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  1. Absolutely! If you don't have by the end of today shoot me a pm reminder. My newborn has me up on night duty so I'm about to hit the sack with the other owls LOL!!
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Both of you should have a copy in your emails. Happy Flying!
  3. @slarvid and @AngelOrbe Hi guys. Did I ever send you a copy? Sorry this is the first time I've been in this thread for months.
  4. Right. He said that the other issues I listed had been fixed in the "hotfix" well I am currently using version 8.3 with those issues so I was just confused what he was referring to.
  5. Is the test version on the discord temp channel the hotfix for version 8.3? Or is there a separate version 8.3 hotfix somewhere?
  6. I've had a chance to use ver 8.3 and I'm happy to report the oscillations are gone. I still get CTD right after takeoff every few flights. Usually clears when I open MSFS and try again. Still has some wonky flight characteristic in Turbulence with high tail winds. It reminds of a model airplane hanging from one string on the ceiling and the way it moves when bumped. But overall a great improvement. Issues and questions... 1. Whenever I load a flightplan from simbrief or route page on the FMC the route loads perfect, but the airport frequencies on the Frequency page are usually wrong or 000.00. Only way I can avoid this is to load the entire flight plan manually. 2. Can Vnav/Approach mode be used on visual approaches created in FMC or is it just for lateral reference? If so is there a way to calculate the gp intercept altitude for the waypoint thats created at whatever distance you choose? 3. I still get the sudden altitude changes whenever the baro changes above FL180 All in all great job, can't wait to see what you guys have in store next!!!
  7. RAISES HAND FOR EXPERIENCING OSCILLATIONS!!! Some of you may know me from the CJ2+ and Phoenix Phenom 100E mods for FSX/P3D. If so you know I can be very long winded and too detailed. Sorry. I'll try to keep this short. (EDIT i failed) Devs an example flight I'm experiencing it on is KGEU FTHLS6 ABQ J18 FTI J19 LBL J134 ICT J26 FRACA DRIVL KCOU Departs at 1330 local with live weather Now here's how I load the aircraft... I'll explain my rationale because I can see your "???????" Pilot1: 0lbs, Pilot 2: 0lbs, Pax 1: 180lbs, Pax 2: 240lbs, Pax 3: 230lbs, Pax 4:190lbs, Pax 5: 325lbs, Rear bags ~*100lbs *(whatever gets weight right at MTOW with 305 gals in both wings) I do this because though I get why, the weight station loading is not good. A few things are very clear. Whoever designed the flight model has little clue how the CG is on the actual aircraft (Cessna ensures this info is not easy to find), they didn't research passenger and cargo payloading for the CJ4 and I'm pretty sure they didn't test different passenger configurations to see how it effects CG on this model. For example passenger 1 and 2 are seated right on top of the cg point, passenger 3 and 4 are positioned 3.6 feet ahead of the cg point. Passenger 5 is seated half a foot behind the CG point. The pilots are positioned 17.5 feet ahead of the cg point and the rear bags are placed 10 feet behind the CG point. CG of the actual aircraft is located close to the main gear (don't forget weight of engines) I'm not sure where Asobo placed it. But the CJ4 cabin total length is only ~17.5ft. You ever notice how sensitive the CJ4 elevators can be when hand flying approaches even when lightly loaded? The reason for this is the weight of the pilots sitting way out there on that 17.5 foot lever arm (especially when your fuel is low) has effectively pulled the aircraft out its nominal cg range. The CJ is much easier to land with a neutral cg at landing....this is why I don't load pilot weights. So whats this have to do with oscillations. Well I have found FOR ME even with neutral cg loading...a combination of these things seem to bring on the porpoising (only in version 8.2): Climbing via FLC mode (240kts/.64 climb schedule) at ~FL250+ near MTOW while experiencing High Tailwinds/crosswinds blowing from behind the aircraft with Live Weather, medium to heavy Turbulence from Live Weather. I have not tested with headwinds yet. I've tried fixing these values in the flight model configurations but it strangely had no effect in the sim. As in even the payload page didn't change for me 🤔 All this to say AP trim and elevator effectiveness are especially important to this CJ4. Maybe Working title can try removing that pitch pid Asobo added to see if it helps us...(shrug) I'll cut this er "short" here...sorry. EDIT I have also had the sudden baro changes in the Flight levels recently but the aircraft is good at climbing;or descending to the set altitude with out the porpoising...ATC isn't always happy about it though.
  8. I absolutely love this mod. However, I have had two CTDs (first I've had since downloading MSFS 2020 Period 😲). I do load my flight plans out of world map in the game as I'm sure I'm one of the very few that still use the in game ATC too...The last flight (KVPC-KBAZ by way of RMG VUZ J52 CLOUT MLU CWK) I even tried clearing out the FMC and reloading on my own....Still got the CTD almost at the exact same place (climbing out of KVPC runway 19 right at the point when TO is brought back to CLB)......On the last flight I didn't even take off in TO. So far this hasn't been a hard failure as (knock on wood) it usually goes away after restarting the sim. Like I said I have not had a single CTD on my system in MSFS2020 until I loaded version 8 of this mod. I guess I was overdue compared to what some have had LOL. Keep up the good work and good luck with the gremlin hunt!
  9. Sorry I never included a Popup for the GTN with this version (by far my biggest regret with it.) For the sounds make sure you did step 3) where it has you move the AC.wav file. The window bleeds get louder the higher you turn their adjustment knob, When you first turn them on they are quiet..... Pay attention to 4:15 for the AC and 4:41 for the window bleed operation here Hope this helps. Let me know if there are still issues J
  10. Hi Jevon

    I followed the thread about your Phenom 100 mods and they look very promising indeed! May I ask you to send me the download link for the mods, either by PM or to my email:


    Thanks a lot!


  11. Sorry Budlee I'm just now seeing this. I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out. I'm glad you like how she flies. She's def my go to business jet even over my own CJ2+ mod 😏
  12. No problem, send me a PM with the above information please?
  13. Hi Paul thanks for the information. This is honestly the absolute first time since I released this back in 2018 that I've had anyone experience this problem. Glad you were able to figure it out. So I'm not sure why that particular window was your issue. I'll have to go look but I'm pretty sure I didn't modify anything in that particular window. If there is a SANRD my download link within dropbox may have gotten corrupted which again I will need to check. I'll download a copy to test it myself. If you have any other issues please let me know. This just further enforces the CJ2+ mod is in dire need for a new update. I think that will be coming this summer.......
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