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  1. Here is a better comparison of the flight deck update. Below is old (new) panel (with the wrong throttle settings on the pedestal). Versus the new (new) modification.... I still haven't determined which I like better. I think I'm leaning more to the new version as I really don't want those wrong settings on the bezel LOL. What do you guys think? Added some more eye candy. Accoustic reduction on the inlet of the engine cowl (look inside the inlet) Our pilots were also issued their new uniforms (with embroided Phoenix of course) 😄 Well she's coming along. Been really busy playing around with her along with the Navigraph Beta testing..................... Just wanted to show you all some of the little things I've added....
  2. So as this is a "modified" aircraft and I really wanted to remove the stock Throttle settings on the quadrant bezel since they no longer line up with the new settings, I decided to make some slight interior changes.... I like it and hate it at the same time. I like that it gets rid of the throttle settings and that it has that "modified" look. However, I would have preferred to have these two panels better color matched to the rest. But if you look really close the stock throttle setting imprints are still on the throttle quadrant bezel. The reason for this is I can't change the bump file which these reside on. So the lighter the color of this panel, the easier it is to still see those imprints. So I went darker. What do you guys think, keep the new modified look or just keep the stock panel with the wrong throttle settings still shown? Another view with interior lights off.... hmm...... it might be growing on me....🤔
  3. UPDATE 5/14/19 So I have good news, and I have kind of good news (or maybe bad news to some). First the good news. I have actually figured out a way to package the Phoenix up for download and will be testing the production version here soon. With that being said, there's a few little things that I want to fix that have caught my eye while doing it. The kind of good news/Bad news..... I have been selected to Beta Test a new product from Navigraph. The Phoenix will help me do so. I'm super excited about this as this is the first time a well known company in the sim community has ever selected me to be a beta tester. (I also got a beta test version of Sun Sky's KDTW scenery but that's because I donated to them years ago so I don't really count that LOL) For my Navigraph application I actually linked my CJ2+ mod thread here on Avsim 😎! So I say this is kind of good news/Bad news because this will push release back a bit. However, only at the cost of more test time of the production Phoenix (the one you will be getting) while I'm using the new Navigraph product. I would like to also say thank you to those who have already requested the Phoenix mod. Its always an honor to see so many ppl interested in my work. However, I would just like to add SHE HAS NOT YET BEEN RELEASED!!! I will be adding a tutorial on how to operate Roland's Weather Radar here in this thread BEFORE she is released. So if you don't see that post know she is not yet available. Now with that being said feel free to send a request now. However, I prefer you wait until after the release. The CJ2+ requests already keep my personal messages full here as is. I imagine once the Phoenix is released that may be an even bigger problem (albeit a great problem to have) LOL! We're off to help Navigraph!
  4. Yup I got your PM (and everyone else who sent there's in)..........I've started packaging it up. Unlike the CJ2 mod I'll be testing out the production version before release. When you see the weather radar tutorial and possibly a video of the bird here in this thread.....You'll know we're close.
  5. I'm curious I've sent out A LOT of CJ2+ mods recently.....How are you all liking (or not liking) her? Guess it's a good thing I've had very few issues arise.......
  6. It will be just like the CJ2+ You PM a request to me here with an email to send the drop box link to.
  7. UPDATE 5/11/19 So I just wanted to let everyone know I have decided to release the Phoenix 100E mod. I've got to play around with a better way to package her up for you (it will be completely standalone from your other Carenado Phenom 100s). Also in the next few days I will also be highlighting the weather radar a little more in depth here. Mainly this is due to the fact that there is no BUTTON to turn it on.....Instead there's clickspots on the MFD to operate it. So I just want to highlight where those areas are. This thread was so in depth so you could see into the mind of a mad man, but more importantly it will also serve as a sort of manual on the ins and outs of the Phoenix. I noticed with the CJ2+ most of the users didn't read the entire (albeit really long in my typical style) "Readme" file. So this time I will not be making it or an actual manual (there will only be an installation instruction document). Most of the features and their uses are highlighted in this thread. So stay tuned as I will be giving regular updates leading to the release. Lastly, I am currently working on two other mods that I'm really excited about (though the F1 G600 is proving to be problematic for one of them 😉 ).....Either way stay tuned for those too....... Should be a great summer!
  8. So no way just to steal that awesome PFD from it? 😥
  9. Great idea. Unfortunately, I think it's only one gauge so it wouldn't be able to be implemented in the S550 neither....again I would need someone to verfy if the two screens can be separated which I don't think they can be....
  10. If released it will be pretty expensive. I'm looking at selling it for $FREE.99. However, I will offer a discount of 99 cents off...As far as a already have one just read this thread 😉
  11. Novej757

    Slow to Climb?

    Hey @46Pilot Lets say you are down at 9000ft and ATC tells you to maintain 210kts, how would you maintain that speed or any speed ATC gives you at the lower altitudes with the PLs in the white notch, CLs in Auto and I'm guessing Power Management still in CRZ withoutt overspeeding? Thanks.
  12. Novej757

    Slow to Climb?

    Let me ask a different way, does the engine have to already be on with propeller spinning before the hotel mode can be activated? If not, if no engines are on and i want to start the engine in hotel mode other than the aux pump and everything else you listed is the #2 engine start essentially the same from there......i get taxiing in and turning it on that way. I want to know how the guys that use if for the planes first flight of the day use it PRIOR to departure. Thank you for your patience with me.....
  13. Novej757

    Slow to Climb?

    Exactly this is why I am confused when he says, "Condition Lever - FUEL SO or FTR position......" 😁
  14. Novej757

    Slow to Climb?

    Im loving all these threads with all this info @46Pilot is providing us on the ATR. I didnt realise its throttle system was so Airbus like. I'm still stuck on Hotel mode. (Mind you I haven't tried yet) I noticed in the other thread you said: "Prop brake engagement procedure is: 1. Gust lock - ON 2. Condition Lever - FUEL SO or FTR position 3. Blue Hydraulic Pressure - Available NOTE: If you don't have any engine started, you have to press the AUX HYD PUMP button, located on the pedestal, to have blue hydraulic pressure. If you have one engine running, you don't have to press it, because the aux hyd pump is already engaged in single engine ops. 4. Prop Brake Switch - Select ON. After all of this, make sure you have prop brake light on. There are two locations where you can find this information: next to the prop brake switch and onthe MEMO Panel, located on the center panel, under TRIM Indicator." So if I have no engines running I should first engage gust lock, press AUX HYDRO on pedestal, propbrake switch to on, look for prop brake light then......? (or are these out of order too) Do I hit the engine start button? Is it number 2? Will the engine start with its CL in Fuel SO I'm trying to engage Hotel mode without ever spinning the prop. Thanks for the help.