian schemes and when time permits do a few what ifs, as the way things are looking like there wont be much left when i can devote time to painting
  7. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    They appear to be straight forward however im not going to promise anything
  8. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    while dont have much time to play with, im going to knock up some quick and easy schemes just to punch out some other options and lesser known these are contained in the following FB album
  9. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    Cheers i will avoid that one, i will look for a rego or slightly different scheme, im in no rush to get any paints done this week and probably next week as I have a heap of admin im reluctantly bringing home from work to keep on top of things Anyway heres a link to the 2 current REX schemes sorry the zip file isnt in my normal format however it contains 2 textures and a readme file
  10. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    Im not a fan how files names are changed here Im about 95% done the with NW scheme, just let know what rego you are using so I dont put the same one on mine so we dont conflict
  11. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    2nd of 3 REX Schemes and several others planned While OZX is down, im not sure where i will upload to
  12. jeansy

    F50 repaints

    sorry the USAF contained the wrong textures, its been fixed
  13. jeansy

    Picton, NZ

    I mean NZ rego paints for your aircraft