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  1. Hello, I try to connect with engine weather P3DWX but I have errors and no real weather. Do you have the same problem? Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi there, is possible to have this mod? I try to contact @Novej757 but I can't send message to him I don't know why. Any help is greatefully accepted! Many thanks in advance!
  3. No, there are a couple of GA aircraft such as Diamond DA62, Diamond DA40 and ultralight Jabiru J160/J170. All works with minor issues on P3D V4.5
  4. Hi everyone, IRIS FSX and P3D products are now freeware: https://store.irissimulations.com.au/iris-simulations-classics/ Click on the red link below in the page to access the dropbox repository.
  5. Same for me. Website is down, hope a temporary issue.
  6. Hi thanks for your replies, developer answered to my mail and he told me that some work on hosting was gone. Anyway now the addons works correctly, but I think it could happen again. So I asked him to remove the internet check for his existing customers. No reply from him yet. It's really bad that people can't use the paid addon because something in the server goes wrong. Today most of the P3D addons are free I don't understand why keep this check when these addons won't have more updates. It's just frustrating that you can't use something you paid for because you don't have an internet connection or maybe the server has or will have problems. The check is probably in a dll file (looking with IDA), and affect models itself. I hope he changes his mind and gives his customers a patch to remove the internet-check.
  7. Hello to everyone, I'm not new on the forum but this is probably my very first post. These days I would have liked to flown the marvellous Antonov AN-2 developed by ATSimulations (Andrey Tsvirenko) but the results is the ATSimulations servers are down and is not possible to fly the aircraft because it need internet connection for anti-piracy checking. Already tried several times to contact the developer but he seem vanished. So from now ahead all ATSimulations addons became unuseful with a big black box instead the cabin. Anyone know how to contact the developer to solve this situation and maybe remove this internet check from the addons? Mostly of the developers goes to MSFS and their P3D's payware become freeware, probably also ATSimulation can remove the internet check nowadays given that there are not any update for this softwares. I hope you guys can help!
  8. Hi everyone, I get the Just Flight Chipmunks (both versions) and I would like to know if there is an issue with my installation or is not possible by default to open engine cover, remove pilots and show/hide security equipments. I try as the manual said (shift+e+2,3) but nothing happen. Maybe is a feature only for FSX but in the manual I can't find any reference about P3D v4 and v5. Maybe someone have the Chipmunk already installed and can check. Thanks in advance, Dan
  9. Hi Tim, many thanks for this. I haven't modify the Alpha channel and I see now the old registration. It was the mistake I kept making! Really thank you, Dan
  10. No, i don't know what is it the alpha channel. Can you explain me please? Probably is this the mistake i continue to do...
  11. Hi Tim, thanks for your answer. Yes I already edit the specular map but the old registration remain when I upload the Vertx on the Sim. I don't know why. This is the first time this happen. It seems sim continue to read the old specular instead the new one.
  12. Hello everyone, I purchase this wonderful bird yestarday and despite everything I've read on this forum (abandonware, no support etc...) I must say that everything works very good in my opinion and such as every A2A addon this is a must have. Anyway I read there is no paint kit, but I'm happy with the livery present in this addon. Anyway I would like to modify little things via Photoshop such as registration. I tried to change a couple of time replacing it with my favourite registration code, but when I upload the modified one a reflection of the old one remain in background (to clarify: my registration is embedded on the plane correctly but I've the old one as shadow). Do you guys know why? I modify all files of the livery and via photoshop the old registration is not present but I continue to see when i load the aircraft on the sim. Every suggestion and help is very appreciated. Many thanks and warm regards, Dan
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