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  1. Sorry I never included a Popup for the GTN with this version (by far my biggest regret with it.) For the sounds make sure you did step 3) where it has you move the AC.wav file. The window bleeds get louder the higher you turn their adjustment knob, When you first turn them on they are quiet..... Pay attention to 4:15 for the AC and 4:41 for the window bleed operation here Hope this helps. Let me know if there are still issues J
  2. Hi Jevon

    I followed the thread about your Phenom 100 mods and they look very promising indeed! May I ask you to send me the download link for the mods, either by PM or to my email:


    Thanks a lot!


  3. Sorry Budlee I'm just now seeing this. I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out. I'm glad you like how she flies. She's def my go to business jet even over my own CJ2+ mod 😏
  4. No problem, send me a PM with the above information please?
  5. Hi Paul thanks for the information. This is honestly the absolute first time since I released this back in 2018 that I've had anyone experience this problem. Glad you were able to figure it out. So I'm not sure why that particular window was your issue. I'll have to go look but I'm pretty sure I didn't modify anything in that particular window. If there is a SANRD my download link within dropbox may have gotten corrupted which again I will need to check. I'll download a copy to test it myself. If you have any other issues please let me know. This just further enforces the CJ2+ mod is in dire need for a new update. I think that will be coming this summer.......
  6. Hey Jevon, 

    I've heard about your awesome mod for the CJ2, and I'd love to give it a try on my system. I sent you a message through avsim with an email address, if you wouldn't mind sharing it with me. Thank you for your contributions to the community. 



    1. Novej757


      Sorry for the delay I'm a full time engineering student with lots of senior projects.  I will try to send you a copy this evening.  Sorry for the delay

  7. Hello Jevon, well I've just installed the the Mod for the C12+GTN update and pleased to confirm that all went well, all fired up and working great, will take a flight over the weekend and come back to you, so easy!

    Great work Jevon, I owe you a drink! lol


    1. Novej757


      Great to hear.  Happy flying Jim!

    2. simmyjiff
  8. The weather radar isn't terrible with Active Sky Next. At least for me it does the job there are definitely much better ones out there though. If I ever get any time off I'd like to do a version 2 of my CJ2+ mod with the same integrated weather radar I included with the Phoenix..........
  9. Hi, Genius, don't know how you guys do these sort of things, the amount of work involved in achieving this goal must be outstanding, be really interested in receiving details of the Mod at your convenience/

    Well Done


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    2. simmyjiff


      Yes, Sorry jevon

    3. simmyjiff


      Hi Jevon, received your package this morning, do you have any instruction for installing?



    4. simmyjiff


      Sorry, just found them, oops!

  10. Hey thanks @bbuckley if I could I'd make you a moderator on this thread with all the help you've been giving when I'm not around Thanks Hey Mike did you get this resolved yet? Also what sim are you flying her in? Make sure you have the right weather gauge for the sim you are using (see instructions in download)...
  11. Great. Glad that's what you were looking for, maybe I'll look at changing the order and make the Landing light position steady and the Taxi light position the pulsing (shrug). I guess it doesn't need pulsing lights....I just always thought that was a cool feature, especially the Wig wag (left on right off left off right on) pattern. Unfortunately that has to be programmed into the actual model to simulate it.
  12. Hey @bbuckley try this: Use Notepad and open your panel.cfg file scroll down to the "[Vcockpit02]" section place a "//" in front of gauge09...... It should look like this "//gauge09=PulseLights!PulsingLightsControl, 0,0,0,1" save and close the panel.cfg That should work as your disabling the pulse light xml Let me know.....
  13. Hmmm for me in fsx they are the same intensity. This must be a P3D lighting thing. I will def look into this when i get a chance. I may need you to test it for me if i figure something out.
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