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  1. jeansy

    Matt's Falcon paints

    Carenado FA50 VH-OIW Download link> Avsim pending
  2. im weary as I bought their products from their old stores for them to close the doors on them and now they have opened a 3rd store ? as they are nice products and work in both fsx and p3d, I will wait for them to sell them through a major store from now on
  3. jeansy

    F86 Sabre

    MilViz F-86 or Tackpac version MilViz F-86_TP
  4. jeansy

    Matt's Falcon paints

    Like Marius started painting this model last night first cab off the rank, its upload at aerosoft> and here when i stop having upload issues with the avsim server 💣
  5. Thanks Matt for the quick updated download, the new version works
  6. A few new paints for the P3Dv4 version
  7. jeansy

    Addtional shorts repaints

    QANTAS Philippine
  8. jeansy

    Addtional shorts repaints

    sorry dale i will prob upload to aerosoft carenado repaints then to here, i have negative 100% interest in uploading to the SOH i really should get back to adding more paints to my thread
  9. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    i have p3d back up and running again and have a few more I would like to do
  10. jeansy

    F50 repaints

    thanks bill, yeah ive lost about 900 paints with ozx going down, some people with my permission have been uploading some them else where, however before i start the migration, additionally my fokkers can be found here>
  11. jeansy

    My 340 paints

    the following have been upload, I havent had the time to achieve anything near i wanted to the current REX schemes Hazelton Airlines And the token Austrian Download link>